Sunday Smile #11

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It’s been busy over here at Little Bird HQ – so busy, in fact, that I’ve missed Sunday Smiles for a few weeks. Bad Jen! But before you shake your fists in anger at my ineptitude, take a look at what’s making me smile today…


After Ayden’s post about strawberries a few weeks ago, I’ve been desperate to get to a Pick Your Own farm. We spotted one last week on our way to Saltaire so that’s on my ‘things to do in summer’ list. I couldn’t wait for strawberries though, so these are supermarket-bought. 

I picked up these amazing rose print curtains from yesterday’s car boot for £2. They’re gorgeously light and airy but unfortunately, all our windows have blinds! I couldn’t resist them though, so I’m storing them away for our move to a bigger house.

I was devastated when a Boots employee told me they’d discontinued their Original Beauty Formula range (shallow? Moi?!) as the Damask Rose Skin Tonic worked wonders. Luckily I have a guy on the inside (my best friend, who works at Boots head office) who picked up the last two bottles in the staff shop for me. The Neal’s Yard moisturiser was free with Red magazine and has quickly become part of my daily skincare routine. 


When I read this post on Pink Bow, one of my favourite blogs, I bookmarked it immediately. I’m building up a rather nice collection of vintage silk scarves, and they look simply fabulous popping out of this Chanel bag. The hook is also inspired by Pink Bow (well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!) and was from BHS. 

The Pimm’s and lemonade need no introduction – my ultimate summer drink, poured from a jug with all the trimmings. I bought the orchid from Sainsbury’s last summer for just £5. It started flowering again a few weeks ago and is now the most beautiful thing in the house (apart from the Mr, I should point out).

Speaking of the Mr, this is what’s making him smile. Yesterday we popped to our local music shop to buy guitar strings and picks and came home with an electric drumkit. The Mr has been positively depressed since he left his music room (complete with proper drum kit) at his parents’ house. Our spare room already houses his electric piano, numerous guitars, amps and a fine collection of harmonicas, but there was just enough room to squeeze the drums in. I haven’t seen him since we arrived home yesterday (only a slight exaggeration)!

So there we go, friends – lots of things to smile about this week, and I’m hoping even more to smile about next week. Will keep you in the loop. Anything making you smile today? Do tell.



I ate a whole punnet of strawberries yesterday – yum 🙂 Although like yours, they were only supermarket bought ones.. they were still good though!

Those curtains are gorgeous, I’m not surprised you couldn’t resist them for only £2 – crazy price!

I love that white hook – so pretty..

Not a lot is making me smile today. That’s sad.

Ok, the photos from the Yr 11 Prom I went to on Friday night are making me smile a bit (apart from the ones where I look fat &/or hideous!)

My Primark purchases from yesterday are half making me smile, half making me feel incredibly guilty & bad about buying MORE things I don’t need..

I guess I’m not in a hugely smiley mood today..


My new YSL nail polish.
And I hope Rafa wins Wimbledon.
I’ve never tasted Pimm’s. What’s it like?


I’m smiling because I found the perfect dress for a friend who need a little sunshine at a carboot for 50p

Vintage Vixen

Love the scarves peeking out of the bag. Mine are nowhere near as artfully displayed!
What’s making me smile? Memories of last night’s drunken antics, the fantastic 1960’s vintage hairdryer I scored at the boot sale today and the rum I’ve got in the freezer waiting to be cracked open later.


I gave my bike a good clean today with proper bike cleaning solution (purchased on sale, of course) and now she’s gleaming! I also tightened up the front reflector, it was a bit loose and kept slipping down, and I feel proud of my screwdriver-wielding skills!


Everything in this post is so lovely, but I am drooling over the strawberries! We just don’t get berries where I am at the moment (Bangladesh) as you need frost and this is a hothothot country.

What IS making me smile, though, is the monsoon, fresh mangoes, and lots of family time 🙂
Leia’s Delights


Thanks for the mention lovely 🙂 Im so glad you found a pick your own farm! Really hope you get to go soon, nothing beats your own hand picked strawberries. Mmm gotta love pimms and lemonade 🙂 its such a summery drink! Like our own british take on sangria! Yum yum 🙂 haha youve got me wanting a drink now. Glad youve had a nice wee sunday, I’ve missed your sunday smiles! Did my first sunday best in AAAGES just there. Its a bit of a rant… approach with caution! xx

Em x

I really wish i liked strawberries, i love the look but i just don’t like them 🙁 I may also steal the bag/scarves idea, it looks fab x


This is the weirdest thing, I went strawberry picking today!! It was a bit of a disaster really, as we set off thinking there would be loads but we were driving for about an hour before we found one!

However I really recommend it, was very much fun…when we finally got there and it was super busy, must be very popular at the moment.

I adore those curtains x


Mmm, those strawberries look so yummy! And I love your curtains. Too bad you can’t put them up yet!


Love these Sunday posts.

Making me smile, our homegrown strawberries, yumyum. The dogs lounging in the sun, and the boyf on the bbq (not literally!) cooking me some spiced chicken kebabs.

X xx


ohhhh you have made me want to go and pick strawberries now!
very jealous of your lovely curtains too, car boot finds are the best!

Summer really isn’t summer without Pimms! hehe 😀 This year we have grown our own mint, cucumbers, etc to put in it…. it is sooooo good! x


I’m smiling at the few hours I got drooling over Rafa on the TV under the pretence of watching the Wimbledon Final, and the fact that that I have just ordered 3 of those hooks from BHS for myself….£6 each, bargain!

Gem Fatale

Awesome post Jen, thanks for your lovely comment on my latest one!
Can’t believe Boots are discontinuing that range?! Didn’t it only launch in the last couple of years? (Or should that be re-launch!) I thought the Cold Cream was a best seller?! What a pity. Now you mention it, the shelf where this range usually sits is rather naked in my local Boots… I just assumed they’d sold out!
I am definitely adding Strawberry picking to my to do list too! Yum yum!


Great buys & orchids at Sainsbury’s for a fiver? Great tip, since mine are all dying a collective death these days. Wishing you a good start to the week, Jen! xoxo


I love strawberries! I might actually go through to the kitchen & get a few … there are always strawberries in my house during the summer – its a fridge staple! 🙂
Love the scarf collection. I’m a bit obsessed with buying scarves, most recently from cancer research (£2 and the most wonderful shade of purple!) What made me smile today was the fact that I didn’t get home until 4am, but still managed to get to work in time for 9am! Go me 🙂
Love the curtains by the way. Can you not put them up as well as blinds? xx

Lisa Lisa Lisa

Such a cute post. I actually had a pint of strawberries today!
You mentioned that Maddie of glad rags to riches won a giveaway. I would suggest holding onto it until she returns as I don’t think she will have much internet connection. I’m sure she will be excited though!!! =)


Great post! I love Strawberries! Picking them is a lot of fun. My gran is growing them this summer, so I went round and picked them all.


Fab curtains Jen! They seem far too pretty to just put in a box till you move. Can’t you put them up over the blinds or use them in a doorway or something?

What made me smile yesterday? Having nothing to do except read, eat and cuddle the cat.

LadyBugSays ...

Lots to smile about!! Such pretty curtains! I got bought an orchid as a house warming present and am so proud to have not killed it!! They are so beautiful and dainty looking!


I went strawberry picking at a local farm on Friday, we had so much fun! They taste SO much better than shop bought strawberries! its also nice to know that your efforts are kindly rewarded with the most delicious fresh summer fruit!
steph x –


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