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Primark jersey maxi dress, belt, cardigan and pumps, Super Duper Things brooch, thrifted shopper, Cherry and Joy ring, M&S watch

What’s this, I hear you cry? Another Primark maxi dress? And worn just one day after the first? Well, yes, actually. I love these jersey maxis – so easy to wear, so simple to style and super flattering on a curvy figure. Someone asked me if us bottom-heavy girls could carry off a maxi dress without adding unwanted pounds to our bums. I hope this answers that question – yes! The belt flattens my stomach and breaks up the block colour, while the cardigan adds detail to my top half to help balance things out. I’m not aiming for skinny (we all know that ain’t ever gonna happen! Can I get a ‘hell yeah’?!), but cleverly curved.

Do you have any tips for dressing your particular body shape? I tend to ignore whatever Trinny, Susannah and their ilk (although I have a special place in my heart for Gok) tell me and wear what I think suits me. I always look in a full length mirror with a critically honed eye and I’m never afraid to admit when I get it wrong. What about you? Whether slim and slender or vivacious and curvaceous, I want to know!

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I love this outfit! It really compliments your figure!
I don’t like Trinny and Susanah either – they never look good in what they are wearing! Ew! Though, I too have a wee soft spot for Gok! :)xx


Love the flats. Glad the cardigan isn’t black. Yesterday was a bit Dolmio-mamma! Your hair looks particularly lovely today.

I do swear by Gok. Trinny and the other one make women look ridiculous and uncomfortable. I do dark tops and lighter, brighter shorts/skirts because I am a little (ahem) top-heavy. That’s the standard advice but I’m such a little stubby tubby that I’m never going to look much cop.

Domesticated Wife

HELLS YEAH! Haha. (You asked for it.)

I’m ridiculously pear shaped and I’m also just under 5 feet tall. Once upon a time I was a size 0. Apparently designers believe that all size 0 girls are 5’10 and have no butt because NOTHING pants-wise fit me. It was always too long and if I could squeeze my monster thighs into it there was tons of room at my waist.

However now that I’ve gained some weight and am a size 8/10 I find that designers anticipate my curvaceousness so pants fit me more like they’re supposed to. That doesn’t fix my extreme shortness problem though. Most petites are still too long.

So pants are always a problem for me. And tights fit so weird. However most of all, 90% of all pencil skirts are a serious no-no.

Also I have to be careful with skirts in general because my butt makes them rise up at least a few inches in the back.

While I do limit myself to what styles I’ll wear because of my bodacious bottom I’ve never not worn something because it makes me look shorter. I love maxi dresses and gladiator sandals. And if I look 4’6 instead of 5’0 because of them I couldn’t care one bit less. 🙂


haha I love Gok too! You can certainly pull the maxi dress off, you look elegant and super feminine!!

xxx Iris

Danni and Maria

I do love your belt and this colour looks FAB on you 🙂 I think as with anything, if you have confidence to experiment and to wear something, you can’t really go wrong 🙂 I wear clothes which my family hate but I love and I think it’s just a matter of making it work for your lifestyle and style 🙂

Maria xxxx

Anna Jane

I think anyone can wear anything providing they know how to make it work for their figure. I also think a lot of people copy looks straight out of magazines without stopping to think “actually, if I put a belt here or heels there, I can really flatter myself here”. Unfortunately, such a way of thinking is a very rare and precious skill. I don’t think you need me to tell you that you obviously know how to dress stylishly whilst flattering every last one of your curves! You’ve nailed this look right down to every last detail – and I’m super awed by the fact your dress is from Primark! How much was it if you don’t mind me asking?

– Anna Jane xxx


I love this outfit. Im quite slim and tall but my hips and bum are wide. not that I try to tone this down. I wear things that I love and know suit me not what “experts” tell me

E is for Eleanor

I love this! I need to get the dress in grey, it looks great on you!

I always wear light layers, I find loose lace and sheer fabrics help to break up outfits and in this heat cover up my lumps but still keep me cool! x


This dress looks perfect on you. I thought I was swayed by the black one, but I must admit I think I might prefer the grey!
A GREAT dress, a great cut and perfect accessories :)x


Eee, you’re really making me want to get to Primark to check out these jersey maxi dresses! I thought that as a curvy girl meself, long jersey material wouldn’t suit my figure – I always assumed maxis were for tall, skinny ladies. But you wear it so well, you’ve convinced me to go & search out these miracle maxis. Yay for Little Bird!


Lovely dresses, I feel a trip to Primark is needed. I have to say I agree with you, I wear what I think suits me and use a full length mirror and my own eyes.

Bravo on the outfits. I have voted for you.

Jo x


These maxi dresses look so great on you – now I want one, too! I tried a maxi skirt once in topshop and I felt like a balloon – maybe it was a PMS day, but everything was so WRONG that since then I haven’t had the courage to face slim fitting maxi anymore. Looking at these two fabulous dresses I’ve totally changed my mind now!


You look so good in the maxi dress! I was always scared to go into primark, but I ventured in a few weeks ago and spent loads. I have just caught the primark bug!
I need to find a short maxi dress, as I seem to get lost in the really long ones!


love the long maxi dress! it looks very classy with the cardigan! i should definitely pull this look when the weather gets cooler!


Those dresses are such a staple buy.
I love this look, casual, yet stylish, and so simple. No fuss, clean lines.

I’m a curvy girl (typical hourglass) and around 5’7 so my height helps matters at times. I’ve been wearing my wedges with my maxi, helps slim me down more.

X x


This looks amazing on you, Jen. I love how simple the dress and how you’ve styled it with the belt. I’ve bypassed all the maxi dresses in the stores so far but I feel inspired to start looking for one now 🙂 Hopefully I can find one that isn’t taller than I am!x


Oh you look lovely Jen. I really like you in darker shades and the grey is lovely. Excellent belting (as always)!

I’m still not entirely sure I know how to dress my body shape but I’ll get there one day.


this jersey dress suits you to perfection, you look beautiful! it’s so annoying, because i’m only 5’6”, yet every time i try a maxi dress on it’s too short! i quite like the mid length maxis now, like the polka dot one i wore yesterday, and my tye dye dress.

love, jazzabelle. xxx

LadyBugSays ...

Love that grey maxi possibly even more than the black. I just tend to pick things I like, and aslong as it doesn’t overly emphasise my hips or lack of chest it’s a keeper!


I completely agree – those of us who are more blessed in the derriere-area can definitely pull off a maxi dress! I actually think they create a really good silhouette, I LOVE them!
Would never have guessed your dress from Primark either… might have to take a little trip to the Liverpool branch myself!


Aww check you out! 🙂 I love this, I really wish I was taller… I feel all left out when it comes to maxi lovin’ 🙁 any fashion tips for us petite ladies out there to help us fake looking taller? x

Cafe Fashionista

You totally rock the maxi, Jen – I just adore the way it skims your curves…gorg!

I’m short, so I tend to stick to monochromatic color schemes to elongate my form and make myself look taller. It’s simple but essential!! 🙂


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