Sunday Smile #28

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Greetings from a very cold and snowy Yorkshire! Big, fat flakes are currently falling from the sky with wild abandon –  I’m watching from the sofa with House on the TV and the smell of baking brownies filling the flat. Such a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

If you follow me on Twitter you might’ve seen my angry outburst earlier in the week. The house we were due to move into, the house we’d been so excited about for weeks, the house I’d been lovingly hunting down second hand treasures for, unfortunately is no longer ours. We made the decision to pull out of the move – the entire staff of our letting agency going on holiday and not coming back until 3 days after our agreed move in date was the final straw. So, with that disappointment hanging over our heads, Rob and I decided to make the most of our free weekend (we had reserved it for packing) by doing things that make us happy.

When the view’s this cold, the living room is the best place to be.

I love candles. As soon as the weather turns, I dot them all over the house. Ikea is the best place to buy them – they stock all shapes and sizes for very cheap prices.

I put tealights in teacups for a cute, vintage feel. Both teacups were part of sets I bought in charity shops.

Magazines are my guilty pleasure. I love settling down with a new glossy, flicking through the pages and making wishlists. 

Baking is the best way to warm up on a chilly afternoon. The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook is one of my favourites…

And today called for chocolate brownies. I added chopped nuts to the mixture to give them some crunch.



What’s making you smile today?


Gem Fatale

Sorry about the move Jen 🙁
On a brighter note, your lovely pictures have inspired me so much. Feeling so gloomy today, am now going to go and light some candles and flick through a mag for a while and chilax a tad!
Then i will crack on with my shedload of uni work.
Thanks for letting us glimpse in on your idyllic snowy Sunday! x


Sorry about the house, that’s horrible 🙁
My Sunday has been similar, I’ve been burning my Apple Cider Yankee candle and baking banana muffins. Love the tea lights in tea cups idea.. might steal if for my wedding!


vint junky

AW Jen! I’m gutted for you. Perhaps, it just wasn’t meant to be. The letting agents seemed complete idiots. Maybe best you didn’t have to deal with them again
I think you’ll find something even better, this time round 😉


Sorry to hear about the house, those brownies can’t fail to cheer you up a bit though! I’m smiling at the (slight) possibility of having a snow day tomorrow, fingers crossed!


That sucks about the move, how unprofessional of them.

Your weekend wasn’t wasted though, the brownies look yum, and I love candles everywhere, it drives Andy mad when he’s being mr health and safety! hehe



Thats really bad of them!
Seems like you made the best out of things though, I really want to make brownies now! Also love the candles in teacups, such a nice idea xx


Poor you, what a horrible tihng to have happen to you 🙁

It sounds like you had the best idea for making yourselves feel better about it though. Good for you and I hopoe you find somewhere else even better soon!

Little Scribbler

What a crapola pile. Hopefully it means there’s a better one you’ll love even more waiting just around the corner. Today’s definitely one for hiding indoors!


That’s so unprofessional of them! Sorry about the move.
Looks like you had a lovely weekend regardless. Candles are just lovely, especially in cold weather xo


Wow. I love your teacups. My mother always bought mismatching crockery/porcelain from Stoke and it is so much better than a boring old matching set! Your place looks so inviting!

Penny Dreadful

I did see your rant on Twitter, what a horrible thing to happen. We had nightmares when we last moved too, it can be such a horrid process – full sympathies x

Still, the brownies should help, they usually do.


Mmm, the smell of brownies? Jealous! We’ve fortunately had no snow but I hope you enjoy yours. I’m so sorry to hear about the move falling through. I think you should definitely complain. I’m also a big fan of candles. Charity shops are also a great place to find a nice variety of them. Cute teacups! It’s been nice to peek into your lovely weekend (: What’s making me smile today? Knowing that I’ve got a night in of reality telly and snacks. I’m easily pleased ha! Have a lovely end to your week.


That’s awful about the house! And pretty unprofessional on their part too…

Hummingbird cookbook is definitely the best way to put a smile on anyone’s face – it’s my absolute favourite!


Miss Lucy

You have summed up the perfect weekend. When the weather is like this it’s not worth leaving the house. Get the leggings and thick socks on! Brownies look heavenly and the teacup idea is the cutest xx


I’m sorry to hear about the move, I was thinking of you earlier wondering how long it was until the move. It can only mean that a brighter and more wonderful home is on its way to you.

I must admit I still love magazines, even though I have limited myself buying them, it still is great to pick up the latest edition of a glossy and just indulge in good fashion. The teacups are adorable; I think candles always make for a lovely setting xx

Anna Jane

Oh God, I totally know how it feels to be let down by a letting agent (excuse the pun there). Back in August I put forward my interest in this bargainous flat with a spiral staircase and a really cute vintagey interior… only to find that the flat had been taken only hours before I came down to view it. 🙁 so annoying.
These photos are lovely by the way and very inspiring – I need to go out and get me loads of ikea candles as soon as!

– Anna Jane xxx

E is for Eleanor

Oh Jen, how bloody disappointing about the flat, I’m so sorry. But you did the right thing, by not giving that terrible agents your money or business.

How wonderful! These photos show such a glorious way to spend a Sunday. xx

Vintage Vixen

I’m so sorry to hear about the flat, Jen. I know you’re both disappointed but I really believe these things happen for a reason and the perfect pad is going to be yours very soon.
I adore candles, the gentle flickering is so soothing. xxx

claire eloise

I still can’t believe that the estate agents did that! You have to report them as that really is shockingly poor service. Hopefully you’ll find another house soon, if your still looking to move.
Those brownies look amazing, the closest I’ve ever come to making brownies was using Betty Crocker mix :/. But it still tastes good, honest.
It was lovely meeting you at the aussie bloggers market, and thanks again for the invite! xx


Mmm, those brownies look lovely! That’s such a shame about your flat- hopefully something new will come up for you.

I love the idea of putting tealights in the teacups- you’re so creative, I always enjoy seeing pictures of how you’ve decorated (alongside your outfits, of course)!

Nat xxx


Aw just discovered your blog and it’s cute as a button! Love all of this, but especially the tealights in teacups idea – as I am so dangerously clumsy that not only are they cute and unique, they’d be alot safer from my flailing limbs! x


Sorry about your move failing! we had a similar experience, for my family we had to wait an extra 2 weeks after our moving date (and therefore another months rent) because of our failure estate agents! it’s a bit redic really isn’t it. another thing that bums me out is our oven here doesn’t work so I can’t make delicious brownies to cheer us up either! haha. but they look delicious, and I hope you had a great weekend anyway! x


Oh no! Sorry to hear about the move. That’s so awful.
But snowy England is looking beautiful. I can’t wait to get back to see the snow. Those brownies are looking delicious.


aww sorry to hear about the move.. moving house is stressful enough without the agents messing you around aswell.. are you now on the lookout for another ??
i love the hummingbird bakery book.. the choc brownies are gorgeous arnt they!!


I am so sorry to hear about your house, it must be horrible to have it whipped from beneath your feet 🙁
I love your idea of the teacups tealights, I must try that out! Ive not had much luck finding pretty tea cups recently.

Ive been following your blog for a little while but not been brave enough to comment! I love what you write, its so nice to read about serious issues.



Sorry to hear (read?) about the house. How upsetting! I hope you find somewhere lovely soon and it all goes smoother next time.
Lovely pictures. I think I’m going to have to get me some festive smelling candles in my room


Oh Jen, what crappy news about the house 🙁 The perfect place will be waiting for you though – I’m a firm believer in these things happening for a reason.

Sounds like you’ve had a lovely weekend though and I hope you’re not suffering too much with the snow. I was in Yorkshire yesterday and got stuck in it!


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