The Blog Issue – Who Do You Blog For?

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As a prolific reader of blogs, it’s a sentence I see regularly – “I blog for me”. I understand the sentiment behind the statement – writing a blog is a cathartic, enjoyable experience – but can it really be an individual experience when you rely on the interaction of others to make it work? A quick outfit before we dive in…


Vintage skirt, Gap tee, Steve Madden leather jacket, Primark pumps, Zara bag, ASOS necklace and belt (this is my What Katie Wore pose) 

Writing a blog can be very personal. When you’re sitting in front of a screen, bashing out your innermost thoughts and feelings (or even just uploading snapshots of your life), it’s easy to forget that when you click ‘publish’, anyone with an internet connection can share those moments. A blog isn’t like the padlocked diary you hid from your brother aged 14. It’s open to everyone.

You can change the settings on your blog so it is private or accessible by invitation only, but for most, interaction from readers is a big part of blogging. Comment counts, visitor stats and bounce rates are markers of success, but they also reassure us that people are reading our rambles (even if they are a bit wild and untamed). So why completely disregard your readers with those four little words – “I blog for me”?

Writing those words in a post is like telling the people reading it you don’t care about them. You’re doing this for you, and only you. Readers? Who needs ’em. This is a me, myself and I project. Which is absolutely fine, if that’s how you feel. But I think almost every blogger is happy to get a comment on their post. Most of us check our stats, even if it’s just every once in a while. We watch our follower counts like hawks. Our readers are important to us, even if we don’t want to admit it.

I blog for me. But I also blog for you. I write about things I like, but I want you to like them too. And if you don’t, I’ll think twice about featuring them next time.

What do you think? Do you agree that a publicly-available blog should be written with at least some consideration for its readers? Or are blogs completely personal to the writer? Where does your blog fit in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



I enjoy writing mine but it is meant to be informative. There are so many US nail polish bloggers out there. Fewer British ones though.

Also I address (albeit only occasionally) ethical and fair trade issues which I think is important and not mentioned generally as much as I’d like.

So mine is for me and for everyone else. I do like comments though. Followers don’t mean so much as many blogs have numerous followers but don’t appeal to ME so I don’t necessarily regard a huge followership as a guarantee of quality. It may be but it doesn’t always compute.


I think it’s an interesting question. Personally, I blog to kind of having someone to talk to about makeup. My boyfriend glazes over and I don’t see my mum often, and the majority of my mates are blokes. I just like being able to rave about something to anyone who cares to read it, and I like to hear their opinions too so that I can get recommendations/other opinions. Heck, my fella can’t even tell me if he likes a colour if it’s presented to him in the form of nail varnish – if I gave him a paint swatch he’d judge just fine! I think one of the most satisfying things about blogging is interaction with other people interested in your area, especially when the alternative is sending a grown man to sleep talking about blusher 😀


I think that blogging is a 50/50. Sure we blog for ourselves – its great to have a creative outlet but when it really boils down to it we all want our blogs to be well-liked. Who wouldn’t find nice comments and a decent follower amount rewarding? I blog about things I enjoy in the hopes that I may find others who enjoy them as well. I’d love to establish friendships through blogger. So to answer your question. I blog for myself & for my readers. 50/50

Pearl Westwood

You know I never thought of it that way, when I started my blog I was always writing it for other people. I wanted to share my tips and experiences. I guess the ‘me’ bit wanted to document my outfits but as you say I can do that in the privacy of a photo album. For me blogging is all about the interactions. Love the new hair do Jen BTW xx


I definately write my blog for myself. It’s a way to unload the things that’s going on in your mind. A blog is something that will show your true self. The readers are people who want to listen about the things in your life.


When I started my blog I only thought a couple of close friends would read it, but it was very much for them. My best friend lives far away but is fashion obsessed so, rather than send emails with links in about our latest finds and dream buys, I thought the blog would do that job better. I’m delighted that I’ve met other people through it and often ask for feedback on things I’m thinking of buying. I’ve saved myself quite a lot of cash (not to mention embarrassment!) through listening to what readers say about some of the clothes I’m thinking of purchasing. Comments are very gratefully received and a joy to read.


I may have said this before, but I love that skirt! Especially with the leather jacket.

I think it’s going too far to say that publicly-available blogs should be written with consideration for their readers, because readers don’t have to read it. If I stumble cross a blog and aren’t feeling it, I leave, and that’s fine – there are probably other people who are enjoying it, but even if that’s not the case, there’s nothing wrong with someone writing a blog solely for their own entertainment.

The main reason I write is to have a ‘base’, so that I can leave comments on blogs and if they want to see who I am, they can. I don’t want to be another anon., easily dismissed and ignored. I’m me, and when I say something I want the person I was addressing to be able to see who left them that comment about their cardigan, or the book they’re reading. So I suppose my blog exists out of vanity, but also is 100% for my readers/anyone who wants to look at it, too.


I wrote my blog for about five years, and for about the first year no-one read it at all – I didn’t care though! Later I started to get comments, and eventually developed a very healthy readership. I felt that my writing became very much tailored towards what they wanted. (It was entirely text based and anonymous, so there were no images to keep people engaged if the words weren’t working.) I stopped writing a year ago when I began to get paranoid that I’d get discovered by someone at work or one of the students I teach, and while the blog still exists with no invited readers, I no longer write. After having an audience, I don’t like the idea of shouting into the void any more.


I started my blog as a personal skincare diary, but it grew. i like the interaction because I ask questions, like what foundation should I buy for my skin type. It’s great to get advice. I also share my findings so its a sort of ‘you scratch my back’ situation. I love writing though and I hope people enjoy reading it! x


Another great post! Thought provoking 😉 I say I blog about what I like to write about but I blog for others who have similar ideas. Recently, I wrote about not attending prom. I wanted to write it to reach that one person who felt like they HAD to go but didn’t want to. I wanted to let them know they didn’t and I don’t regret not attending. It is a great way to connect with people and I definitely try to with my blog by sharing my thoughts/opinions.


Its a balance, isn’t it. Like you say, of course I think about my readers when I blog, and if stuff gets a really good response, I’ll do more of it, but you can also take it far. Once you start writing for the readers you start second geussing what people want, and what people want is so varied. Some people really like long introspective ranbles about the bloggers’ lives, others just want pretty pictures and as little writing as possible. Trying to choose between the two is impossible, because they’re just two completely different audiences. So ultimately, it makes sense to blog about what one likes, for oneself, and let the readership develop accordingly. I always think of my ideal reader as basically me, I write what i would want to read.


I haven’t got to the stage (being a week in) where I’m considering what people I want to read, I’m rambling to anyone who’s interested at the moment!


Llara is the Little Scribbler

Hmm – I started it as somewhere to flex my pen shaped muscle and develop my writing. I never expected followers and when they started to appear and, along with them, comments, it was super exciting. It’s nice to know that people might actually be interested in either what I’m saying or showing. It’s also lovely when someone take the time to say I’ve tickled them or they like what I’m doing. Who knows, maybe it opens up a future. If so, it’s part me, a LOT the reader.


I started my blog for a number of reasons and I think I was lucky in that I knew when I started it that a few of the MSE fashion gang would read it, so it was always aimed at hopefully interesting the reader, whoever they may be. I have a diary to write things that are just for my eyes only – I wouldn’t put them online.

I absolutely love my comments. They mean much more to me than stats – I’d rather 30 people read a post and left lovely, thoughtful comments than 300 people read it and didn’t bother to interact with it.

I do bear readers in mind when it comes to things like post content. If they react really well to a particular post then I’ll try and write or feature similar stuff. I don’t want to bore them with stuff that may interest me, but probably won’t interest them. For example I absolutely love going to watch three day eventing but I know that’s quite a niche interest, so I’ll maybe do one post a year with photos from it, not a post every time I go to watch something. Ditto football – I don’t really see my blog as the place to let rip with my thoughts and frustrations about being a Liverpool fan! I know that people don’t have to read every post (as as a reader of lots and lots of blogs, I pretty much make a habit of skipping beauty posts because they just don’t interest me) but I want to try and keep the balance right.


I think that for a blog to be interesting to others it would have to be about something that others want to read about. Your life would have to be pretty special for randomers to want to read about it.
I write my blog hoping that others will read it and interact with me. I see my blog as a place to express my ideas with other like minded people.
I love your blog posts about things other than fashion. You write such compelling stuff! 🙂


Please may I?

I think you can both blog for you and for others. Of course you want others to read it and to comment, (As we all know some people can’t always be bothered to comment either way.) But you also have to except that others aren’t always going to agree with your ideas or ethos. That in it self makes it both interesting and challenging.

If you do always bow down to peer pressure and only blog about what others want to read then where is the “you” in our blog?

And surely the main reason you began to blog was for you?

A blog always needs to have character or do increasing your followers outweigh your own thoughts and feeling?

An interesting post my dear.

northwest is best

Interesting thoughts, Jen! I started blogging for others really, because my mother likes to see what I’m wearing. I’ve continued because I enjoy it, plus I’ve started teaching craft workshops, so it’s a good way for people thinking of coming along to a workshop to get an idea of my craft skills.


To be fair, with my blog, I can’t really say I blog for me, because it’s about giving advice and hair news to others, I enjoy what I write and enjoy researching about the subjects I cover, but I love getting feedback that I’ve helped someone, or someone has liked something I’ve written.
I might not have a million followers but I’d love to think the ones I do have go to my blog for advice if needed.

I think anyone that says “I blog for me” does to a certain extent, but we are putting our thoughts, feelings and topics out in the public because I think we want either someone to agree, disagree or read what we think/do/wear/eat etc.

p.s Love the girly skirt with the leather jacket, and that necklace is a spiky beaut.


As much as I can do I blog for myself – & for a large part of it, I do – I also want to engage an audience. Mostly because I want to meet likeminded people with the same interests & I want to spread the things I’m interested in & potentially bring something new to somebodies life. When I read other blogs, I like to be engaged & feel like I could have a conversation rather than just being preached to. & I love trying out new things that I never would have thought of because a blogger posted about it.

Miss Acquisative

Having just started a blog as a ‘creative outlet’ for myself, I didn’t care who read it but now, I am now struggling with the idea of ‘putting myself out there’ Sometimes it feels so self indulgent and narcissistic even because people do see it and are open to make judgement. I guess this is something I have to come to terms with if I want to carry on. Still not worked my way up to an outfit post – this seems a little too much right now.


Another great blog issue piece Jen! I blog about the things that interest me first and foremost – even if they’re ridiculous – and having people pop in and visit is the cherry on top! I LOVE sharing cute stories and pretty pictures with my readers but the content is driven by my personal passions. If I had to over think it, blogging would probably start to feel like a chore. Being yourself is the best bet in the long run, even if it means a smaller readership. x


really interesting. i started mine as a way of storing images but i found blogs i really enjoyed and still read them 3 years down the line. so you could say i did blog for me but if theres no interaction aren’t you left wanting more? the blogs are love are informative and ask questions/make you think. as well as nice design blogs ect. you followers just show you’re doing something right. well done!

Lulu B

Love the outfit and the new doo! Great topic, totally agree, I get fed-up of following blogs that say this. I dont blog for me, I blog to share and join a community where I feel I can benefit and so can other like minded ladies xx :o)

pip a la chic

I started my blog because I couldn’t work in my field of work (fashion) because of a interstate move. SO my blog kept my creativity up.
Comment counts and visitor stats who really checks these? I surely don’t because I don’t know how to 🙂


Wow, this one really has me thinking… I may have to reply in the form of a post of my own. I fell into blogging in a way and it evolved naturally so I have never really questioned why…
I always enjoy your blog Jen, so I’ve tagged you with a Sunshine Award
Hope you have a fab easter break :O)

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen)

To write a public blog where you hope to have a large audience, you have to write for your readers. However it’s important to make your content authentic, true to yourself. So you may be writing for others, but you are writing as yourself, always.

Awesome, thought-provoking post. I think it’s hard for some bloggers to maintain that balance between blogging for themselves, and blogging for their audience.


Really great post hun 🙂
Love reading things like this. Okay- so… I have been one of those people who say ‘I blog for me’ and even though I do, things still come into play. I have only asked my followers once, what they’d like to see, and when they said something I wasn’t going to do- I haven’t done it just for them. However, I do obv like people to read my blog & I adore having comments to read.
I blog about what I want, my rambles, my outfits, however having the support of readers is a great thing xx


I totally love this post, the blog world can get a bit “needy” and at times it consumes you (me). I love to blog for myself but also for others. Ultimately all public bloggers do like to be notice and at times even look for the approval of their readers. In all honestly who doesn’t like to receive nice complements/comments about themselves?
oh by the way, I like your outfit too (especially your skirt) 🙂


My blog started after I graduated and all my friend went their separate ways. All they asked about were my new purchases! Instead of raiding my wardrobe, they could keep up via my blog photos. I also post things to style them in lieu of shopping together. They don’t even offically “follow”!

I feel kind of uncomfortable with the idea of trying to get people to follow me & I don’t really make an effort. It’s an odd dichotomy- I really appreciate people’s comments but I also feel embarrassed..? Just me then? *red face* 🙁

Kim xx


I enjoyed reading this, and i agree 100%…if you only blogged for us, then we wouldnt have Subscribe boxes, links to twitter, facebook, and everything else to try and get our blogs out there. Now i can admit that I want to share as much as possible which is why i link my stuff everywhere,, but a part of me does it because I can be myself on my blog. my friends barely know that i blog! but I love to dive into bloglovin and see what other girls like me are wearing and thinking.


Just been doing a wee bit of blog catch up Jen, and I totally forgot I had a wee tab saved to read this from when you posted it! All I have to say is thank you, your honest words always give me faith and make me feel a little bit more human because I feel like I can really relate. Especially to your blog issue series. Love you long time missy! x


I wrote something similar recently… I started my blog for me, thats definitely true but I keep blogging because of the connections I’ve made with people – in some ways thats still for me as I want to keep those connections with people as well as share my photos and get better at taking them and in ways its for my readers as I want them to connect with me and to like my photos.

The Women Lifestyle

That was obviously right. I started a blog for myself. I write because I love to write. Not to amuse people out there. When people love what I write that becomes a bonus. Way to go !


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