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Wearing: Ted Baker dress via charity shop, Topshop tights, Primark Pumps, Miss Selfridge ring, ASOS scarf
On: Tuesday 8th February
For: Desk dwelling, Parisian style

My boyfriend (or rather, my fiancé) and I have been together for almost nine years, so I think it’s safe to say we have a pretty solid relationship. We share values, ideals, morals, likes and dislikes. If you wanted to use a Hallmark cliché to describe our pairing, it’d be two peas in a pod.

But he just doesn’t understand my need for ‘stuff’.

Here are a few of the conversations we’ve had about my increasingly erratic second hand purchases…

“That table you bought doesn’t go with anything else in our living room. It looks like you took it from an old person’s house.” (Referring to the dark wood glass top vintage table I picked up for £3)

“Why is that bag hanging there? And those others on the wardrobe door. I always bump into them. Getting into bed is like skiing a slalom.” (The hanging bag is a Chanel paper carrier stuffed with scarves. The bags on the wardrobe door are various canvas shoppers and a wicker handbag I bought at a boot sale)

“You have between seven and eight hundred coats. I have to hang my coat on a piece of scrap wood.” (I do have a ridiculous number of coats and jackets hanging on our coat stand)

“Why are there so many of your shoes here?”
(me) “There aren’t! Mine are in the wardrobe. Those are yours.”
“I have three pairs of shoes in total. These are yours.”
(me) “Oh yeah. And the ones in the wardrobe.”

“Please don’t tell me you’ve bought another tea set. You don’t even drink tea.” (As I walked through the door with a new tea set from a charity shop jaunt)

“I hate this brush.” (Referring to the vintage dressing table brush I bought at a boot sale, which sits on the edge of my dresser and falls off every time he walks past)

“Why can’t I have a wardrobe in the bedroom? I have to have a wardrobe in another room, and it’s still full of your stuff.”

I’m eternally grateful I have him to remind me that I really don’t need another tarnished gold mirror or set of babushka dolls.



Haha, my old boyfriend was the one who has all the stuff that I hated!! men just don’t understand the purpose (or lack of) pretty things!! Just because we don’t use something doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a use =)

Bow Dream Nation xx


But just because you don’t *need* them, doesn’t mean that they aren’t lovely, and deserving of a place in your home!

Ok, so maybe I get too attached to my stuff, and especially to a bargain!


haha this is well funny. “slalom” being my highlight, all of it sounds like something i’d say but then my gf will remind me i do have lots of stuff too. we had a convo about how many pjs she has, and i said i’m sure we talk about this every month. she’s a nightmare!

you can’t beat charity shops for homeware finds, you can’t feel guilty cos you’re giving a little back too


haha I totally agree! my bedroom is full of ‘stuff’ that I keep buying for when I (eventually) move out! they include a stool, 2 wooden boxed, 1 vintage style case, wicker baskets, bed throws etc. they just don’t understand! xo


Luckily, my boyfriend understands my need for stuff. He has six guitars and loads and loads of other music related crap. I put up with his junk, he puts up with mine. (This may change when we actually start living together.)


Hehe. Your fiance sounds like he says some classic stuff. But if I had a bf, I’m sure he’d be saying the same sort of things.

Really love the striped dress. And the scarf is beautiful.

Penny Dreadful

Bwahaha! So much of this is SO familiar. Mr D has a wardrobe in anothr room too, but I think he quite likes having his own dressing room. And he has way more than 3 pairs of shoes, so sharing just wouldn’t work! x


Hahaha this made me laugh outloud! My boyfriend says things like this all the time about my dress sense. I had a pair of tights on a few weeks and he told me I look like I had had a skin graft! Who needs to be told they look beautiful?! His favourite one is that I look like im wearing net curtains! I always know Im onto a winner dress wise if he does not like it haha!


Haha! That made me giggle! It’s true though, us girls need stuff!! My mum moans at me for the ‘stuff’ I have in my room. I have a thing about cake stands. I buy loads of them, whenever I see a pretty one. Some get used for cakes, most get used to display jewellery, candles and nail varnish.

Your boyfriend sounds lovely though, lucky girl 🙂


Vintage Vixen

He may say otherwise but Jon’s got way more stuff than me and he won’t part with any of it. If it’s not the fleet of campervans, vintage VWs and power tools hogging the driveaway then it’s the three Gibson Les Pauls in the bedroom and the library of Haynes manuals on the stairs. At least my clutter is confined to clothing. xxx


Haha! So true, my boyfriend’s exactly the same. I started to hide stuff so I could introduce things gradually without him noticing how much rubbish I buy, and he started to read my blog and came home saying ‘I know all about your new shoes/dress/charity shop jewellery’!!


Haha the comment about stealing the table from the old persons house and it being like skiing slalom to get to bed brought the LOLs!!

The dress is too cute, nice find!
x x


My boyfriend will never understand the need for much of my clutter, but needless to say I will never understand his need to watch Top Gear xx


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