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Urban Outfitters dress, H&M tee, Jonak boots c/o Sarenza, vintage satchel, Primark belt, brooch c/o Stolen Thunder

Way back in October 2009, I stumbled across a blog called What I Wore and read it virtual cover to virtual cover. I had no idea there were people like me, who documented their daily outfits online. At that point I was simply describing my clothing in internet forums (which is not quite as dirty as it sounds). And before the forums, I’d been writing down my daily outfits for years. On making such a life-changing (literally) discovery, I set up a blog immediately and within hours I had photographed my first outfit and posted it online.

The first year of my blog is almost purely outfit posting. I took lots of photos – long shots, close ups, detail snaps – and wrote short, one paragraph posts about what I was wearing and why I was wearing it. Those early posts are simple and straightforward and quite different to what I write about today.

I love tackling the more serious side of blogging in The Blog Issue, and writing about fashion from a different angle in posts like Feminism and the Fashion Blogger. But I started my blog to document what I wore, and as frivolous and materialistic as they are, I really want to get back into those classic Daily Outfit Posts.

The best way to get blogging inspiration is to read other blogs, so I went back to the ones that hooked me in right at the beginning – What I Wore, The Glamourai, Magpie Girl and Gem Fatale. Daily outfit bloggers doing a beautiful job of looking fabulous on a regular basis. I read right back to the beginning, to their first posts, and suddenly felt excited to get out there with my tripod and record this outfit – The One with the Gold Tipped Ankle Boots.

I love blogs for their varied content, but sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics, look at a photo of a nice dress and say ‘she looks good’. And Daily Outfit Posts are perfect for that.

What kind of content do you like to read on blogs? And where do you get inspiration for your own posts?


A Thrifty Mrs

That bag, that bag, that bag. Set up a blog dedicated to that and you’re on to a winner. I luffs it.

Like you, I love to spend time consumed in the blogs that first inspired me to start my current blog. It reminds me why I started to blog in the first place, I like the way they can rekindle how I felt when I first set up my blog. Doing that can put the fire back in my belly when I’m having a bad blog day.

I like to read a real mixture, outfits, crafts, interiors, musings, rants and thoughts on blogging. I prefer blogs about varuous elements of their life rather than straight home posts or outfit posts. But that is just my preference. I save those ‘specialist’ blogs for days that I’m feeling a certain way and only home posts or only outfit posts or only rants will do. The rest of the time I prefer a mixed bag.


Those boots are fab! I tend to have a mix of posts but my outfit posts are very simple, maybe I need to branch out more!

Maria xxx


those accessorise are so genius! and i love the dress. and the stripes. i love it all!!

Outfit posts are almost all of my blog. but if i ever accidentally mention my blog to a friend and they ask about it, i can never bring myself to tell them the URL as I just think they will judge me so much for taking such vain photos. i think, if you don’t read blogs, you don’t understand the concept of it. i feel almost ashamed of it. i’ll try to get blog proud because i truly do find other people’s outfit posts one of the most inspiring things. and i will look forward to yours!

Annah xx


I am lusting aftert this entire outfit Jen, amazing boots and satchel – yum.

I never really thought about my outfits before I discovered blogs, although at Uni people seemed to think I dressed really daringly (I remember one time I was wearing a black mini skirt, grey tights and brown Uggs and someone said this – why didn’t they just say I looked AWFUL?) and I’ve always been interested in fashion. It was when I started reading blogs and got into Tumblr and then Lookbook that I really started to be fascinated by fashion. I’ve already said it, but finding your blog has been a huge inspiration to me, and readings yours (and the hundreds of others I try and keep track of) has made me love my wardobe again and I’m so excited to choose what I wear in the morning! 🙂 x


I love your outfit and I love this post! It’s quite easy to get swept away by blogging and forget the simple fun that first made you love it, thanks for reminding me!


I like to read about anything and everything, providing that the post is interesting, well written and that I get some sense of who the person behind the blog is. I don’t particularly like it when daily bloggers just post pics and barely write anything cos I feel that they can lose that sense of wanting to interact with their readers. Having said that, I know how hard it is to write something interesting for every outfit post so people who manage daily posts and do it well get huge admiration from me.

ps – that bag is amazingly cute but can you actually fit anything in it? I can’t cope with such small bags during the daytime.


Yes, What I Wore and Gem Fatale got me hooked on style blogs too. Whilst I’m not brave enough yet to step in front of the camera myself, I admire people who do it day after day, and they form the majority of my blogroll.
I like your mix of posts, it’s what keeps me coming back. Not all style bloggers can say that they add more detailed posts, can they?


I am completely totally & utterly in love with your brooch!
I do like occasional ‘what i wore posts’ but I don’t read blogs that are just that as I prefer blogs that give a more rounded impression of an actual person rather than just what they look like.


Lovely outfit! The boots are especially amazing.

I like blogs with outfit posts, but I also read a few blogs where people post a lot of pictures of what they ate, and a few more that post primarily about social/feminist issues. I blog about a variety of these things.


I love daily outfit posts. I actually get really inspired by them (I never fully copy). And it’s great to see how different people wear similar styles.
I also love reading more serious posts, especially your Blog Issue (I rarely comment, as I always have sooo much to say about each issue). Reading the comments there is really interesting as well.

Love this outfit as well. The dress is so pretty.


Love this layering combination and I bet you’re glad you documented it. I think daily outfits are such a good idea as I find that each outfit influences the next and it must be so useful to have a record to look back on. I read blogs that purely post theses sorts of things but I prefer mine to be a bit of a mixture.


That pin is adorable. I like to read all kinds of blogs: fashion, decorating, cooking, lifestyle, art, humor, etc… I don’t know how you fashion bloggers do it, though. I did daily photos for awhile while I was doing a shop-my-closet for a month project and it was such a pain-in-the-butt (LOL)! But I do really enjoy looking at how others put themselves together.


What kind of content do I like to read and where do I get inspiration? Timely questions for me as this is something I’ve been thinking of a lot lately – I got into blogging through hearing about ‘mummy bloggers’ and thinking “I could do that”… but the more I’ve got into it, my blog has become a bit more diverse and more creative than I expected. There are some ‘mummy blogs’ that I love, but I’ve been trying to expand my creativity and inspiration by reading a greater variety of blogs. I recently stumbled across yours and you’ve led me to a whole new genre of blogs! I love looking at all these pretty and inspiring things, I love great photography… I don’t think I could do outfits myself as some days I look fab and interesting but most days I look pretty normal. I hope you’ll be pleased to know that your blog is one of the things that’s motivated me to be a bit more *myself* and keep finding ways of being authentic (if that makes any sense.) 🙂

Miss Raj

I think the key to good blog is variety in content. As much as it can be lovely to look at pictures of what people are wearing, it could probably get a little repetitive if that’s ALL it was. You always make interesting comments and points, sometimes talking about your work, sometimes furnishing your new home, sometimes outfit… you just go with it, you write freely and that’s what makes your blog so wonderful to read. A good mix is key, and inspiration should probably be the thing you are passionate for in life. X


Was just looking at your blog pics and was going to comment on how nice this outfit was..didn’t even realise they were from us. As per usual, you’ve chosen a gem. Having had to study it a bit for work, I would say that a blog has to have a mix of personal experience (but not be completely self involved in content)

Daily outfit posts are great, but you’re recent blog on feminism was also really cool and an example that if written correctly, a fashion blog can also be political/cultural.




My discovery of daily outfit posts/fashion blogs was fairly recent, and my fascination has definitely snowballed. I find new favorites nearly every week, mostly thanks to recommendations posted on blogs I follow. I know fashion tends to be considered superficial, but I find it just as beautiful and interesting as any other creative art form. And perhaps it’s just the blogs I tend to stumble upon, but the women of fashion blogs are definitely not superficial and fake. They are creative, confident, and down right supportive and caring.


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