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Thrifted skirt, Gap tee, Primark belt, Primark tights, New Look wedges, thrifted satchel, name necklace, Helpless Romantic brooch 

Oh, the perils of outfit photography in public places – as I was snapping in the sun this morning, a lady from my building came and stood at the bus stop right next to me. Trés embarrassing! Have you ever suffered an unfortunate photographic incident, all for the sake of your blog? 

Today is your last chance to ask me an oh-so stylish question in time for tomorrow’s special Wardrobe Wonderings post. I’ll be taking one question and answering it in full, complete with outfit suggestions and top tips! So if fashion’s playing on your mind, ask away. Until then, dear followers…



ahaha busted!! I bet she thinks you’re nuts.

I have often snapped pics outside and thought – if anyone sees me they will wonder what I’m up to! x


Ooooh so Summery. I like the dappled shade of your new photo spot. Bare legs?!?!

My favourite photo spot in the garden is overlooked by most of the other flats and since I often end up finishing a sewing project on a Sunday afternoon and popping out to take some shots, they all have a good nosey at what I’m to!

Cafe Fashionista

Gosh! I just adore this outfit, Jen! The colors are so bright and cheerful! I really feel as if you should be sailing await into the sunset aboard a yacht in this ensemble!

Haha! I think all of us have suffered a similar photo debacle. I truly cannot stand taking photographs in public for this precise reason!! 🙂

E is for Eleanor

Clashing prints paired perfectly again Jen! (like my alliteration there!)

And gosh yes, photographing outside is always a major risk! Gardens are much safer! 😀


These outfit pictures are not easy, but I’m happy you braved the nosy neighbours to show us your beautiful, sunny outfit.
I absolutely dread meeting someone. It hasn’t happened yet, but I really live VERY isolated.


Oh outdoor photography, eek! You’re a brave soul. I bet the lady at the bus stop didn’t think anything of it though.

I love the addition of the brooch to the belt, such a cute and quirky twist.


Gorgeous! That skirt is oh so summery <3

I’d be far too shy to take outfit posts outside hehe. i’m a wimp!



You look wonderful!!
I don’t have the guts to take outdoor pictures on my own, hence the unexciting backdrop of my landing!


Cute outfit! I often get paranoid that distant laughter coming from the neighbour’s houses is at me while taking my blog photos in the garden! Oh my god. I hope it isn’t.
Vicki xxx


I am forever envious of those who can wear yellow – AND THERE’S SUNSHINE! Yay the sunshine! You look lovely x

Em x

You look so cute, i love the clashing prints. I had to laugh at you getting caught taking photos though! xx


i can’t imagine getting caught by my coworkers! they’d make fun, for sure.

you’re pretty brave. 😉

adorable skirt. seems to be my fave color these days.


So cute and how brave of you! When I went to the park near my house to take some pics, I nearly chickened out. And even though I managed to find some isolated place to take them, there were some passersby who must have thought I’m loony:P

I wish there was a really secluded place like some forest or garden to take outfit pics!

Cherry Pullinger

I have never had an embarrasing outfit photograph moment..mainly because I don’t have a good enough camera to show the world what I’m wearing everyday!


The skirt is so summery miss!
And go you for snapping in public places. If anyone asks just say you are working on a very important project for Vogue! 🙂


haha that is why i am too shy to take photos of myself in public! i love that skirt, i remember you getting it and being very jealous of your bargain!


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