Sunday Smile #4

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I’ve got lots to smile about this thrifty Sunday – it’s officially car boot season, and that means early rises, bacon sandwiches and bargains galore! Take a look what I scooped over the weekend…


Bone china St Michaels bowl, 50p

Photobucket Photobucket
Silver (possibly sterling… need to check!) dressing table brush with rose printed back, 50p

Cath Kidston wash bag, 20p

Photobucket Photobucket
Noa Noa crochet cardigan, £2


Zara mac, £7 and Rocha John Rocha leather satchel, £2


New Look dress and vintage Charlotte Halton dress, 50p each
My oh my, what a haul! I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with myself. So what do we have here then?

Well, the Zara mac was a little more than I wanted to spend, and I already have a cream mac in my wardrobe, but it’s so beautifully made and fits like a dream… I couldn’t leave it behind! And I couldn’t believe my ears when the curly haired blonde behind one stall said ‘you can have that for 20p if you like’ as I pawed the Cath Kidston wash bag. It’s perfect for lugging my favourite ‘essentials’ (read – 5 different nail varnishes and copious amounts of blusher) across the world… or at least across Yorkshire.

The brush and bowl are welcome additions to my already-groaning dressing table. I’m in total and utter love with the brush. I think it’s sterling silver but even if not, it’s perfectly pretty. And the dresses will fit right in to my collection – the New Look swallow print dress looks rather similar to one of their current designs so I think it’s new season. The Charlotte Halton is a beautifully flattering shape but will need hemming… they’re both hanging on my makeshift washing line to air.

So that’s me done for the week – it was definitely worth seeing 7am on a Sunday! Are you a fellow booter? Did you find yourself standing in a field at some ungodly hour over the weekend? And if so, what did you find? I’d love to know!



You did well here didn’t you! Am loving the bowl – I am very jealous! The dresses are lovely too.

Where do you go car booting? I want to start 🙂 x

Cherry Pullinger

I went to a car boot sale this morning and all people were selling were old books and dvds, it was rubbish! I wish I had the sort of car boot sale you have.


20p for a cath kidston wash bag.. amazing!!!!
i love the dresses and that mac is gorgeous.. im after a cream belted trench but i cant find anything i like at the min so send us that one in the post please!!!
well done on all your buys i just love carboots!!

E is for Eleanor

I am terribly jealous! You have found some great things 😀

My favourites-
The dresses! I love navy, and the vintage one is so cute.

The satchel! Amazing- real leather is something I always look out for at car boots. So overpriced to buy new

Cath Kidston wash bag and brush! So pretty and perfect additions to your dressing table.

I went to a jumble sale yesterday, no good clothing finds unfortunately but i got a great belt and some make up! x


I love car boot sales, but I must admit you beat me to it!! Your finds are amazing!! Love the Zara mac and satchel!!



wow, you got yourself some lovely things there (& some bargains too!). I love love love going to car boots, you never know what you will find! There is a huge one on in Bakewell next Sunday…. I have even booked the day off work for it! haha! x


fabulous finds, love the bowls especially! I missed the first car boot around here today but fingers crossed I’ll get to a couple.


what a beautiful brush, i am very jealous! oh how i wish i lived outside of london, the charity shops and car boot sales are so much cheaper!

i just came back from my local car boot sale, and i may do a post on what a picked up later 🙂

love, jazzabelle. x


I am incredibly jealous of these amazing buys – particularly the Cath Kidston washbag (literally am openmouthed in shock at the fact it was 20p!) & that bloody perfect leather satchel!

I (as a passenger) drove past a car boot sale today, & looked longingly – but no one else was interested in stopping.
I’ve got no one that’ll do those kind of things with me – & I don’t mind doing things on my own (especially shopping!), but as I don’t drive it makes it a bit awkward…

Happy S.

OMG, I have to admit I have been an awful subscribers these past weeks and massed quite a few of your beautiful posts! But I promise to become more loyal, AND I really love the new design! Pretty pretty pretty xx


Oh wow- you did so well! I absolutely adore the satchel and mac- also, 20p for the Cath Kidston washbag?! Amazing! x


Good on you for hitting the car boot so early! 🙂 defo looks like it was worth it eh? Me and david actually planned to go to a local one this morning, but we slept in will 11am 🙁 haha so maybe next weekend! We actually did one there when we’d only beeing going out for a few months (god knows how I got him up willingly at 5am, and set up our stand at the indoor market when it was pouring outside) I have no idea why he didnt dump me there and then :p but the weather cleared up and it was a fun day! made about £30, which hey isnt alot but it was an interesting break from ebay!

hope you had a good weekend girlie 🙂 xx

Cafe Fashionista

The dressing table brush and leather satchel are my absolute favorite pieces – what fabulous finds! I wish we had car boot sales here in the States!

Happy, Happy Sunday, Jen!! 🙂


Amazing finds! When are you starting your own shop, Jen? (Or have I missed something?) Apart from the distance you don’t have to fear any competition from me. I’m certainly not an early bird and I guess at 12, when I finally managed to get out of bed, there is not much left at the boot sales…

Style of a Fashionista

You done so well some great pieces and such good prices. I was at work today but I will defo be going to my local one on Sunday if the weather is good fingers crossed. xoxo


Wow, I am loving everything you’ve bought! The satchel is absolutely to die for. My excuse for lolling round in bed this morning is that I’ve just got back from hols and funds and energy levels didn’t permit any shopping today. There’s a big car boot sale within walking distance of my house though – must check out when it starts up again!


Wow wow wow! I adore all of these, especially the cath kidston wash bag, it’s so perfectly cute!

I found myself oohing and aahing over pretty vintage looking deco and household items this weekend:)



What finds!! Great work!
The bowl is gorgeous, can imagine it filled with strawberrys. 🙂

Love the satchel.

X x


Oh you are like the QUEEN of car boots! I see 7am every Sunday normally because of coxing – I wish I was doing thrifting instead!


I love that adorable dressing table brush & for 50p, what a complete steal.
I’m a car boot sale regular, on Sundays some peeps go to church…I go car bootin’ instead 😉

Tink In My Closet

The brush reminds me of one my grandmother use to own and I thought it was the most beautiful thing even as a child. You lucky girl! Car boot season how ecxiting!!


I am lusting over the St Michaels bowl! Ahhh it is so pretty and such an incredible find.
WOW this is like the best car bootage! I went to one a couple of months back but it was dire-not a fraction of the amount of carbooters as usual.
I cannot wait to get back into going again.
And the CKidston washbag- 20p! Some people I think are just too generous with pricing but you grabbed a bargain for sure 🙂


these are such great finds! The brush is amazing! I would love to go to a charity shop or a car boot sale in england one day!



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