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Urban Outfitters dress, Primark ring, MyNameNecklace necklace, Hunter boots via TK Maxx. Nails, Coral by Models Own

The weather seems to reflect the collective mood of the UK this week – angry, stormy, lashing. I’m hoping for peace and sunshine as the weekend rolls around. Stay safe, everyone.

What are you wearing today?



ugh i need to purchase some hunter wellies!!! it’s apparently raining non-stop in scotland for the rest of the week :o(


wow I’d never have guessed that ring was from primark, might have to snap one up for myself! haha you have good taste x

Emily {What Emily Did Next}

My nails are orange too – painted with ELF varnish though instead of Models Own, and stubbier and more chipped than yours! I love your ring too, that’s a well good Primark buy.

I’ve been wearing a black skirt, cream vest, burgundy tights, denim jacket, stompy boots and a ring with a deer on it 🙂

Hope you’re safe where you are.


Just jeans and a breton stripy top for me. Oh and big socks because it is COLD! We’re verging on putting the fire on.


It’s been so autumnal here in Liverpool today! So I am snuggling in my University of Liverpool hoodie 🙂


Love the ring!

Definitely needed wellies when I went to Asda today! Had an umbrella but still came home soaked 🙂 xx


I really want some Hunter wellies! I don’t know when I’d wear them, I live in one of the biggest cities in the country, but you know, I still want them! I love your ring and nail polish, very summery!
I was very casual today, jeans and a top that says ‘Plant More Trees’! xx
Sirens and Bells

Miss Raj

Down in London it’s more a case of ‘the weather is sunny, bright and lovely, what the hell is wrong with you people?!”… but it seems the government might finally have a grip on things! Just had a question – these ‘hunter wellies’ – they seem to be cropping up an AWFUL lot… I speak at risk of sounding very ignorant… but why are they such a big deal? As in, so popular?


Thankfully, everything seems to have calmed down…apart from the weather. I love your necklace. I have one and love wearing it.


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