Spring Essentials – The Cream Trench

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Now the weather’s a little more favourable, I’m back in one of my spring essentials – the cream trench.

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Next trench coat, Topshop jumper, Zara jeans, Edina Ronay bag via TK Maxx, loafers c/o Very, necklace c/o astrid & miyu

I wore this spring outfit for a spot of shopping and a trip Nando’s. After a hectic couple of weeks in London, it was nice to come back to the north and enjoy a slightly slower pace of life. And as my LFW outfits were dressier than usual, it was also great to slip on jeans, a jumper and throw a trench over the top. Simple, classic and comfortable.

What did you wear today?

PS – After less than two weeks, my ombré colour has really faded. I’m so disappointed as I loved the dark shade at the roots, but that’s where the fading has occurred and you can see my old colour (a reddy brown) coming through. Any advice on how to stop this happening next time?



Ah the trench! Mine has been dry-cleaned and was worn for a trip to London yesterday. Can’t beat it for Spring.
Boo on the hair fade! If you want the darker root look, might be worth using Batiste dark dry shampoo, will give you a darker root area. Preventing it next time, it’s a tough one as your hair is lighter than coloured on the roots I’d imagine? Maybe go slightly lighter on the ombre ends to give more contrast?
If not then less washing will help avoid such a quick fade.


Thanks so much Kel! I definitely think you’re right – more contrast between the colours is needed. And good call on the Bastiste, will buy some tomorrow.

As for hair washing, because it’s so fine I can’t really go a day without washing as it just gets greasy, and it needs a blow dry to look even half decent. Do you have any products you’d recommend for protecting colour? 🙂 xxx


Argh Jen! I just convinced myself that perhaps I didn’t need a trench right now, but after reading this I think I do! They’ve got a lovely one in H&M which I think I may have to go and buy after payday x


I was just pleased that I didn’t have to bundle myself into a coat this morning when I got dressed – that made a nice change 🙂
I’m on the lookout for a nice coat like this to see me through the next couple of months. I love the splash of leopard print you’ve added.
R xx


I wore my red spring trench for the first time today! They are the perfect spring coat. I need to re-sew a button back onto it though, grr.


Thanks Shannen! My wardrobe isn’t actually that impressive – if you look carefully, I wear the same things all the time. I’m also a fan of the big clear out and sell lots of my stuff on eBay! 🙂


love the trench coat, need to get one for the spring so i look just as fabulous as you do ;), in my nice comfy jeans for the weekend too 🙂 x

Lulu B

LOVE the bag want one so bad, but no surprised its already sold out! Loving the mac as well. You always have such fantastic style xx :o)


Hi Lulu, I’m not sure it is sold out – it’s not a Mulberry (lots of people mistake it for one!) but by a brand called Edina Ronay which is sold at TK Maxx. I went in a few weeks ago and they still had them in! Worth a look as it was only £50 🙂


I had to chuck my fabulous faithful tan Topshop trench in September after a mysterious greasy mark appeared on the back which dry cleaning didn’t shift. So sad! It’s still too cold here for spring coats, but I’ll be on the lookout for a new one in the next month or so.

Vanilla - Notes from my closet

I love this look! your necklace is just stunning! going to check out the website now 🙂 A trench is one of my essentials too! luckily I found a great one (also from next) just after Christmas so I’m all set for this nice mild weather we are having 🙂

Love, vanilla


Love this outfit!

with the hair fade when i used to dye my hair i used to avoid washing it as much as i could and use a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. i think using cooler water when you wash your hair helps as well.


I’ve had a stone coloured trench coat that I got from M&S nearly 3 years ago but it is a classic and as soon as it’s warm enough I drag it back out. It goes with everything from modern to vintage and all that’s in between. I haven’t quite got round to putting away the parka yet though – it’s still a bit cold for me but I am a wimp with the weather!


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