The Eternal Debate

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It’s something I’ve been asking myself for many years. An existential question, with an answer that could change the face of my wardrobe forever…

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Spots or stripes?

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Skirt, Topshop | Sweater, French Connection | Belt, Target | Brogues, c/o Zalando | Necklace, ASOS | Satchel, Zatchels

Luckily, they look good together so I don’t have to choose just yet. Phew! This lightweight striped jumper from the French Connection sale has fast become a ‘summer’ staple of mine, and the Topshop polka dot skirt is fun and flippy, despite being slightly too short and a real hazard in windy weather. Finished off with a pair of brown brogues, it’s another outfit I attribute to my current Zooey Deschanel obsession.

What do you think – spots or stripes?

PS – Just realised you can’t actually tell that my skirt has a polka dot print. It does, I promise.


Avenue 57

That’s like asking to choose between your children .. it can’t be done and shouldn’t – the love of both individually and together is all that matters!



Such a hard decision to make, I’m glad you can work the two together to make such a cute outfit! I MIT admit though, stripes make more frequent appearances in my wardrobe… Xo

Blue Belle

Glad you pointed that out about the spots, I was staring madly at the skirt wondering if I’d missed the point somewhere 😉
For me, it has to be stripes, no questions asked!


Love this outfit, I need to stock up on striped tops for autumn as they go with pretty much anything. I have to say I usually prefer spots but I’m starting to have far too many polka dot items in my wardrobe. x


I love that skirt, I remember trying it on in store, I love how flippy it is too! I’m definitely more of a spots kinda girl.

Fleur De Lis

Having quite severe curves, I generally have to be careful with stripes (as a misplaced stripe can add pounds)so I’m a spot girl. I’m actually rather obsessed with polka dots however I do team them with striped doll hats. I say why choose when you can have both!

You look darling by the way. I too love the kitsch look that Jess rocks.

Peacock's Hat

I have a great love for both but I must say I do think stripes win; spots can sometimes look a little bit cutesy for me, whereas I find stripes can be girly or boyish, depending on how you dress them. Whenever I am having a what-the-hell-do-I-wear day, I almost inevitably end up in stripes.
Gorgeous outfit by the way!


Yes stripes just pips it for me too, they seem slightly more timeless and less trend led than spots. The big question Jen is leg maintenance…it’s clear you have lovely legs but any chance of a post on leg maintenance? How do you keep your limbs so luscious?


Aw, thanks PlumJam! Leg maintenance… not sure I do anything special enough to warrant a whole post! I use Garnier Summer Body gradual tan to give them a bit of colour, exfoliate with Fat Girl Scrub once a week and do lots of swimming which I guess has toned them up a lot. Hope that helps! 🙂


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