Sunday Smile #5

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Now, dear followers, you know I like to keep up to date. I love the latest trends, I’m never without my Blackberry and Twitter is more or less an extension of my own brain. Traditional, I am not.

However, there’s something so charming about spending a rainy Sunday afternoon pottering around a house filled with old fashioned treasures. I must admit, our little flat isn’t quite filled… not yet, anyway! Here are just a few vintage-style pieces making me grin from ear to ear today…


Our fitted kitchen is very sleek and modern, so these pretty pieces add a retro feel. The cake tin was a gift from a dear friend, as was the Cath Kidston teacup and saucer. The teapot was a £1.49 charity shop find and the vintage-look scales were from TK Maxx.


I’ve always dreamed of a farmhouse kitchen, complete with huge scrubbed pine table. The farmhouse kitchen is a way off yet, so for now I’ll settle for the table! The Gustav Klimt print was rescued from my Mum’s attic, the glass vase was from Ikea, the plant pot was unearthed in the basement of my student house and the 60s clock was from ASDA.


As much as I’d love to stuff the flat full of girly florals, Cath’s prints and pastel furnishings, I have the Mr’s tastes to consider. As a typical male, he’s not too fussed about the colour of our crockery but he did draw the line at a floral sofa. I don’t think he’s noticed this patchwork throw (Primark, £15) or the handmade cushion (50p, charity shop)… yet!



One of the frustrations of rented dwellings is the conundrum over hanging things on the walls. You can, say the estate agents, as long as you fill in the holes afterwards. This huge and very heavy mirror, which I uncovered in a cupboard in my childhood bedroom, is sure to leave a killer hole behind, so its currently resting against the wall in the hallway. I quite like it there actually – it’s the perfect for checking out my shoes! 



This is probably my favourite place in our entire home. There’s no room for a proper dressing table, but I really wanted that French chic feel in the bedroom. By adding these oh-so girlie bits and bobs atop our simple white chest of drawers, I can imagine myself as a glamorous Parisian, arching my eyebrows and painting my lips for a night out in Paris. The mirror (£1.49), floral pot (£1.49) and brush (50p) were all charity shop and car boot finds. The toner and moisturisers are from the Boots Original Beauty Formula range, the cuticle cream is Burt’s Bees and the box housed my jewels from Eclectic Eccentricity. Both teacups were part of sets from charity shops and the pearls are both vintage necklaces (the pink is broken – I must fix it!)

I’m so proud of the home we’ve made here, and although I can’t wait to get into our own house (preferably with that farmhouse kitchen), I’ll really miss these cosy surroundings. 

Are you a thoroughly modern miss or a vintage vixen? Or maybe a mix of the two, like me? Do share – I’d love to know!



I’m definitely a mix, I love all the retro and twee patterns for housewares but all my furniture and fittings are so modern !


I’m definitely a mix too, our apartment is very modern although it’s in an old building which has been renovated, and I love finding pretty things to put in it!


i LOVE the last two pictures! your ‘dressing table’ is lovely, and the two teacups are so pretty! i would also say that i’m a mix of both, but i sway more towards the vintage side. the majority of things i buy are secondhand, but i just can’t help but treat myself to some gorgeous cath kidston things every now and again! 🙂

your blog is always a joy to read.

love, jazzabelle. xxx


Will you come and add some finishing touches to my house please? I adore your style! I like a mixture of both modern and vintage but I really, really, really, really REALLY want a chic, French boudoir. That would be heavenly xx

Pink Flower

Loving that mirror that is gorgeous, I know what you mean about renting and hanging things on the wall, we had a right fussy land lord once and just isn’t worth the hassle sometimes!


What beautiful treasures! I am a mix too although I lean a lot more towards the vintage side…. I love the Country Living look too 😀 x


Gorgeous! I seriously love how you added those unique pieces to your chest of drawers. I think for myself, I’m a bit of cozy and modern. My parents are definitely vintage and glamour though!


my house is far too modern, every room is a variation of cream or brown with big chunky mirrors and random stick creations in long vases. my room is the exception- Its white wit my chimney breast wall painted black and in it are lotsa vintage things like hands jewellery stands, a cake stand and a birdcage. only my clutter brings it up to date!

your bedroom is my perfect room!


The JML ‘Duzzits’ are great for hanging pictures, etc. They’re hooks which don’t leave any damage once they’re removed! Check them out.

I adore everything you have especially the mirror which is just divine. x


I love the teacups and the vintage pieces in your house! I think I definitely lean towards the modern side, though 🙂

Laura - Emerald Green 88

I love a bit of old English farmhouse mixed with French shabby chic!
I have the same dotty cake tin, unfortunately it houses breakfast bars and not cake!
Do you have any recommendations for similar style bread bins at all?

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

Awwwe. This post really does correspond to the title – it actually DID make me happy (I’m not just saying that); this day has been so dreary, too, with rain and jazz so THANKS.

Your kitchen is adorable. I love the mix of vintage and modern — that’s a real win-win! My room’s kind of like that too. Some modern pieces here, some vintage there…



I’ll probably be a mix too when I have my own home next time! I do love how you decorated with the girlie bibs and bobs especially the teacups filled with pearl necklaces. I’m filing away that inspiration for my future home:)



Oh “The Kiss”! It’s one of my most favorite paintings ever. I even did a sculpture based on it once, for a class.

I’m definitely a mixer. I love modern things, but vintage things have more charm. I like to combine a balance of both.


Wow all of them look so quaint and cute!

I love vintage looking cups and teapots but I don’t have the budget to get the ones I love yet!

I love the red polka dot tin and the tea cups!


Your collection is amazing, I love the way you have organised them! You know I love collecting and organising pretty things. When I was a kid I would always change my bedroom around, moving things, rearranging the furniture, literally every week! Nowadays I’m just adding to my collection, and dreaming of finding more amazing treasures.

I am definitely a vintage vixen, I love old things, I love things that are made to look old and kitschy. Simply divine.


Love these kind of posts, satisfys my nosey need. 🙂
The mirror is lovely, and I love the print.

I like clutter, there I said it. Little pots, trinkets, not just one mirror on the wall but 5, that sort of thing. I don’t do minimal. There are far too many pretty things to do that.

X xx


Another successful hunting weekend, Jen. Great finds! It’s all about location… Here in the English countryside I enjoy our old house with faded wallpapers and ancient bathrooms; but if I moved back to the city I would want it all sleek and supermodern.

Cafe Fashionista

Oh Jen…I just have to say that your little home is just adorable. I fall in love more and more every time you post pictures of it. It is just so…you!

I’d say I’m a bit of both myself – modern with a touch of vintage!! 🙂


I’m more vintage vixen than most, the lower half of my parents’ house is done up Victorian style, and I can’t imagine living any other way!

LadyBugSays ...

If I had my way the house would be filled with a mix of vintage/floral/retro/contempory things. But the Mr has to have a say so its more retro and contempory stuff than floral!

Pea Green Kitty

I love the old mirror!
I think I am more of a vintage/retro/antique kind of girl. Our house is a modern house though and to be hones I dont like it, id love an old cottage or Victorian town house.
Werent too like you but luckily our Landlady lets us do whatever we like….she said “as long as you dont paint the walls black!”


I’m definitely a mix of the two – but I do lean a little towards vintage I think. X


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