Sunday Smile #8

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Zara maxi dress, H&M shirt and belt, thrifted bag, New Look sandals, Primark ring and bangles, Tim the dog

The Mr walking with Tim and Geri (the dogs)


My gorgeous Sister in Law to be (also Jenn, but with 2 ns) and me, enjoying a Sainsbury’s picnic and pink champagne

Yesterday was glorious. If there’s anything better than pink champagne and mini sausages eaten under the blazing sun, please do let me know.

The Mr’s parents’ house backs on to a cricket field, so summers are spent in cricket whites, with dogs in tow and frequent cries of ‘howzat!’ (which I still don’t understand the meaning of). After the game yesterday, we travelled back to Leeds and met friends for alfresco dining and a raucous game of Cranium.

Today is a little cooler, which suits me just fine. I’m spending it with my lovely friend and her wee one – there’ll be lots of gossip and a 99 cone, I’m sure. Have you been frolicking in the sun this weekend? Share your stories, tell your tales – you know I love to hear them.

PS – Have you voted for me in TK Maxx’s Frock Me style challenge yet? No?! Off you pop then!



I’ve been living in Spain for 4 months- it’s 25+ and have been lounging on the terrace, glass of local white wine in hand, perusing international fashion press. It’s THE way to go!


Outfit looks great – am I right in thinking that’s the dress you wore for that event not so long ago? Definitely a versatile piece – I love it dressed down like this, so summery.

I’ve done nothing at all this weekend, except sit out in the garden reading magazines, & playing out in the garden with my nephew & dog – I tell you, it’s been bloody lovely 🙂

Ana - Toil and Trouble

Wow, it looks like you had a really lovely Saturday! Mine mostly involved working on my thesis, but I did have a pretty nice nap in the afternoon. I’m living the high life…

Vintage Vixen

Lovely dress on a lovely girl! Such a great buy.
Not sure I’d agree with the pink stuff or the sausages, I’m afraid. It’s cider all the way till Glastonbury!


oh jen it looks like you had a lovely saturday! i spent mine at work till 1pm in topshop, then went for smoothies with some friends, had a picnic in the park with boy, and came back in the evening to a full blown family bbq. NOM. x


I’ve spent both days hanging out in Roundhay Park. Today there were the dragon boat races going on- always fun to watch and a great atmosphere. Doesn’t sunshine just make everything seem so holiday-esque?! Love it!x


That maxi dress is perfect for this weather 🙂 I love how you’ve styled it here, its amazing how it works so well for a sunny day and for the smart event you went to a while back. x


I love how you’ve dressed down that maxi Jen. Perfect for such lovely weather and a picnic. I think I’m with Vix on the choice of alcohol though – cider is much more of an outdoorsy drink for me – I’m liable to drop champers or wine everywhere when picnicking!

Howzat = How was that? or sometimes How was he? Ie was the bowling good enough to get the batsman out? General appeal for the umpire to think about things really!


I love the maxi dress casual. It looks completely different styled like this! Very very impressive and versatile indeed 🙂


aww i love how tim the dog wanted to get in your outfit photo with you! haha. i was in work yesterday until 4 which was not nice, but today i’ve been reading in my garden so much, topping up my suntan, i love warm weather!


I had a bike ride disaster, have sunbathed and planted my strawberry plants! Rock and Roll x


You look loooovely 🙂 and looks like yous had a smashing wee weekend in the sun! I also sat outside in my garden and chilled for hours, the sunshine really does make me happy. I hope this weather continues into the rest of the week! Totally reminds me of my school days, back then I feel like the weather was less messed up and we had ‘proper’ summers. Sports day and my birthday in june was always a scorcher! xx Ps. I cant vote for you on the frock me thing because I dont have facebook, gutted! 🙁


oh what a gorgeous way to spend the day! (apparantly i make an excellent poet!) you look gorgeous, and i love the pink champagne mmmmm. xoxox


Looking lovely in the maxi dress – I so don’t know what to do with myself in this weather!


lovely maxi dress, it’s a really versatile piece as it’s looks just as great dressed down, as up for your recent do!
spent a very sunny weekend realxing too, which was great as work etc is sooo busy atm!


you look lovely as usual!
just wanted to let you know the shoes arrived today and I love them, thank you so much

Anna Jane


Ahh is this the same maxi you dressed up for a glamorous do a couple months ago? Because if so it looks just as gorgeous for day as it does for night! Love the denim shirt throwover and the bangles. And Tim is the ultimate accessory, bless him :):)

Aren’t these summer days just wonderful?! I’ve similarly been enjoying the sunshine in the park, I’m glad I’ve been appreciating the sunshine as the weather is set to get so much cooler by the end of this week 🙁

– Anna Jane xxx


this is one of the prettiest maxi dresses i have ever seen! i love the print, and how nice and flowy it is.

and it really does look like you had the perfect day in it. sitting in the sun, eating with some champagne.. doesn’t get better than that. ~joelle


hey jen great maxi dress!you look fabulous! it was so hot here too! now i have badly sun burnt shoulders..not good 🙁 lol!


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