The Gossip Girl Style Challenge – Blair

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Thrifted skirt, H&M tee, New Look blazer, New Look wedges, thrifted bag, Primark belt, vintage scarf

Welcome, dear followers, to my latest Style Challenge! Last week I mentioned I had a challenge in the pipeline, and here it is. Five days of fashion based on my favourite Gossip Girls – Blair, Serena, Vanessa and Jenny. Aren’t you excited?!

I’ve only recently started watching Gossip Girl and am officially hooked. You can often find me glued to the sofa, mouth open, eyes glazed, as Blair, Serena et al. parade around on screen in oh-I-love-it outfits, with my favourite city as their backdrop. Goodbye real life, hello living-precariously-through-a-TV-show life.

You may have heard on the fashion grapevine that Miss Selfridge are creating a Gossip Girl collection based on my four favourite characters. I’m so utterly excited about this, but as it’s not yet launched, I’ll have to make do with my own interpretation of GG style until it is.

My first look is based on Blair’s Upper East Side style. Blair is probably the character I relate most to, style-wise… she may be an uber bitch, but that girl knows how to rock a full skirt! Often spotted working the 50s silhouette, Blair favours swishy skirts, neat cardigans and sharp shirts. I love the way she mixes patterns and fabrics, and her floral prints and bright tights are permanent fixtures in my own wardrobe.

So, we’e kicked off with Miss Waldorf – a New York princess with fresh, feminine style and a headband for every occasion. Who’ll take Queen B’s place tomorrow? Well, wouldn’t you like to know?




Awesome idea for a challenge! And that outfit is so pretty! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the challenge! xx


Sounds like a great challenge. I must admit I’ve never watched Gossip Girl, but that’s a very cute look, especially the neck-scarf.

Vintage Vixen

Must admit that like Loulou I’ve never watched Gossip Girl and know nothing about it (as she slinks off into a corner). You look beautiful, loving the skirt especially.


@ Jersey – I know, I KNOW! I hunted high and low for the right headband to go with this outfit, but it seems the high street have ditched them! I will be doing another Blair outfit later in the week, so bear with me and I’ll try find a headband for you! 🙂

To everyone who hasn’t seen GG – it doesn’t matter one little bit. If you want to be clear on the references, just google the character names and look at some photos. Or you can just sit back and enjoy the outfits! 🙂 x


Love GG! I think I just watch it for the style (and boys). Looking forward to seeing the other outfits xxx


I’ve watched GG off and on, but love this challenge!!
Love this style on you, and like the outside location, might aswell make the most out of the nice weather whilst it’s here!! 🙂

X xx


I’ve not seen GG either, but I look forward to seeing your interpretation of the looks this week…Off to Google.
Vicki xxx

E is for Eleanor

Haha what a brilliant idea for a challenge- although you know we could take this on & on. We’ll be doing Mad Men and Glee challenges and before you know it we’ll be doing the Eastenders Style week. Only joking, I love Blair and her Upper East bitches 😀 The skirt and scarf look adorable!x


You look great – very Blair-like! I dressed up as her for Halloween last year and it was so much fun, I love her cute neckscarves, headbands and lady-like outfits 🙂 x

Vintage and Cake

You alway’s look flawless I love this outfit, it is really basic when you consider the piece’s on their own and the way you have put them together is uber chic. Plus on GG, half the cast don’t look like they eat. So to wear it as a real gal like you and I, this look translate’s with ease to your wardrobe.

Have a great week hunni, look forward to more outfit’s xxx


A quick google image search later and I know now what Blair looks like! I’m really liking today’s look, very chic and girly.

Although I am much in love with the wedges – bare feet in March? Are you mad?!

Anna Jane

I actually really like this – very fitting for the Spring weather! The lemon yellow and pale blue tones work really well together as well.
Unfortunately I have yet to see the appealing side to Gossip Girl (me and American sit-coms aren’t really best friends), but I like the sound of the outfits! Will definitely be checking out Miss Selfridge’s new collection 😀

– Anna Jane xxx


gorgeous outfit, i love the skirt..
works lovely with the pale blue of the jacket

i would so love to spend a day in the GG wardrobe and take what i wanted from it!!!!


As a proper GG addict I’m very excited about your style challenge and also love the discussion what makes Blair Blair – to me it’s her coloured tights (headbands are also important), but you got the shape to a t.


I’m glad you picked Blair first because she’s my favourite. Whatever she wears is just gorgeous, I love whoever’s styling her:)

With that said, I can’t wait to see the other gossip girl styles you’re coming up with! I really should start watching GG season 3:P



What a fun idea! You look fabulous and very “B” 🙂 I agree that your style is most like hers.

I’m excited to see the other looks you come up with! Vanessa is my favorite, with Blair making a close second 🙂


oh Jen I love it!! what a fab idea for a challenge. i love this outfit, and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will bring. ive only seen season far!


I don’t watch Gossip Girl! I feel I may be missing out on something!
I have no idea who these characters are…I may well wander off to google now.

The thrifted items are working well here 🙂


What a cute outfit ! I love the jacket . And I’m going to check out that Miss Selfridge collection , must be great 😀


Such a cute idea – can’t wait to see your Jenny as it’s so not your usual style! Should be interesting.

Cafe Fashionista

I just love your Style Challenges, Jen – they’re so clever and fun! I can’t wait to see you take on little Jenny Humphrey’s style. I know you can rock it!

By the way…I am in LOVE with your wedges. They look nearly identical to a pair by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent that I have been coveting for ages. Gorgeous!! 🙂


I love gossip girl too and i love the idea you have for the challenge! What a great interpretation of Blair’s outfit, it looks great and its so springy! 🙂

un petit lapin

This challenge is such a great idea! Love it! Blair is also my favourite. This outfit is so cute and spring-y. Although I do think it’s a bit too pastel and not ‘refined’ enough to be true Blair?


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