The Gossip Girl Style Challenge – Serena

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Topshop jeans (years old), Primark vest, thrifted waistcoat, H&M tee, Fossil bag, Dune shoes, thrifted bangles and necklace

Day two of The Gossip Girl Style Challenge and here I am, in bare arms and feet, in March! If I had my way, I’d be wearing a long sleeve and socks. It’s unseasonably warm here today (or is it actually appropriately warm for the season and it’s just been so cold for so long?) and I didn’t even shiver when taking these pictures. High five!

Today’s outfit is based on Serena’s laidback, undone, bohemian-in-Bendels style. I can imagine myself strolling through the streets of Brooklyn with a takeout coffee, or sitting on the steps of Constance in this outfit. Except I live in Yorkshire and actually hate coffee, and have neither the billowing blonde locks nor the lithe, lean body of Serena. Sigh. How do you think I did on day two of the GG Style Challenge? Good? Bad? What would you do differently to capture the cool, casual calm of S? I’d love to know!

While we’re here, I’d like to share my little side project (side to my busy, busy life of blogging, shopping and… erm… reading InStyle…) – pinkplectrum is my delicious jewellery shop, selling one of a kind wares for magpie girls. All readers of A Little Bird get 15% off with the code LITTLEBIRD at the checkout because I’m ever so kind. Go on – treat yourself to something sweet!



Ana - Toil and Trouble

Another cute outfit, and I am SO jealous of the nice weather! The skies cleared here finally, but the wind is FREEZING.

This is probably going to sound ridiculous, but I was excited when I read that you hate coffee! I hate coffee too, and everyone looks at me like I have two heads when I tell them.


I’m so jealous of you being brave enough to bare your arms and feet!

Love the Serena look, can’t wait to see what you pull out for Little J 🙂 x


Ooh I didn’t know you were the lovely behind pinkplectrum. I have that bookmarked & like to drool over the pretty things more often than I should haha. 😀

Also I’d very much like your legs please. You rock those jeans. xoxo


I love your Serena-inspired outfit! The floral top is lovely. Also liking your outdoor pictures – definitely making the most of the gorgeous spring weather! x


Whilst I can’t comment on how ‘Serena’ this outfit is (as I don’t watch Gossip Girls – shock horror!), I wanted to say that I love this outfit on you. It’s so pretty & summery.

Going to go & check out your jewellery shop now – can’t resist a discount! (Although will probably have to wait till payday – boo)

PS. I hate coffee too 🙂


What a funky little challenge, but by god woman, you are mad!! 🙂 haha you must be freeeezing! Lovely little outfit though, as always. Youre making me all nostalgic for summer time and holidays. Where in yorkshire are you from? I have family near leeds 🙂 xx

Audrey Allure

Love the floral! Although I think Serena exposes much more than necessary – I’m liking this more conservative version of Serena. haha

Vintage Vixen

Lovely outfit, Jen and I’m in awe of your fabulous legs. I’ve been checking out these Gossip Girls and I must say that I think you’re infinitely more stylish.

E is for Eleanor

Ah I have that vest, but you make it look so good! Another layering triumph Jen 😀

Also, please tell me your planning on doing a Chuck Bass day…!?? Would love to see you in spats and a velvet blazer & cravat! hehe xx

Pink Flower

I’m loving the sunshine in all these pictures today and i’m so glad the suns started shining. Even the fella was talking about having a BBQ – very optimistic!

Em x

I have a confession to make……………… I’ve never every watched Gossip Girl. You look fantastic though, and i’m loving this sunshine too xx


I think you captured Serena really well – easy-going boho style and the layers fit well, too. She also loves a pair of over-the-knee boots, so maybe for the next time…
Congratulations to your online shop. Going to check it out now.


Very well done, S would be proud! I love those shoes! You look fab 🙂

And high five for warm weather!!! It is soo warm today here, too! I just drove home from work with the windows down…YES!



This is so cute… I missed the Blair post. You did well on that one too.

Can’t wait to see the other Gossip girls. xoxo


Oh yes, you got the ‘first season’ of Serena down to a pat! Very boho-chic!! Nowadays, Serena is more of a “cleavage” kind of gal haha and yes, she definitely wears a lot of knee high boots:P

Must definitely check out your shop!!



I think Serena’s style is harder to capture than Blair’s or Jenny’s, which are a bit more stereotypical. That said, I think you did a good job, though of course Serena would have a lot my cleavage showing!

I don’t like coffee either. It gives me a tummy ache 🙁


Wow i think you really captured Serena’s style very well, i knew right away who you were portraying without looking at the title.


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