Sunday Smile #7

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Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all enjoying a day of rest, preferably with a full belly and a glass of wine. I’ve been on the champers this afternoon, celebrating my little brother’s recently foray into the working world. I’ve warned him the money’s not worth the stress, but he still seems excited. How odd.

This morning I trotted off to a new car boot sale just down the road from my house. It was an 8am start – practically a lie-in in booters’ hours. It was a small affair hosted by my local high school, so plenty of smiling faces, friendly hellos and free bacon butties.


Brand new suede Topshop pumps, Β£1.50


MNG blazer, Β£3

My favourite find was these gorgeous Topshop pumps. I was delighted to find second hand shoes to fit my BFG feet, but alas, it seems Topshop’s mental idea of sizing is true for their shoes too. They’re way too small! The wonderful wool blazer, however, is here to stay. I’m almost wishing summer into winter so I can team it with a floral dress, thick woolly tights and leather boots. 

Cranium, Β£2.40

I L.O.V.E Cranium. We played this game on a regular basis as students. Top tip – bringing alcohol into the equation makes it so much more fun! We lost our copy during one of our many house moves so I was delighted to find it as I rummaged this morning.

Today A Little Bird is coming to you from my mum’s very lovely conservatory. I’m back home celebrating my brother’s transition from layabout student to hard working professional. In honour of his new status as a fully paid member of the council tax club, I baked some cupcakes…




So, a fine Sunday all round! What’s making you smile this Sunday? Any bargains, family gatherings or momentous occasions to report? Or are you taking it easy with the Hollyoaks omnibus and a bag of crisps? Do let me know!


Anna Jane

Wow, 1.50 for brand new topshop pumps is an absolute barg (I recently paid something in the region of £25 for topshop pumps recently and they’re scuffed already!) That’s a shame they don’t fit though πŸ™ you could always try stretching them to the extreme until they do fit! (I did that once, it actually worked)

Ooh and I never thought about combining cranium and alcohol… SO doing that sometimes soon!

– Anna Jane xxx


If my local carboot sale gave me free bacon butties then I’d definitely be more tempted to venture up there..

Those shoes are adorable – I want them! I can’t believe they were £1.50 – crazy!

Seeing my 16 month old nephew, although only briefly, made me smile today – he’s just too cute πŸ™‚
Oh, & on a more shallow note, the few pretty purchases I got in town today also made me smile!


Those pumps are amazing!! If they’ll fit size 7, gimme gimme gimme! πŸ™‚
Sounds a lovely weekend, well done to your bro. Yummy cupcakes aswell.
My Sunday has been duster and bleach filled…perils of owning your own house eh. Major boo to the tidying side.

p.s I did manage to nab the nails inc nail varnish with diet coke earlier though. Wahoo!

X x


Your cupcakes look scrummy!

I adore the pumps and the blazer. Great finds! I plan to start heading out to car boots soon x


I really need to get down to a car boot sale! They always end up rained off when I was to go though haha


Fab bargains! Shame about the shoes πŸ™

The icing on those cakes looks deelish, did you pipe them?

I spent today at work…

Need to do some car booting soon, they all seem to be Sunday ones where I live. Although bank holiday seems like a good bet!


I love the blazer, how amazing will this look in the winter πŸ™‚ & I bet you’ll totally forget about it. Picture one October morning, opening your wardrobe and be delighted at its presence!!

I hate Topshop sizing…real pain in the bum. I often wander out of there telling myself I am not possibly the size they suggest I am.

P.S Scrumptious cupcakes you have there πŸ™‚


shame about the shoes, you could try stuffing paper in them ?

nomnom to the cakes


What bargains! The blazer is amazing. Hope there are a few more chilly days to come so that you get a chance to wear it before winter.

I’ve been out in the countryside watching horses, perfect Sunday for me!


shame about the shoes, but the blazer is gorgeous!
Those cupcakes look delish! I miss baking, I haven’t really done any since I left High School (my RME teacher demanded I bring in brownies as they were so good! Haha).

What made me smile today was, despite an early (6am) start at work, it was a pretty good shift with lovely people πŸ™‚ and then my family came round for Sunday dinner as usual. So I was laughing all night at my niece & nephew’s antics!! πŸ™‚

Congrats to your brother on his job! x


Happy Sunday to you, Jen! Congrats to another successful hunting and gathering… And isn’t it nice that the sun is shining for a change?


I meant to go to the car boot sale today, but… I had a lie in. Oops. I made up for it by going to Dunelm and getting myself a shelving unit for my shoes. I love having them all spaced out and on display, rather than heaped in a pile on a too-small shoe rack! Bonus: I didn’t have to assemble it, because that’s what boyfriends are for!


thats sounds like a awesome sunday! those lucky finds helped a lot huh!? and very sweet of you to bake for your brother, they look too cute to be eaten! haha


Wonderful stuff. My Sunday smile was getting taken out for ice cream. Although now, I’m seriously wanting a cupcake. Mmm.

Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend.


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