Sunshine After the Rain

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H&M dress and ring, Primark cardigan and belt, ASOS necklace, Jonak boots c/o Sarenza

The world seems like a slightly calmer place today, although the rain is still falling (at least it is here in the north). I’ve been spending some time at my mum’s house with my sister which is always lovely… plus my mum’s garden makes for a much better photo backdrop than my own neglected square of paving slabs and weeds. I definitely haven’t inherited the gardening gene!

I desperately needed a colour injection this morning, so went for this floral dress and then spent the day taking photos of my mum’s flowers. You may laugh, but I feel so much more cheerful after looking at these stunning blooms… maybe I did get the gardening gene after all?

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(I have no idea what any of these flowers are. If you know, enlighten me in the comments!)


Please may I?

Your moms garden looks lovely. Nothing wrong with the sight of nice flowers making you happy, at the moment I think quite a few people need cheering up!

Loving the dress, such happy colours, if that makes sense….

X x


Oh,and in the hanging basket the red flowers are pelargoniums. Often inaccurately called geranium. The blue are lobelia.
Cute dress!


I love this dress so much, it’s gorgeous, and the cardigan goes with it so well!
I find that flowers always make me a little happier, and there are some beautifulll ones in your mum’s garden! I especially love the fuscia (the one with the bit hanging down.) I have no gardening genes either – even though the majority of my family do, I just like looking at them! xx
Sirens and Bells

Miss Raj

If not the gardening gene, you’ve definitely got a photography gene from somewhere! captured these blooms beautifully, everything looks lovely after the rain xx


Your mums garden is so nice and the dress you chose is the perfect one to wear! I think pretty flowers can cheer anyone up!


The garden is so beautiful. And I love the colourful dress. We definitely need some brights in our lives these days.


I love that dress more everytime I see it!
Gorgeous garden pics, mine currently resembles a bombsite after the dog decided to go mad with plant pots, a hose and gravel.



That dress is pretty on you and perfect in such a lovely setting.
I’m more a fan of folliage than flowers but I do know fuschias and lobelias, beautiful colours. x


the only one i know is the pink purple one is a fuschia.. I know any cut flower but plant names are something else!! love the outfit jen 🙂 xo


That dress looks lovely on you- it really flatters your skintone. And your mum’s garden is beautiful, by the way.

Don’t worry though, I definitely haven’t inherited a gardening gene either- I can’t even keep potted basil alive on my windowsill 🙂

Nat x

Mumma Bunny

The dress is so pretty! Definately offset by the super flowers – gardening is addictive 😀
The fuschia, loblelia and geraniums have already been identified but I think the purple with white centres are Verbena? I have red ones and the leaves are identical. The trailing foliage in the basket I think is Nepeta but don’t quote me on that!

@MultipleMumma x


such pretty flowers, my garden is starting to look a little bedraggles, think it’s all of the rain we’ve had 🙁


What a gorgeous dress. Perfect for garden photos 🙂

I think everyone has identified the flowers for you. The last one does look a wee bit like a peony but I think it’s an old fashioned rose.


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