The Gossip Girl Style Challenge – Blair take two

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H&M dress, Accessorize tights, thrifted blouse, Primark trench, thrifted brogues, Primark headband, Primark belt, Pandora bracelet, ?? umbrella

Please excuse my strange striptease photo at the end there. I wanted to show off the blouse under my trench but it’s RAINING! After a week of glorious sunshine as well. Tsk.

Anyway, it’s the last day of The Gossip Girl Style Challenge and I’ve taken on Blair for the second time, complete with headband, high necked blouse and coloured tights. When I started this challenge I thought Blair’s style was closest to my own but she’s been the hardest to capture. What do you think? Did I get it spot on here or was Monday better?

I’ve had so much fun with this challenge – I love experimenting with different looks and finding new ways to wear things. The biggest surprise was Vanessa’s look, which I thought would be the hardest but turned out pretty well. My favourite of the week is Serena’s second round. I’ll be wearing this dress again and again!

Which look was your favourite? Cast your vote in the poll to your right and let me know which look you chose by leaving a comment. Normal posting resumes tomorrow, when I’ll be announcing a fabulous giveaway for all my wonderful followers. See you then!




I love this outfit – the tights are just the perfect shade of pink. I bought some pink tights recently & haven’t worn them yet, & am now really hoping they look as good as yours do!

As everyone else has said, your umbrella’s great!

I’m going to have to go back & look again at this weeks outfits before I choose – I don’t want to make any rash decisions :p

Vintage Vixen

Oh Jen, how exciting to have you blogging with us on a saturday! I always miss your posts over the weekend.
I still love wednesday’s outfit the most although the pink tights and cutsie brolly are rather breathtaking.

E is for Eleanor

That primark trench is great, I’ve been looking for the perfect one for ages and this looks lovely!

I’ve voted 😀 Been so fun to watch you trying everything out! x


I like this second look best. I can’t put my finger on why though.

And regarding Company magazine…I thought it was a brilliantly done issue, especially as it covered so many areas! x


I love your trench coat! I wish I can get Primark where I live. And I love your outfit…very cute! I am always wondering how to wear coloured tights as I usually just stick to black ones. I need to venture out of my fashion comfort zone one day!


I love this outfit, I’ve got the same primark trench, I always put it with neutral
stuff, but it looks so great with the tights. Cherry blossom, it was in primark about September last year. I’ve been following your blog for a while, it’s great, I love seeing what you put together, it’s inspirational. 🙂 Juliet x


Oh, I could totally see Blair wearing that. Is it bad that I like the clothes of Gossip Girl more than the actual show?


LOVE this look!! also love the serena look below, love the nautical dress!! blogging company magazine? is that the issue called high street edit and has article on style bubble in it? Havent finished reading it yet so wanna make sure ive got the right issue! otherwise im gonna have to go buy the right one tomo!!
vicki xo

Cafe Fashionista

First, can I just say that I am fully in love with your blouse? Second…I think your first Serena look was my favorite – it mirrored her style to a T. Perfection!! 🙂

Polished Sense

I love your outfit here 😀 Jen you are adorable, keep this up! Everyone loves it, including me! I also am liking the umbrella used as a prop!

Have a great wknd,



Great outfit. I think it captures Blair really well. That dress could have doubled for Jenny in season 2.


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