The Day I Met Dita

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It’s not every day I get to say “oh, hello Dita Von Teese”…


Last Thursday, however, was a little different. I was invited to an evening at the Cointreau Privé pop-up lounge, hosted by the lady herself.

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After walking up and down Piccadilly numerous times and seeking the assistance of no less than three supposed southerners who had no idea, I finally located the venue, tucked away beneath the bustle of the city. The lounge is a sumptuous affair, draped in red velvet with some lovely art deco touches and just the right number of glittering chandeliers.


Dita is the face of Cointreau Privé and launched the lounge earlier in the week with an exclusive performance. I love the pure glamour of her performances – that nipped in waist, the 40s waves, a perfect pout and endless sparkles. Her stage costume was just stunning.

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We learnt how to make the signature cocktail – the Cointreau Citrus and Spice. I love mixing my own cocktails and this one was delicious, if a little strong (which is not necessarily a bad thing). Here’s how to make it yourself:

37.5ml Cointreau
25ml fresh orange juice (and not Tesco’s own, the barman warned us)
1 fresh ginger slice
10ml fresh lemon juice

Slice the ginger and place in a cocktail shaker. Add all other ingredients, shake well (watch the lid!) and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange peel and enjoy (responsibly)!

I’m wearing: Zara dress, grey leopard print flats c/o Sarenza (not shown), Mango necklace, Topshop ring, Michael Kors watch. Dita’s wearing: D&G and Louboutins (not shown)

After cocktail making, we each had our photo taken with Dita and got a few minutes to chat to her. As you can see from the photo (hello arms!), I was ridiculously awkward. What do you do when Dita Von Teese puts her arm around you? Stand stock still and give your best ‘yes-I-am-crazy’ smile, apparently. I pulled myself together for our chat though, and asked Dita about her outfit (naturally). Her amazing black ruffle shoes were made by Christian Louboutin, who created the specific heel design just for her. Oh, to be a celebrity!

It was an unforgettable evening and a great introduction to the Cointreau brand – Dita is a perfect fit for the sultry style of the liquor and she was extremely knowledgeable about it too. I’ll be making the cocktail at home and visiting the Cointreau Privé pop-up lounge next time I’m in London – if you’d like to go along, the lounge is open until 17th December at 215 Piccadilly, London. To book for the guestlist just visit the website.



Oh gosh! Dita is a true icon of mine, I really do adore everything about her. You were so lucky to meet her, you both look so gorgeous. And the fact you both chose to wear lace for the occasion sure doe’s cement the fact you’ve both got impeccable style xxx


Wow! You look so excited in the pic, I would have been too – she’s fabulous! Gotta love a bit of Cointreau in your Cosmo!


Ahhh I love your title, I really struggled with mine! I need some of that copyrighting know-how to rub off on me! It was such a fun evening, my Mum may be stealing my band for a birthday treat! In my pic I feel so far away from Deets, really should have got in there! Hopefully will see you down here soon!


Aww wow it must of been amazing to meet her 🙂 She looks fabulous as always as do you! The cocktail making sounds really fun too! x


EEEP! I would have literally been a dribbling wreck, I love Dita von Teese! You both look gorgeous in your lace dresses 🙂

Maria xxx


Oh wow! She always seems like such a lovely lady in interviews and the like, can’t believe you got to meet her! Amazing! x


Jen, I must know. Will the world end if you use orange juice out of a carton, or is the barman just being a drinks snob? Life is too short to squeeze oranges.

Sounds like a wonderful event – lucky you!


Oh wow. She is so pretty and flawless- and she does her own makeup a lot of the time. I wish I could steal her flawless skin!! I would have loved to have been at this event. 🙂 Lucky you xx


Had the pleasure of meeting Dita a few years ago. A lovely lady and just as flawlss and beautiful in real life.



Jen!! How lucky!!
Dita is a total babe, and I would have totally clammed up meeting her.
I love cointreau and red bull (skittlebomb) yum!

claire (jazzpad.)

This post has inadvertently caused my housemate to splutter half of her tea out in amusement, not at you or even this post, but my reaction. Saw Dita (who is PERFECTION and I am SO jealous you got to meet her) and I drew a sharp intake of breath, sighed and said, “Ohhh… Dita…”

She’s a goddess.

♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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