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top uk fashion bloggersLast weekend Rob and I drove north to Haworth – a small Yorkshire town, famous for being the home of the Bronte sisters. We’re slowly making our way around northern hot spots that we really should’ve visited years ago, and Haworth has been on the list for a while. As soon as we arrived, I fell in love.

visiting haworth yorkshire
things to see in haworth
things to do in haworthCobbled streets, quirky shops selling old books and vintage dresses, fish and chips in the brisk county air and a view that will take your breath away – what’s not to love?

After wandering up and down the main street, popping into the pub for a pint (red wine for me) and admiring the many, many dogs out for a stroll, we headed to the Brontë Parsonage Museum. The Brontë family home has been lovingly restored and is open to the public – you can peer into the lives of Emily, Charlotte and the rest of their family, see where they wrote their famous novels and learn more about the things that inspired them. It was truly fascinating and quite moving to think such important literary works were written right here in Yorkshire.

day out in haworth yorkshire
top fashion bloggers uk
lifestyle bloggers ukWe left Haworth just as the sun began to set. As we drove towards home, we spotted this amazing view and stopped to take some photos… which somehow turned into an outfit shoot. The life and times of a fashion blogger!

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best uk lifestyle blogsCoat, c/o Barbour | Jeans, Topshop | Boots, Clarks c/o Sarenza | Scarf, Edinburgh

We had such an amazing day in Haworth – it’s now officially top of my ‘Places To Move When I Retire’ list. I can just imagine opening a shop selling vintage finds and local produce, maybe with a little café area and tables outside during the summer. BRB, going to daydream about being 65 for a while…

fashion lifestyle blogs uk



I love photos in the post. I’m always a little green eyed when I seen southern bloggers with their amazing beach photography and their homes by the sea, then I sit and think about it and think..hang on I have Yorkshire and it’s actually just as beautiful. I really need to visit Howarth I’ve been when I was little but not been for years and don’t think I appreciated how cute it is when I last went. Really like this post and the tartan scarf looks very chic.


Wow I love your Barbour and your scarf Jen! Mr W and I have Haworth on our Sunday visits list, it just looks amazing. Hopefully I can persuade him to pick this venue sooner! 🙂


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