That Friday feeling

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Primark skirt, H&M tee, H&M tights, ASOS boots, thrifted hat

I must say, I love this skirt. You can’t really see in the photo, but the print is tiny white hearts. So sweet! I’ve never been a fan of a peplum, mainly because I really don’t need any extra layers on my bum, but this understated little fellow really works.

Happy Friday – hooray! I love Fridays, as everything slows down in preparation for the weekend. I had a hectic day at work but managed to get out at lunch and visit a fab vintage shop near my office called Cow. It is literally the most amazing vintage shop I’ve ever come across. There are walls and walls of gorgeous leather boots (unfortunately for my size 8 feet, all in small sizes), racks of beautiful dresses, shelves of bags and lots more. And the prices are really reasonable! I picked up a plaited leather belt for £5 which I thought was pretty good. All the boots were priced around £10-15 and I think that is great for a specialist vintage shop. You often find people will pay over the odds for vintage stuff, so it’s nice to see some reasonable prices.

We have friends coming to stay tomorrow, so my weekend will involve wine, chatter and shopping. But what I’m most excited about, is getting my hair cut tomorrow morning. Thank GOODNESS! I’ve been wearing hats, headbands and hairclips for the past week to disguise the positively mullet-like shape it’s grown into. Have you noticed? 😉


Cafe Fashionista

Little white hearts! Ooh, such a cute print for a skirt!

I have noticed that you’ve been wearing quite a bit of hats, but they looked so adorable, not at all out of place, so I had no idea that you were trying to cover up your hair! I can’t wait to see your new ‘do, Jen! 🙂


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