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This weekend I’ve listened to old Blink 182 songs, watched Titanic, slept in my best friend’s childhood bedroom and washed my face with Clean and Clear – I feel like I’ve gone back in time, and have been dressing appropriately…

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Vintage Levi’s 501s via eBay and chopped into shorts, lace tee via charity shop, Topshop cardigan via eBay, Emma Fox bag via TK Maxx, loafers c/o, Topshop ring

This is the kind of outfit I wore throughout my late teens and early twenties. Cut off shorts with thick black tights, a band t-shirt, oversized cardigan and cute flats. I wore various versions of this outfit for everything from uni lectures to crowded gigs. The overall look is so nostalgic for me, I felt about 19 the whole day. Sadly, I managed to capture the style of my 19-year-old self but not the weight or carefree attitude. Sigh.

Do you ever pull out old clothes and pick up a style you left behind years ago? Does dressing a certain way bring back memories of times gone by?



I think listening to my ‘teenage music’ brings out the nostalgia in my clothing! Unfortunately my music taste was (and still is to an extent!) pretty hardcore…. i’m glad i’m not covered in piercings and dressing like a goth anymore though!
Your style is lovely though, I love your chunky knit cardigan xx


Still a great look, love that bag so much!
I tend to go back to my ‘youth’ with clothes, I still have a pair of DIYed Topshop jeans with tons of rips and tears, I used to wear them with floral leggings underneath for a ‘Clarissa’ style. 🙂 I don’t use the leggings now but they make an appearance when I fancy taking a style step back.


I pulled out my denim shorts the other day and I can’t believe how short and small they are. Kudos to me for actually venturing outside in them! A bit of a rewind every now and then is always good 🙂



I have a playsuit that makes me feel 90s-tastic. It’s got a pattern that reminds me of stuff Will Smith wore in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
Glad you’ve been listening to blink-182. They’re very good for the soul. x


Love this outfit! This was definitely my university style to a t, a fantastic walk down memory lane but you don’t look dated at all!


Looking great 🙂 I'[m afraid my teen self had a drastic and ugky sense of style. Blue camofluage combat trousers and blue camofluage mesh top I think i’ll leave that sense of style firmly behind me. Loving the cardigan and loafers. I need me some loafers they look super comfy.


Love your bag and shoes. In my teens I wore a lot of T-shirts. Thankfully, I’ve given those up and started wearing other things like dresses.

Caramel Latte Kiss

I think having an actual ‘grown-up’ job for the first time, and being in charge of grown-up things like conducting job interviews and paying taxes is making me revert to my teenage wardrobe. In the office I am all adult and business, but come the weekend out come the skinnies, brightly coloured Converse and band shirts. I expect a return to shorts and tights any day now.

Emily Alice

Pretty sure I have this top in a drawer somewhere! I used to be a goth and would frequently wear black so I try to avoid all black outfits now!

SarahB @ FridayisForever

I love this outfit! And hurrah for nostalgia! I remember when I used to go to school parties in the TINIEST miniskirt ever, a punky looking vest top and vans/converse. I miss that, but I just can’t wear mini skirts like that! (It was the uber distressed tiny mini one from Topshop everyone had about 8 years ago)! And generally wearing jeans tshirts and converse, and then uber body con stuff from the ages of about 19-21. I’m 23 next week and cannot find a thing to wear – Body con looks awful on me these days *facepalm*

Will be draggin’ out the converse soon <3 x


Maybe it’s because I’m 21, but I love this whole look. Bit of youthful rejuvenation can never hurt! And you look so relaxed xo


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