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I love festivals. They’ve always been a favourite summer activity of mine, and I try to go to at least one a year. For the last few years my friends and I have kept it a little more low key, choosing smaller gatherings, like Hyde Park’s Unity Day and Bingley Music Live, over the big boys.

But when we heard our favourite teenage band, Blink 182, were playing Leeds Festival this year, we knew we had to be there. The first time our group went to Leeds Festival was in 2003, where Blink headlined along with Linkin Park, System of a Down, Metallica and Blur. We still talk about that weekend all these years later, so the chance to relive that magic wasn’t to be missed!

I wore vintage Levi’s 501 bought for £1.02 on eBay and hacked into shorts, a Topshop striped tee, Topshop trilby, Primark knee highs and leopard print wellies. I accessorised with cheap, cheerful jewels (no engagement ring, you’ll notice!) that I wouldn’t mind losing. Although I wish my responsible thinking had extended to my favourite vintage silk scarf – I tied it to my bag and promptly lost it in the mosh pit. 

Walking into a festival site is a fantastic bonding experience – you meet people from all walks of life, all full of excitement and happy to chatter away. Some of my favourite characters from our long walk in were a guy in a fur coat and floral headscarf struggling with a Tesco bag laden with tins of value beans (we helped) and a group of 16 year olds who shared their cans of Fosters with us.


Leeds Festival is held on Bramham Park, a mere 15 minute drive from my house. The Main Stage is my favourite place to be – you can sharpen your elbows and push your way right to the barriers to mosh with other hardcore fans (as I did in my teens) or you can sit a little further back and enjoy the music from the comfort of a picnic blanket (as I did yesterday).

Photobucket Photobucket
I drank apple cider, the boys were on the lager.


Weezer were by far my favourites of the day – they covered Wheatus’s Teenage Dirtbag, did a fantastic rendition of Hash Pipe and even threw in a little Lady Gaga for good measure.

Taken from the mosh pit just before Blink came on. Honestly, we weren’t hugely impressed – their set lacked passion and wasn’t anywhere near loud enough for seasoned punk pop fans like ourselves. But we jumped and sang and waved our arms with 80,000 others, because when you’re in that festival spirit you can’t help but be happy. What a fantastic day!



Your festival outfit is wicked! Looks ready to combat the sunshine, cold, rain & mud all in one. You were very prepared! Sorry to hear you lost your scarf in the moshpit & also a shame to hear Blink didn’t live up to your expections but glad you had fun all the same :]

Vintage Vixen

Lovely outfit, Jen! The cardi was a sensible option, blimmin’ freezing cold wind although it looks like you escaped the mud. Such a shame about your scarf.
I’m always sad when Leeds/Reading rolls around as it marks the end of the festie season proper.
I have to take you over to task over Blink 182, though. Punk? You’d have dear old Sid Vicious spinning in his grave. xxx


Looks like you had a great time, I’ve been to Leeds festival once, but it wasn’t really for me, I pretty much loathe crowds and masses of screaming people. I guess there not for everyone.

I would have loved to see Blink, for nostalgia sake, me and the Mr are hopefully going to watch some of the BBC3 footage tonight.

Ooooh and I love your cream cardigan, it looks very lovely. I have a sneaky feeling these are going to be everywhere this winter xx


Vix – punk pop! I wouldn’t dare refer to Blink as real punk… I grew up with Sex Pistols, Ramones, Buzzcocks et al. and my dad would be very disappointed if I couldn’t tell the difference after being educated from such a young age! 🙂 x


Weezer were my faves as well! I didn’t really know them before, but i’m on a downloading spree today.

I really liked Blink, but see what you mean aboutlack of passion.
I think putting Paramore between the two was a mistake as well as they were even less energised :/

Glad you had a good time 🙂


i am the proud owner of a “shit camera” which i used to take photos when i last went to leeds fest. However its still sitting on my desk and have no idea if the damn thing did actually take photos! haha. i should really try and find out, i’m sure there’d be some shockers on there!

Looks like you had a great time! x

Em x

I loved how you were honest about blink 182. I wish i could go but have been watching it all weekend on the tv xxx


love your festival outfit! i have some leopard print wellies too. i’ve never been to leeds, lots of people i know have but it just doesn’t appeal to me. i went to the summer sundae though which was lovely.


Looks like great fun! love your outfit, those shorts are great.
I love live music, from the proms to a random ska band with a warm beer you can’t beat the atmosphere amongst loads of other fans enjoying the moment. I remember the smells, sounds and sights of every gig.



I’m absolutely gutted for you about for scarf!

All the same, looks like you had a fab time – saw Blink about six years ago and they were incredible! Although I know what you mean when you say they lack passion – they split up because of disagreements etc, why would it be any different now?

Lou x –


You’re lucky living only 15 minutes away, back when we were teenagers we used to have to haul all of our stuff, including tents, on the train. Nightmare. My boyfriend went this year and really wanted me to go, but I didn’t fancy being the only girl in a camp of smelly lads!

Pea Green Kitty

Hehe…I wont miss my Leeds turbourg hangoer this year! Really wanted to go for the day tickets to see Libertines, did you watch them?

We have started going to Glasto again as I feel really old when Im at Leeds, its full of teenagers!!! ha!

Looks like you had a fab time


ah weezer, would have loved to have seen them, not sure why i’ve never got round to seeing them. they’re decent!

i’ll make to do with the bbc3 coverage


Wooo what a fantastic day and I love your outfit! Weezer were definitely the best and I totally agree with the Blink comment! It was the first time I’d seen them (my first reading was 2004) and compared to Weezer they weren’t really anything special, however I did thoroughly enjoy them regardless and it totally reminded me of being a teenager!! I’ve been to Reading 5 times now so it was soooo nice to try out Leeds and it was so much better / nicer / friendlier than Reading EVER was!!! The Like were my third favourites!! Such an amazing Saturday x


@Phoebe Your Paramore comment made me chuckle but I have to disagree! I really don’t like Paramore but if they had not been between Weezer and Blink than Blink would have seen even more awful in comparison!!!

Ayden ♥

Ahhh one of my best friends is there just now, I am so jealous! I thought I was done with the whole festival thing but I am defo tempted by reading/leeds next year! Gutted you lost your scarf 🙁 High five for hanging by the mosh pit though Jen! 🙂 Im sad that blink were crap, I saw them like 5 years ago and motion city soundtrack supported, best gig EVER! xx


aww, it looks like you had a fabulous time! I love your festival outfit, stylish but practical!
I have had some of my best times at Leeds fest, havent been for a few years though 🙂 xx


Looks like so much fun! I was dying to go to Reading this yaer. I’m definitely going to go next year!

Your outfit is perfect festival wear! Love the shorts.


Live music is one of the things I miss most about the UK, and can’t wait to get back to!
I think I always took it for granted before, and intend to make up for lost time as soon as my feet hit home soil!
I love the cut offs- they’re so much nicer than most of the overpriced ones in the shops, and so much more satisfying knowing you made them yourself!

xxx Maddie


Love the outfit, I especially like the striped top! I might just have to get myself one- though it has to be online, cause we don’t have Topshop in Brisbane (Aus):(

I can’t wait for summer, ahhh festival season! I miss it and there’s always a major lack of gigs during our winter, all the good bands are touring UK/ Europe. x x


I’m more than a little bit jealous! I’m usually a Reading festival goer but had to give it a miss this year. Love your outfit, shame about loosing your scarf! I managed to loose my shoes a few years back in a Smashing Pumpkins mosh pit :/ xXx


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