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On today’s Blog Issue we’re talking about comments – receiving them, leaving them, moderating them and the impact they have on your blog. Join us, won’t you! We kick off with an outfit…




Wearing: H&M jumper, dress and boots, Topshop tights, Primark ring
On: Tuesday 23rd November
For: A day of meetings and writing in my cold office

I believe there are two secret weapons in the fight for a successful blog. One is content – good content will always come out on top. The other is community – building and maintaining your blog community is important, and one key way of doing that is through blog comments.

One of my favourite bloggers is Amy from Wolf Whistle. She’s been working hard to ‘share the love’ in her blogging community by leaving 500 comments on other blogs every month. I love the importance Amy’s placing on comments – not only is she making the effort to visit blogs she finds interesting, but her comments are insightful. The challenge in her, erm, challenge is not the number of comments – you’d soon sail past 500 if you copied and pasted ‘love the outfit!’ every time – but the quality of them. The authors of those 500 posts will pick up on that extra effort, and hopefully return the favour. And so the Circle of Blog is complete…

Well, not quite.

I receive anything from 15 to 100+ comments on a post. And I post Sunday-Thursday. Every week. Maths ain’t my strong point, but that’s a whole lotta comments. It really is impossible to reply to every single comment, which is something that really gets to me. In an ideal world, I’d make sure every last person who took the time to share their thoughts with me received a virtual note in return – a few of those interesting, insightful words that make blogging seem so much more worthwhile. Unfortunately, work, sleep and tweeting about X Factor (life, in other words) get in the way.

Muireann from Bangs and a Bun recently posted on Twitter that she felt disappointed if her post comments didn’t reach double figures – a feeling I can totally relate to. I have a goal in mind when it comes to comments – if I don’t reach it with a particular post, I look at the content of that post and try work out why it was less popular than the one before it. It might seem a little OTT, but the community that surrounds my blog is hugely important to me. And I’ll keep tweaking and changing and experimenting with my content to make sure the people who read it (that’s you!) are compelled to comment and come back for more.

What are your thoughts on comments and commenting? Do you reply to every one you receive, or just respond to the posts you love and/or find interesting? Do you use the number of comments you receive as a marker to judge the popularity or success of a post?



As a new blogger I dont get many comments, but sometimes I find it hard to respond due to whats said in the few comments I do get. Theres some comments that theres just no reply to! xx


I tend to reply properly to the ones that are a little longer than “love your blog/outfit/look!”; my philosophy is if someone’s taken the time to write something that takes longer than 2 seconds to read, then it’s worth me composing a nice reply back, otherwise I just put “thank you” 🙂 x


I go through fits and bursts with caring how many comments I get.
I feel guilty if I skip a day of commenting on blogs though, which I need to get over because the real world doesn’t allow for that!

Love that jumper x


Interesting topic as always! I personally reply to every comment on my blog (easy for me as a new blogger) however, I appreciate that bloggers with large followings can’t do this!

Commenting on other blogs can be a great way to increase the amount of hits your blog gets but I feel bad if I comment on a post simply for my own blogs gain. At the moment I comment if I genuinely love someone’s outfit/ feel I have a valid point to make/ want to show my support etc etc. – not always huge comments but ones which are honest to my own opinions and tastes. I try really hard not to go down the ‘great post!’ route but I realise it can be tempting.

Looking forward to seeing other peoples views on this!


This is really interesting:

‘Muireann from Bangs and a Bun recently posted on Twitter that she felt disappointed if her post comments didn’t reach double figures – a feeling I can totally relate to. I have a goal in mind when it comes to comments – if I don’t reach it with a particular post, I look at the content of that post and try work out why it was less popular than the one before it.’

In the first part of your post when you were talking about leaving comments you said that it’s the quality and not the quantity of comments that matters, but by the end when you’re thinking about how many comments you receive you’re judging on quantity. That’s not a criticism, I think it’s natural to count comments and use them as a marker of success, at least when you first start blogging. It just makes me wonder – what’s worth more, 20 ‘nice outfit!’ comments or 10 really well thought out comments?

nice outfit!

(Okay, that was a joke, but I do also mean that your outfit is nice. I’ve been wearing brightly coloured skirts with a grey cable knit jumper a lot recently.)


I really like this blog post, when I first started blogging, it was easy for me to reply, but say on the last blog post I did I got over 40 I think, but it was an issue topic and the lovely girls wrote paragraphs each, which i would of really liked to reply too, but it would of taken me so long. I did email responses to a few girls that I felt needed that more personal approach as some of them were quite sensitive. I find it highly frustrating when people just write, nice photos, and then leave their link to their own blog, it;s makes me feel like they didn’t even read what I had to say at all. Great blog! Now following xxx


A lot of the time I don’t think there’s a need to reply to comments, unless a specific question or observation is made.
Replying “Thanks!” to everyone who says nice outfit/great post etc is, in theory, a nice thing to do but a little pointless.
And practically speaking there is no way I’d expect a reply to a comment I write on a blog with hundreds of thousands of hits per month.

I DO reply to everyone who comments or sends me replies about my blog or questions via Twitter though- I think not to do so would be far worse manners than not replying to every blog comment.
Ah, if only the etiquette of blogging and social networking was clear…

xxx Maddie


I’m totally with what Laura points out! As much as I would love to multiply the number of comments I receive, I prefer to leave comments where I genuinely have something that I want to share with the poster! On my blog, the number of comments I receive is still manageable to be able to respond to the comment or post a thank you comment on the posters own blog.

I’d like to be able to offer the opinion that comments aren’t a popularity contest, and plenty of people are out there reading your great posts and being inspired by what you write! But we are all human and damn it… who doesn’t love receiving comments!

Love you discussions – they really create a great debate! x


As I’m still relatively new to the whole blogesphere I’m just glad to get A comment let alone double figures!! I really like it when a blogger who’s blog I’ve commented on comments back. It makes me feel like my comment is worth it. I know that as a regular and popular blogger like you are you can’t be expected to do that every time but I do know other bloggers who maybe reply to every comment on one post a week – I’m not sure where they get the time though! I think the ability to reply direct is a plus for a blog site. Hence the reason I moved from blogger to wordpress so that I could have that feature.

But even if you don’t reply direct, the fact that people keep commenting obviously means you’re doing something right so if you don’t have time to comment then no worries!


I’m a relatively new blogger, I have an astounding 2 followers, 3 comments and 16 posts so far! I love commenting on other peoples’ blogs as I like to think that it makes them happy to see that people appreciate their work.
Considering I have very little to reply to, Ido reply to people. Hopefully I’ll end up getting more and more as days go on, but then again, my blog isn’t exactly interesting, considering I’m a fifteen year old girl with a less than exciting life, and wardrobe!



first of all, i adore your cosy jumper, the colour really suits your skin tone and new hair colour, you look lovely!

about the issue of commenting, i recieve around 10-60 per post i do, and tend to recieve the most on outfit posts rather then my others (press events, what i did today..etc). i do try to reply to them all, but recently it’s started to get a bit too much. i tend to reply more to those who are regular commenters on my blog, like yourself, because they are the ones who have stuck with me for a while and i know who truly care about me and my content. i then try to reply to those who i haven’t seen comment on my blog before if i can tell that they have made an effort to read what i have wrote. but if i recieve comments which say ‘nice pictures, follow me?’ i tend not to bother.

once somebody left me a similar, pointless comment, so i decided to actually visit her blog. she had just one post, and over a hundred comments, which to me seems like she has just copied the same comment over and over for her personal gain. when i first started blogging i never did that, i simply left my url underneath my comment, but only ever commented if i truly liked the post/content/blogger or had a valid point to make.

great post once again, jen. nice pictures, follow me? 😉 xxx


For me I feel like it’s all really time dependant 🙁 As I scroll through google reader, I will comment on most posts as long as I have something genuine to say (because I know what you mean about those generic GREAT OUTFIT, check out my page enter my giveaway heres my url bla bla bla)

To help with this, I know it might sound harsh but I will only follow blogs I know I am actually going to read and take an interest in (again, genuinely) That way I can focus on being a loyal reader and commenter, rather than stretching myself too thin just to be another number on someones follower list.

If someone leaves me a comment (I normally get about 10ish minimum per post these days) I will try and make sure I return that gesture and especially when theyve asked me a question! Thats where I wish blogger commenting system was a bit more conversation friendly 🙁 HENCE joining twitter 🙂 yay!

I do like these ‘blog issue’ posts. Nice to see what everyone elses opinions are on more serious but sometimes hush hush issues. Thank you jen 🙂 xx


Is Irina’s comment for real? Pretty funny considering the topic of this post.

I have been blogging for 5 years, know how good it feels to see new comments, but find myself being SUCH the lurker. I hate writing pointless comments just to say “Allie’s Been Here.” And over time, I have been able to sniff out the bloggers who pretty much do this on my (and other people’s) blogs. However comments feel good, and inspire bloggers. I will make a better attempt to do so – and always with real content!

Some posts get 0 comments, and some get 150. Usually the controversial topics get the most hits. I used to blog for comments, but now I blog for me. I know via Twitter, Facebook, Feedburner, email that there are far more loyal and dedicated readers out there than comments. And that’s why I blog. 🙂

Now off to check out the rest of the lovelies on my Google Reader – and I will be commenting!

Tabitha Bluebell

I’m nowhere near hitting double figures 100% of the time, but recently I had a few posts receiving 0 comments and it was disheartening 🙁

I sort of covered this in a recent post I did…I’m a total lurker and for some reason won’t comment if there are loads of others cos I worry mine will get lost amongst the mass but I’m making an effort to comment on every post I like or that makes me think from now on!

Also….I love that jumper! As a curvier-up-top lady I tend to avoid cable knits although I am always admiring them – you’ve shown me that perhaps I shouldn’t shy away! It looks great on you

T x

The Beautiful Blog

I am quite new to blogging and don’t get many comments at the mo.
If I don’t get comments for a post I never assume it was because the post wasn’t good, I don’t have time to comment on all the great posts I read, but I do take note of the type of posts that get a lot of comments. Of course I would love more comment tho!
When the time comes that I get that many comments that I feel overwhelmed I will have to just do my best, I don’t think all comments require an answer and when I comment on blogs which have a very big following I dont expect an answer unless I have asked a question I suppose all we can do is our best x


I agree with what Nicola says – I may say I prefer longer, more meaningful comments (and I do!) but secretly I am counting the number too and judging myself a little bit on how many I get. I try to reply to every comment unless it’s obviously fishing for me to visit their blog (Irina above?! I don’t know, maybe she’s genuine?!) as I think it’s just good manners.

I get about 10-20 comments per post though, so it’s a lot easier for me. if I got the quantity some more popular bloggers do I definitely wouldn’t be able to manage it, and I don’t expect it.

It secretly bugs me too when I’ve gone to the trouble of commenting on a blog and they reply to me on *their* blog, not mine! I would always visit someone’s blog if they’ve left me a nice comment, and/or reply to them there, or via twitter or email.

Pearl Westwood

Firsty I love that chunky knit!
Secondly I just do not understand twitter, I try I really do but I just cant get it!
Ok so re the comments, now I feel inferior if comments equal popularity! Ah just kidding, it is so lovely getting comments which actually mean something. I hate getting the ‘cute skirt, follow me …’ comments they make me feel used. I have seen blogs with hardly any followers and wondered why they get hundreds of comments, but now I see why, if they comment just to get comments back. I leave comments sometimes just to say ‘hi’ to bloggers I read, but I only really like leaving them when I have something to say. I try very hard to visit everyone who follows me and leaves comments but of course this isnt always possible. There are some blogs I love to read but never comment on like Sister Wolf, Karlas closet, Jak and Jil, I guess its because I dont feel I know the bloggers so dont really have anything to say all that often, I just like to look and read. But then there are blogs (like yours Jen) where we visit each other and its like getting to know a new friend, these are my favourite blogs. I usually leave replies on my own blog unless it is something very specific then I will reply on the persons blog too. I think it is hard to not obsess wheather any one is actually reading your blog. It is dishartening when someone comments and says something which shows they haven’t even bothered to read the post. But then when you get comments which are really touching it makes it all seem worth while. I have to say again the lovely comment you left about saving my shoe posts nearly had me in tears I was so touched LOL xx


Some really, really fantastic thoughts and opinions from you all. Thank you so much for your input!

I think Laura and a fair few others have really hit the nail on the head – comments should be insightful and genuine. One really wonderful comment beats 20 ‘love your blog’ comments. When I look at the number of comments I’ve received, I also look at the ‘quality’ of them. The posts in this series (The Blog Issue) are my favourites because the interaction from you guys is so wonderful.

I love amonkeyfatshionista’s idea of replying to every comment on one post each week. However, I also agree that it’s wrong to post meaningless comments just to say ‘hey, I visited you!’ (like Allie says). I think a good compromise is to visit as many of your commenters as you can, commenting when you find things interesting or have something to say.

Like Jazzabelle, I have a long list of bloggers who have been with me since the beginning. We’ve built up amazing relationships and I always have something to say when they post. Thinking about that has made me realise I’m missing out on all the amazing new bloggers that crop up every day, and so I’ll be making a massive effort to add new must-reads to my list.

Finally, I will always reply to emails (even if it takes me a few days!) and Twitter mentions. If you ever want to chat or ask me something specific, drop me an email or find me @_alittlebird 🙂

Jen xx

E is for Eleanor

Ah another excellent edition of the Issue Jen! 😀

I agree with all of your valid points, one I think to add- I always know which posts of mine will get the most comments. They are always the ones I have put lots of love and effort into. If I’ve been naughty and maybe a bit lazy, then I am rightfully ‘rewarded’ with a low comment number. This is how it should be and like you, I monitor which posts do well regarding comments and which may be people don’t find as appealing.

Love all the comments here too! It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy! x


I try to respond to most comments although I don’t always manage it. My comments don’t usually exceed half a dozen max. With a current tally of 145 followers there’s a small pool of ‘regulars’ and I feel I almost know them. Because I feel grateful to them for commenting I’m keen to leave comments on their blogs and repay the compliment. A little incestuous perhaps but we are more likely to do swaps or RAOKs this way. Not that I’m doing it for that reason btw.


I used to always try and reply to comments, but then I realised that I seldom go back to posts to check for replies, and don’t think most people do. However, if it’s a direct question I’ll reply, or tweet them, or leave a comment on their blog.

I envy Amy’s challenge, and her commitment to it. I really want to try and do it but life does get in the way. I am computer-less at the moment, and can only get access to one a couple of days a week, when I’m normally trying to catch up on my own blog – doesn’t leave a lot of time for comments.

But it bothers me – I feel gutted if a post of mine only gets a couple of comments, or worst, no comments! That makes me realise the important of commenting – if I’m being lazy at commenting on other blogs, why on earth should I expect people to comment on mine? I think leaving comments and contributing to the community is vital.


I’m still relatively new to blogging so usually my comments range from 0-15 comments per post. I’ll reply to the comments if they ask a question or it is something that is possible to reply to. I wouldn’t really reply with ‘Thanks’.

I do appreciate any comment I get and regularly check to see if there was anyone new who came through and commented. I’ll always go and check out their blog have a look around and leave a comment on something that I liked.

Cherchez la Gem


To comment or not to comment that is the question?

Jen this post has come at a really good time for me. As a really really new blogger I have found your blog to be a bit of a bible of blogging etiquette(and all things fashion)

You also seem to be a mecca for new bloggers. (5 new bloggers on this post and counting) I like the idea of comments and have so far commented if I feel inspired or think wow lovely post (because sometimes thats all you want to say.) Your lazy girls guide to blogging talks about how blogging relationships are born through comments which I really agree with.

At the moment one comment would be nice (and no that isnt a hint) but I think like the girls above have said one true comment is nicer than 10 ‘great skirts’ (not that you would wear 10 skirts but you know what I mean!)

x x x

Penny Dreadful

I appreciate comments so much so I try to reply to them whenever I can, but like you say – sometimes life gets in the way. It can be difficult enough just finding the time to blog, and I guess I think it is probably more important to comment on other peoples posts that I have enjoyed reading than to reply to everyone who has commented on mine. And of course lots of people don’t revisit, so I always know that when I do reply many people won’t end up reading it.

I’m with the other girls – I HATE it when someone asks you to follow them, it is so impersonal. Or ‘drive-bys’, when it is clear people have just been randomly commenting on any blog they can find. But most people who comment on mine are lovely and make me smile, and I’ve got to know some great people (such as Pearl!).


I have just spent a good time reading this post and all the comments so far, I think you have written this perfectly, because however much we all love blogging, we also all love receiving comments.

I try and comment those who I have known and followed for a while, as I feel we have a mutual interest in each others blogs. But I also comment new blogs that I find interesting and those who go that extra mile and leave me a genuine comment expressing interest in what I have written about.

It’s a tough one sometimes, because it’s impossible to comment on every single bloggers posts. And I think it’s always a bit of a knock back to receive a low amount of comments on a post. But at the end of the day, it’s not always the numbers, I often feel thrilled at a handful of lovely comments, that make me feel inspired and appreciated rather than those typical ‘cliché’ follow me back, repetitive ones.

Great post Jen. Wonderfully written as always xx


Hmm much like actual blogging is quality over quantity for me.
I’d rather have 3 decent comments, referencing what I wrote about, and their own opinions than 50 comments with one line generic comments.

I try and comment on my fav blogs and I think I’m getting there with community ways, it’s nice to have a good response but sometimes seeing how many views a post got rather than comments makes me happy.


p.s I love these issues, how about popularity next? Interesting one.


Nice outfit! Follow me? Ok I know that jokes old now…
I love to get comments and I’m always happy if my posts reach an unexpectedly high number (which is usually less than 30, a low number for some). What I prefer is the quality over quantity so if I write about a random exhibition and post some insight, it might only get a few comments but they really mean a lot as the reader often shares the same interest or is equally inspired. Even though it might be nice to get 60 comments, I’d find it difficult to reply to them all and I’d probably feel slightly overwhelmed. I’m happy to get a manageable amount of comments and over time I’ve learnt to reply with my own useful insights to their post. I would feel bad if I couldn’t reply because I know how much it meant to me when I was a newer blogger when I’d receive them. I’ve just accepted that comments aren’t the be all and end all and it’s not the end of the world if I get a lower number than expected, even though it can hurt at the time. There are so many rewards of blogging and communication on the blog is just a part of it.
And that really is a nice outfit by the way! As a knitwear student, I’m always a fan of a cabled jumper and I love the contrast with the dress.


I do reply to most comments (bar the ‘great outfit, now following, HERE’S MY BLOG LINK’ ones!) but blogger’s commenting system is so infuriating! I think it’ll be much easier when/if they revamp it to enable proper replies

Sophie says...

You look so sweet here.. love the jumper! Also, the tips for a good blog were really useful for me. I’ve started my own blog recently, and you were one of the people I was told to follow. I love your blog, and I would love it if you took a look at mine? I don’t really know anybody on here, so I could do with some friends on here!


I was discussing this the other day. I love giving and recieving worthwhile comments. It makes the blogging world go round. I totally agree with what you’ve said about evaluating a post if the comments were low. I try and respond to everyone but sometimes it’s impossible.


Like most folks, I love receiving comments and read every one. I often reply to a comment someone has left on my blog so that people know I read them and like to respond. Recently though I’ve realised that it’s better to visit the commenter’s blog and respond there as that way they’re more likely to see it.

Due to time contraints I’ve had to reduce the number of blogs I read and comment on recently. It’s just not possible to keep up with all the blogs I like. The odd lazy Sunday in bed catching up with the ones I don’t have the time to read regularly is bliss though.


pip a la chic

I only comment on my favourite blogs and the people that comment on mine are people I have formed some sort of relationship with. I don’t a huge amount of comments, but I try to comment back to those bloggers to show my support. I used to worry about how many commments I got, but it’s been over a year now and I’m happy with the amount of commments I get.

Em x

That jumper looks soooo lovely and snug.
I try to reply to all of the comments i get on my blog but it is hard to find the time to reply to everyone all of the time x

northwest is best

Like a lot of other commentors above me, I try to reply to people who take the time to look at my blog and comment. But the ‘nice outfit, blah blah’ comments I just ignore. But I’ve been lucky enough to make two real world friends via commenting on blogs, which is awesome because I didn’t know many people when I first moved to Manchester.


I try and comment on all the blogs I follow because I do think that’s the only real way to show that you’ve read and appreciated what’s been written. I read really quickly so although I try and write something better than just the generic “great outfit!” it doesn’t take that long per post, unless it’s this type of issue based thing. I follow a LOT of blogs though, so in total it takes up a lot of time and I think perhaps I need to start cutting back a bit.

As for the comments I get on my blog, I will own up to being one of those who aims for a certain number per post. I know I shouldn’t and it’s probably a sign of deep insecurity or something but I’ve got lovely loyal followers who tend to comment on every post and if they don’t, I start panicking a bit that I’m getting dull and boring them. I know I’m an idiot.


I love getting comments but especially those that really engage with my post. The number of comments I receive is manageable and I always post a response on my own blog and visit the commenters blog as well. I’ve really noticed when some ‘big time bloggers’ have taken the time to stop by my blog to say hi when they must have 100s of comments. I love that and aim to aspire to that standard myself. However I don’t comment falsely on things that don’t appeal to me and I always try and add something to a post or discussion.
I get those ‘I follow you, you follow me’ posts and when I visit their blog it’s obvious they have no intention of reading anyones blog. I don’t let them bother me because blogging (reading & writing) is much more than a numbers game to me.

Miss Lucy

Love the jumper by the way.

I love leaving comments but find it quite hard to write a pointless comment unless I really do love somebody’s hair/jumper/shoes. Unless a post instills any real emotion in me then I click through to the next blog because I don’t have the time and energy to write a meaningful comment on a post which I’m not amazed by. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the post.

I think everyone has a number they like to reach. Mine varies so wildly depending on the post and I try and work out what people like to see but honestly, sometimes, I just don’t get why I only got 5 comments on one post and 25 on another when, to me, they should get the same amount. It’s tricky! xx


Firstly, great outfit. I love that jumper. I really need to stock up on cute jumpers for the winter.

In terms of replying to comments, I try my absolute hardest to respond to every single. Sadly, it’s not always possible, and I feel bad about it. If someone has taken the time to visit my blog, I feel it’s only right that I should take the time to visit them back.

I try my hardest not to leave short, general comments such as ‘love the blog’ or ‘Nice outfit’. I usually like to add something more personal and in depth to the comment. And I hope I do this well.

I always get disappointed if I receive a low number of comments in a post. Mine usually average at about 25-30, but when I do get much lower ones, I do feel a bit bad and wonder why.

Vintage Vixen

Great outfit, interesting post and loads of comments, Jen.
I’m continually astounded by the number of comments I get on my blog (not to mention texts, messages on Facebook, emails and letters). I post at least six days a week and I’m sure folk’ll get bored but no, they keep on coming back. I make sure I comment back on every comment I receive. It’s like writing a thank you note after receiving a gift, a challenge but polite. Even those who cute and paste “Great outfit, follow me” or “Enter my giveaway” deserve recognition, after all they must be fairly insecure to try so hard to attract followers.
Ive even been known to get up early to catch up on commenting. Obsessive? Maybe, a little but I’ve weeded out a lot of blogs and now only follow people I’m genuinely interested in and I get a lot of pleasure in reading what my friends are up to.


Oh I need that dress in my life!

With regards to comments – I only ever comment if I have something I genuinely need to say. Sometimes I think people comment on my blog just because I have commented on theirs, and that’s not what I want – I want people to comment because they have something to say, because they like what I have written or because they want to get involved in the discussion. Saying this though, I can thoroughly enjoy a post but not comment on it because I feel like I can’t add anymore to the discussion. But I wonder, do people like comments that simply acknowledge that it was indeed a great read?

Blogger’s commenting system really bothers me. I like it when a blogger responds, but obviously when it comes to posts like this for example, that’s near impossible – you’d be here for about 12 hours! And sometimes, I myself, really want to reply to a comment but I wonder how many people hit the ‘subscribe by email’ link…. I just don’t know if my responses are ever noticed. I’ve often thought that the likes of Livejournal had a far better system but I’m not sure if that would really work with blogger.

Anyways! I do absolutely agree that your blog community is vital in the recipe of a great blog.


I totally understand why you can’t reply to every comment, as you do have hundreds of followers!
But for me, I don’t publish the comments I get until I’ve replied to them.


I try to only post interesting comments, unfortunately I can’t always think of something to say that hasn’t already been said by 30+ people above me, so I don’t get myself out there enough! As for my own blog, I do reply, but with only a teeny number of followers it’s not a struggle – I look forward to that time! : D

claire (jazzpad.)

I really try to repy to all comments, but it ends up being a few days/weeks behind… so little time and so much to do!It’s so admirable what Amy does and I fully agree with sharin’ the love, it’s what the blogging community is all about! I try to visit about 15-20 blogs a day but even so that means having to catch up on posts every time ha! 🙂


Commenting’s definitely important. My own blog is very new, so any comments at all would send me into a frenzy of excitement and I like to think I’d respond in kind to anyone who had something interesting to say.
Before I had my own blog, I never used to comment. I do it now as a way to be part of the blogging community. It lets people know I’m here and reading and hopefully sends some blog traffic my way too (or is that selfish?).
I try not to post ‘love the outfit’ comments too often, although sometimes I really do just love the outfit, but wait until I have something real to say.

Ana - Toil and Trouble

This is a surprisingly complicated topic. In an ideal world, we would all get lots of comments and respond to all of them. I think its inevitable to use comments as a marker of success, but what I find harder than not getting comments in general is having a regular commenter disappear.


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