Sunday Smile #15

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Happy Sunday gang! Another week done and dusted, and it’s been an eventful one for me. On Friday I masqueraded as a ‘knowledgeable person’ at Cultural Conversations, run by the fantastic Emma of Culture Vultures and held at The Round Foundry. I went along to the first Cultural Conversations last month as an observer and had a fantastic time sharing my knowledge of social media with others. Word obviously spread about the quality, and whereas the first time we were chatting in small groups of about 6, this time there were 50+ people! Ahh!

I headed up two sessions – one on blogging and one on SEO – and helped out with one on Twitter. There were so many people in my blogging session that it had to be split in two! I shared my experiences and others did the same, which resulted in a very fine conversation on blogging, online content, tone of voice, HTML and more. Thank you to everyone who made that initially very daunting situation a thoroughly pleasurable one!

If you’re interested in social media and how it can help build your brand (whether you’re selling a product or yourself), or if you’d just like to meet lovely Leeds people, I’d recommend popping along to the next Cultural Conversations on 3rd September. Follow Culture Vultures on Twitter for all the updates and plenty of chat from the lovely Emma.

Right! On with it. I hauled my ass out of bed at 7am this morning and made it to my favourite car boot sale. It was quieter than usual (think the grey skies put people off) but I’m rather pleased with my pickings…


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I’ve been looking for a crochet blanket for a while so was delighted to find this for £1! I’ve draped over the chair in the living room. The leather cowboy boots were £2 and just about fit… I can’t decide whether to keep or sell. What do you think? 

The vintage suitcase is my favourite find of the day. When we finally move into a bigger house, I think I’ll have this in the bedroom, open and filled with vintage goodies. It was £1.50

Photobucket Photobucket

These beautiful Chanel compacts were just £2 for the pair. The smaller is an eyeshadow and the larger a lip kit, complete with Chanel sponge. I don’t think I’ll be using the makeup inside but they look fabulous on my dresser! The cream jug was a 99p charity shop buy on Friday, the teacup is part of a set from the same charity shop and was £3 and the glass jug was a 50p car boot find a few weeks ago. The pink sweetheart roses I picked up this morning. 

All in all, a very successful trip! Have you been booting today? Any bargains to share? What’s making you smile this Sunday?


Em x

You’ve got some fab bits, i love the blanket, i’m trying to convince my mum to crochet some blankets for the baby. Chanel compacts always look gorgeous, i love mine! x


Congratulations on being a ‘knowledgable person’ – glad to hear it went so well 🙂

Those boots look EXACTLY the same as one of my pairs of cowboy boots – love ’em!

Something that’s just made me smile, is being curled up in front of the tv watching last week’s ‘Sherlock’ & knowing there’s another one tonight – it was surprisingly good!


That suitcase you found was an absolute steal, I think it will look lovely displayed in a bedroom like you say. Since living in the city I haven’t been to a car boot but when I move back home in 2 weeks I will definatly be checking some out.

Your talk sounds very impressive, I wish I could be as confident when it comes to public speaking. What sort of topics came up with regards to blogging??

Not a lot making me smile today expect the thought of cooking a nice meal with my boyfriend later and snuggling up on the couch with that amish program on C4 🙂 x


Aww lovely buys there Jen!
Love the blanket, and the suitcase is fab.

Glad the blogging chat went well, not surprised you got so many wanting to listen in. 🙂



OMG the Chanel compacts. Now on my very long list of things to own one day is a CHANEL Compact! Ahhhhh totally gorgeous for display purposes. You know a Chanel compact is so distinctive, and everyone knows instantly what it is- fabulous

And I am loving the case very much so x

Vintage Vixen

Oh Jen, the boots, suitcase and crochet blanket are all things I’d have bought like a shot. Superb finds. Since one of the silly style mags declared cowboy boots to be “out” they appear to be turning up at boot sales wih alarming regularity. Hooray for the fashion sheep, I say.
What’s making me smile today? Four days to go till the Big Chill kicks off and I become a piece of Art History by posing nude for Spencer Tunick! xxx


Totally intrigued by this Culture Vulture stuff – especially as my apartment looks over the Round Foundry! Sounds like it was fun and educational for all anyway. Good job!
As always, lovely car boot finds. I need to get into this car booting thing but don’t know how to. One day! xx


You always find amazing things when you charity shop/boot sale. Please can I come and visit and go shopping with you 🙂

Great finds, love a crochet blanket, may ask my Grandma to make me one.

Jo xx


I’d def keep the cowboy boots (so long as they aren’t going to cripple you!). The colour is lovely, they look nicely worn in. xx


That suitcase is amazing!
I never get much of a chance to boot on a Sunday, as I start work at 9! I was truely dedicated this morning and made my way to my local for an hour before work, despite only riding on 4 hours sleep. It paid off – one bag for 50p!

Lou x –


jen please come to ireland and find me such wonderful bargains!! i suck at boot sale shopping!! LOVE the suitcase!! and roses are such a pretty shade 🙂 xo


My boot sale buy of the week was a wicker picnic basket, complete with plates, mugs, and cutlery, for just £3! It’s in pretty poor condition, but the basket itself is lovely so I can fix up the inside.


Wow, you found such amazing items at the car boot sale! Wish I had such luck. And what made me smile on Sunday was a huge cake I baked with my mum 🙂



Fab finds Jen! I dream of finding vintage suitcases at car boots but have to be satisfied with the odd item of clothing and lots of books. I bought the most gorgeous granny style tapestry handbag yesterday for £1 though and I expect it’ll feature on the blog at some point this week.


Oooh, lovely to find another blogger who shares their car boot bargains – wonderful finds, particularly like the Chanel compacts and cowboy boots. Caroline x


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