The Fashion Diet – part 1

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Primark dress, Primark shirt, H&M tights, Primark pumps, Primark bangles, handmade corsage, thrifted belt
This outfit is so perfect for today’s subject matter. Almost entirely Primark, bringing my Primark obsession into sharp relief.
Last night, the Mr and I decided to get serious on the saving front. We’ve been living in rented accommodation since our uni days and all those years of magnolia walls, pine laminated floors and electric hobs have taken their toll. We want our own house. With vintage papered walls, stripped wood flooring and a gas hob! Dreamy!
Buying a house is no laughing matter – there are a lot of serious faces, drab suits and documents written in Times New Roman to contend with. And then there’s the matter of money. I hate talking about money. Mainly because I’ve never saved a penny in my life and fritter away my cash on pretty dresses, gorgeous bags and new shoes. I have a hideous Primark habit that MUST be addressed immediately. So I’m taking drastic action…
I’m starting my Fashion Diet. My wardrobe is morbidly obese as it is, so it’s time to stop feeding and slim down. Just typing the words makes my heart race at the thought of all the things I’ll miss out on! But it must be done. I want to live in a great big house with my Mr and a dog (or two), paid for by us and decorated our way.
For the next two months (February and March), I’m not going to buy a single piece of fashion. Bags are banned. Shoes lose. Dresses are dumped. And to help me along the way, I’ll be selling off a few things from my big fat wardrobe on this blog. All proceeds will go to the House Fund. And I’ll keep you updated once a week with a post dedicated to the Fashion Diet and how it’s going.
So what do you think? Are you interested in my challenge? Can I do it?



Super cute outfit! Good luck, I tried a shopping ban and failed. I’m doing well at sticking to a fixed spending amount though.

You can always do clothing swaps to help curb your urges :o)

Tabitha Sheridan

Good luck, youll definately do it, if you find it too difficult, why not allow say, £5 a week for something nice for yourself, whether its a face mask, an eyeshadow, just something to perk you up? xx


I love this dress- I have it ๐Ÿ™‚
& the denium shirt too!
Good luck on ur saving front, I really need to start doing some myself
Steph x

Vintage Vixen

You can do it! Just get a stack of Elle Decoration, Living Etc and the Laura Ashley catalogue – cut out the bits that inspire you and pin to a noticeboard. Every time you get the urge to hit the shops take a look at the board and I promise you, the urge to fritter your money away will soon melt away.
Fabulous outfit, by the way – you so suit the pretty pastel shade of that dress.


Yay for another challenge… I know you can do it Jen. You are one determined and focused lady.

I love that handmade corsage… I saw a similar one in white and black at H&M but I can’t think of ways how to wear it. You gave me an idea. Thanks for the inspiration. xoxo


You can do it!! Think of the house you’ll have, the memories you’ll create and how lovely it will all look. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lovely outfit, I wore my Primark denim shirt today!! Strange!

x x

Cafe Fashionista

You and your challenges never cease to amaze me, Jen! I am loving the idea of a Fashion Diet – I only wish I had the strength to complete this challenge myself! I truly think you can do it, Jen! ๐Ÿ™‚


Aw Good luck with the ban! I wont set foot in Primark for personal ethical reasons- I think I have mentioned them before to you. That’s an easy way not to get tempted though! ๐Ÿ™‚

Also just stay away from shops! Sounds easy.. ! If you see, you’ll want… or try making your own.. try getting a new hobby- like knitting. I bet you could knit a scarf in two months!

Try ‘shop your wardrobe’ recycle, swap with friends.. can be very much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ GOOD LUCK!! Emma x


Although I’ve always lived in rented accomodation (the current one with faded wallpapers and wooden floors…) and are quite happy with it I’m sure YOU CAN DO IT! There’s nothing like realizing a dream!

E is for Eleanor

this is a brilliant idea! i too, should be doing something like this. i want a house of my own so badly. But i’m sure i will be tempted by some of your bits on offer! ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m sure you can do it ๐Ÿ™‚ and just remember it will be more than worthwhile when you get your perfect home!

& a break from fashion just means an even bigger and better return.
Plus all the amazing outfits you will put together without adding new additions, you might just discover something you have overlooked/never thought about wearing before!

See 3 good reasons why this will be great ๐Ÿ™‚

Pink Flower

Good luck – I know what you mean about the saving front, me and the guy are trying to do the same to let us get settled and our first place together [we’re slightly behind you and will be saving to be able to rent together] and to save for my shop – if and when that ever happens. But I have to agree with some of the others that you should have a little money box for the odd treat – with all the saving you deserve it.


Good lord… you are brave!

I’ll be setting myself a similar challenge in the run up to Easter when I start renting my own place (I’ve never listened when landlords say ‘don’t decorate’. I do it anyway… oops!). I feel extremely anxious about the dearth of new clothes that will come with this new grown upness.

But your own space is so important – it’s so cool that you and the Mr are going hardcore to get somewhere you love. Your clothes are all gorgeous, and I know you’ll be ace at re-styling items with loads of variety. Can’t wait to see the results! Best of luck. xx

pip a la chic

You can do it! I’ve had to make the sacrafice. This year will be the fifth year we have been in our own home and it feels good. And like you I had to stop my really bad shopping habit, and especially now we want to get married too. But I’ve resorted to eBay and thrift shopping and every now and then I have a little sneak and buy myself something special. Hoenstly in the end it will be worth it. Good luck! x


There is nothing more amazing than spending your first night in a house you (or the bank) own!

Like Vix says – start a house scrapbook, even if it’s a fabric swatch or a picture from a mag, it will help focus you.

I agree with Tabitha about going cold turkey – why not have £5 budget per week and only spend it on ebay/chazza/carboots etc? That’s a real challenge too!

Lovin’ the nude shades again and hurrah for denim. I retrieved my denim jacket from retirement today. It’s at least 12 years old as I remember wearing it when I was pregnant with DS1!



I showed my Mr all your comments about allowing myself a £5 a week budget and he said ‘well fine, if you’re not gonna do it properly…’ I’ve been provoked! Cold turkey it is! ๐Ÿ™‚


good luck with it! i did this for a month last year because i was very poor and i kind of felt good at the end of it. infact, now, when i walk in primark i never even buy anything because i realise i need quality clothes over quantity.


Your challenge sounds like one thats really worthwhile jen ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you can do it! My shopping addiction was so bad, I managed to cut the crap and save £1400 in the space of 4 months by not going shopping at lunchtimes or at the weekend or online. What the HELL was I spending it on before?! ๐Ÿ™ So yeah, Ive not always been a saver either. But think how good youll feel when you and your mr have your own paid for place ๐Ÿ™‚ yay! go you! go ebay selling and blog sale crazy. The pennies will be rolling in before you know it xx

Em x

Lovley!!! I really need to start saving, i know i won’t stick to a total ban so i’m going to cut down from Feb onwards x

anna jane

besides your beautiful outfit, this post is seriously inspiring because my partner and i also really want our own pad once uni is over! Rented houses suck ๐Ÿ™ all the best with the wardrobe diet, i am so going to consider doing this. Or at least start putting money aside for a deposit! Xxx


jen, fashion diet sounds pretty tough!! 2 months without a single purchase!…but i think you can do it..its all going to pay off once you see your beautiful house!
good luck!! ๐Ÿ˜€



It’s not gonna be easy but think of your dream house and I think you will get through! We will definitely support you along the way:)

With that said, I love today’s outfit! A little bit of pink and grunge together, yum!



wow, a fashion diet..that’s gonna be hard but YOU CAN DO IT. if you see an item you want, just picture your house…and your wallpaper..and how lovely it would be to live in it…

i’m saving up too…so i limit shopping to only once a month..or when i get extra money from bonuses…but that’s that. better start young right?hehe.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse

Good luck on your fashion diet! I’ve actually been weeding out my closet regularly lately and I intend to sell off some more pieces soon too. I’m trying to only keep around things I really wear…


i was actually thinking of the same thing! really need to do a fashion diet. will try to organize my things in the next few weeks. my closet is bursting already!

♥ joei


Sounds like a fab challenge! Buying your first house is so worth it though trust me. When me and the Mr were saving for our deposit we made a load of sacrifices(minimal nights out, moving in with his parents, a lot less clothes shopping etc…) but months later, when you can sit in your own lounge, having a cup of tea and look around and think ‘I own this’ its all worth it! x


Good luck to you. I’m not on a complete fashion diet, but I am on a tight budget. It can be done. And I know you’re creative, so try to just enjoy coming up with new ideas for what you have. Can’t wait to see how it turns out for you!


Wow, good luck with your challenge. I don’t think I could do the no buying thing, but I *do* need to trim down my wardrobe.

Is your dress current primark stock? I’m in love.


Im sure you can do your challenge Jen! You are so good at mixing up your clothes to make so many different looks! It will be tough though!
I will be looking out for the sale ….

It will all be worth it though, that feeling of waking up in your own home for the first time is the best!


Hey lovely girl,

You’ll be fine, it looks like you have a great array of clothes to mix and match and create new outfits from. I know you can do it!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

FASHION DIET?! Hehe. That struck me as funny. But also a really good idea. I think we’re so obsessed with consummerism, so it’s a good idea to step away from it all.

You look amazing – I love that giant flower detail. Perfect finish!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Audrey Allure

such a beautiful dress. i’m sure you can do the challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ i certainly can’t haha. i’m such a rat pack & i’m so reluctant in giving things up. but i have recently gave two big boxes of clothing to a local charity here.

un petit lapin

Haha, I loved the bit about documents written in TNR. Eee, I can’t wait to get my own house! Decorating it would be a dream come true. Good luck with not buying anything for 2 months! I think it’s harder when you consciously try not to buy things.


I believe in you! You’ll be fine and buying a house will be really exciting. I’m so excited to buy a house one day (but not until my bf is done university)! My advice is to just not go anywhere near the shops (that’s what I did when I was on a fashion diet a few months ago)!


OOO, good luck! I’ve gone on this ban before (out of necessities sake of course, tuition wasn’t going to pay itself), but its doable! Your own house is so exciting, its worth the shopping ban for a while. I love your dress, I wish we had Primark in Canada!


I’m sure you can do it !! When you know what you’re doing it for, it’s always more motivating!! =)
Good luck, keep us updated!


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