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TK Maxx hat, H&M top and jeans, Steve Madden leather jacket, Primark ring and brogues

I deliberated over this hat for a long time. Well, for the hour I spent in TK Maxx. Which is a long time in the life of an impulse buyer. It’s one of those pieces you absolutely love and wear in a myriad of ways in your fantasy life (you know, the one where you float around in designer clothing, where your job involves blogging from chic pavement cafés and your hobbies are reading literary classics and photography) but at 8.25 on a Monday morning, you wonder what the hell it’s doing taking up precious space in your already-crammed wardrobe because clearly, it has NO PLACE WHATSOEVER in real life. One of those pieces.

I decided to get over my fear of ridiculously oversized hats, ignored the Mr as he quoted that episode of Friends where Rachel wears a similarly huge hat (“Wait a minute – I know that hat! I was taken aboard that hat! They did experiments on me! I can’t have children!” *sigh*) and had a go at styling an outfit around my floppy-brimmed friend.

As the hat makes quite a statement enough for anyone, I paired it with a simple skinny jeans, striped top and leather jacket combo. I pulled the camel colour in with the tan brogues and added an art deco style cocktail ring for a vintage feel. I think it kinda worked… no one laughed and pointed as I walked down the street, at least (although the brim is quite wide so it’s possible I missed the mockery).

What do you think? Am I on to a winner or are you slowly backing away from the girl wearing a camel-coloured spaceship? Do tell.



I applaud you for trying something out of your comfort zone, as for me I’m totally stuck in a dress n cardi rut, so admire anyone who’s willing to see something they love and give it a go!
I agree, you suit a hat!

xxx Maddie


Fair play to you Jen, looks fab but not sure I could carry it off.

I’ve got a black hat that I thought was floppy but nowhere near the floppyness of your hat. 🙂



Love love love it! Boys clearly know nothing about fashion as I have long suspected! Hats are such statement pices, they always add excitement to any outfit!


I love this hat…purely because it is much a fantasy item, and we all need a few in our closets. It’s fun and intriguing xx


I feel exactly like you. I love hats, but wearing one makes me feel rather self-conscious – plus, they have the tendency to fly away. But no matter if you are wearing it on your way to work or only at home… It looks great on you, Jen!


I wish i suited hats..sadly i do not. i will try again this winter but i find it hard wearing one with a blunt fringe like mine, it just flattens it to your head and looks stupid..any ideas of resolving my hat problem? lol.. jen I didnt see it til now but i LOOOOVVVEEEE your post last week called vintage flair with the fur stole you look fabulous! my fav outfit post uve ever done! 🙂 x

Vintage Vixen

That hat looks fab on you, Jen. I’d have loved to have seen you in a hippy chic outfit to rock it to the max.
I’ve got loads of hats, I love how everyone comments when I wear them, in fact I feel almost invisible if I go out in the winter bare- headed. xxx


Jen, you look glorious in it! I always feel very self conscious in a hat and get overly baffled by what to do with it during the day. Do I wear it all day or do I just wear it outside and take it off when I get to work/home/wherever?


I love hats! I kind of collect them, and have a variety and I have about three that I fall back on for almost every outfit, including a sparkly red-sequined beret. I love it, and it makes such a great statement piece.
I really like this, but I think that it’s maybe a bit too wide for autumn/winter, and would have personally paired a fedora or maybe a straw bowler hat with it, but this still looks great!


I love that style of hat – I have a plain black one from Warehouse and its so versatile, once you get over feeling selfconscious from wearing such a big hat!!


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