The Black Blazer

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Topshop blazer via charity shop, F+F jumper, Topshop jeans, gifted scarf, Topshop ring, Zara belt, Primark brogues

I’m weary. So very weary. I really wasn’t feeling this outfit when I put it on and I’m still not convinced now, but I guess that’s the point of 30 for 30 – you discover the pieces that look great together and the outfits that should probably be retired. Forever.

I’m glad I had this cute scarf and my trusty black blazer to throw over today’s rather questionable combination. A basic black blazer (especially one with a little somethin’ somethin’ at the shoulders) will never let you down, unlike an impulse-purchase hole-y jumper, which is almost guaranteed to disappoint you somewhere down the line.

Three outfits to go… hallelujah!



I agree a black blazer is a must! You can throw it on with anything and istantly it makes everything look a little bit smarter!


That’s a beautiful scarf. I definitely think doing a challenge like this is a learning curve. Ooh good luck with the next 3 outfits!


Great blazer, jeans and brogues – all staples in my wardrobe. It was my denim shirt that was binned after my recent wardrobe challenge.
Have you enjoyed the 30 – 30 challenge?


Hey Anon, nope – the jumper was definitely an impulse buy! We’ve worked with Clothing at Tesco for Take 10 but I styled the lace top with crazy shoulders (which, incidentally, is also an item from my 30 for 30 wardrobe).

You can see all the pieces I chose here –

Hope that helps! 🙂

Jen x


I love that scarf it’s so cute!
I know how you feel about having to recycle outfits, I’ve just moved to London and am living out of a suitcase 🙁 I must admit though it is making me more imaginative with what I’ve got!



i really like your jeans actually. they fit you really well. i’m always envious of people who carry off skinnys! i have skinny legs and no ass so i can never find a pair that “cling” to me in the right places. x

Miss Lucy

I actually really like that pink laddered jumper. I thought about it earlier today and popped on to the Tesco website to see if they were still selling it but sadly not! Devastated. Hope you’re settling into the new place well xx


I like it! It’s always fun to see a little something of the layers underneath – so many people will wear a blazer fastened up and with the sleeves all the way down.


A black blazer is such an essential piece for anyone. It’ll never let you down.
And your scarf is a lovely addition to the outfit.

Between Laundry Days

That’s definitely what I’ve learned from the 30 for 30. There are a bunch of things that I love more than I thought I did, and a few that I think I could do without.

Even if you weren’t a huge fan of this outfit, I really love the combination of layers and textures.


I would have given up waaay before you, so good on you for sticking to the 30 for 30 challenge. Love the Blazer and the scarf, but I agree I am not really feeling the holey jumper.

Maybe when you regain full use of your wardrobe you can find something else that will make it work fabulously. I have faith!


I’ve been thinking of buying a black blazer for work for a while, will smarten up some cute dresses I think. I’ll have to keep an eye out in the charity shops!


I love the jumper. I’m really in to jumpers at the mo. I look forward to dusting them off in Oct/Nov when they come out of hibernation. Also the scarf is gorgeous.

A Cuppa Jo

I have to say I love the holey jumper layered under the blazer. I’m tryin to build up the courage to do my first outfit post at the mo. Does someone take your photos for you or does your camera have a timer?


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