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Topshop high waisted jeans, Primark mac and pumps, Miss Guided long sleeved tee, Zara leather handbag, Zara Taylor necklace, Me & Zena ring

Oh, Topshop high waisted jeans, how I love thee. Bought on a whim after a long and tiring day in London (comfort shopping), I thought they’d be straight back in the bag for a return trip and a refund. Maybe I’d buy a cardigan instead, or a pair of comfortably familiar flats.

I was pleasantly surprised when I slipped them on. Not only do they fit like a dream, but they’re as comfortable as pyjamas and fantastically flattering to boot. The £40 price tag may be a little steep, but jeans are my sartorial Achilles’ heel. I have rather long legs so prefer to spend a few extra pennies (well, pounds…) to clothe them in their entirety.

I’m adding these denim delights to the dusky grey blazer and chestnut faux fur coat I picked up at the charity shop this weekend (both considerably cheaper than the jeans!). Have you made any purchases recently? Tell me what’s in your shopping bag(s) today…



Aaw wow I bought those on Friday too! They are brilliant! I was so chuffed when the smaller size I picked up fitted like a dream! Jeans never every fit me properly so I have to try on about 3 pairs to find one that vaguely fits. They are so stretchy and soft! Will definitely be living in them this winter. 🙂


Love this outfit – those jeans look great on you.
I picked up a bargain dress today from the M&S childrens section for only £7 (being 5’1 occasionally has its fashion advantages!) x


You look FABULOUS! I wish I had long legs. And that I could wear high waisted jeans without looking like a pudding. Alas I cannot. You can, minx x

Elizabeth @rosalilium

Ooooh, you look great – the classics never fail, eh? I have to ask, do you have ‘a bum’ if you know what I mean? I have never been able to wear TopShop jeans as they seem to be made to straight-up-and-downers and I have a bit of rear! They look great on you!


i have been looking at the highwaisted jeans on the topshop website for ages.. as im sick of the ol muffin top making an appearance with my jeans!!
wasnt sure if they would be comfy ..kind of imagined a denim panty girdle.. but now im thinking maybe i should have a try of them!!
lovely look .. i have the same mac and likeing them together very classy!


The jeans do look lovely! I was having a conversation with people at work today on how to get into too tight jeans (the lunging approach vs the lie on your bed and wiggle!) and cringing – comfy jeans are much better!


You can’t beat a stripe t and jeans combo. Looks fab. I live in my stripe T from Very but my most recent purchase (which looks great with said T) is a white porceline key pendant from nonesuchthings. Gorgeous!


The jeans definitely look like they fit great. I’m definitely due some comfort shopping!

Also, love the coat: definitely a classic.


i like the look of these jeans but i can never get them to fit me too well, i have been searching for high waist forever! grrr!


I would love a pair of high-waisted jeans! They definately look really comfortable, I’ll have to start hunting 🙂
I’ve bought too much recently its ridiculous but I’ve bought a lot of knitted jumper dresses, which I guess are necessary for our cold weather? 😉


Lurve that outfit! My favourite outfit is very similar, theres just something about breton stripe with a beige trench, love it!


I love the simple clean finish of this outfit. My trench has come out to play lately, just enough to keep warm.

I bought a gorgeous berry tunic the other day, bit of lace on it and steering away from jeans & leggings with thick tights.


Vintage Vixen

Oh goodness you’ve just reminded me of a pair of those I bought last year in a sample sale, they are so cosy and practical when the weather turns chilly, must dig them out. xxx


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