The Humble Tea Dress

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There was a time, during the writing of this blog, when a tea dress and tights was my outfit of choice. It was 2009 and plaid dungarees were still just a suppressed memory of the 90s, pink hair was reserved for actual Pink! and floral tea dresses were the look du jour. I wore my collection day in, day out and never struggled with dilemmas like if the over 25s can wear snapbacks or whether I can really pull off New Balance trainers.

So when I spotted this classic tea dress in the Hobbs shop at York Designer Outlet (which is SO much better now than it was when I worked there aged 16), I snapped it up for a bit of 2009’s simple approach to style.

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Dress, Hobbs | Jacket, Michael Kors via TK Maxx | Heels, Guess c/o Sarenza | Necklace, Whistles | Ring, H&M

Compared to my 2009 self, I prefer a much simpler, cleaner look these days. Rather than add fuss with brogues and heavy accessories, I toughened up my tea dress with leathers and pointy heels. With just a few easy changes to the styling, a piece that’s not particularly on-trend looks fresh and modern once more.

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Is there anything you were REALLY into (fashion-wise… I don’t need any confessions!) a few years ago that you rarely look twice at now?


Kelly G

Lovely! Beautiful colour on you. And love those shoes paired with it.
I don’t tend to wear tea dresses as always struggle with the lengths/styles suiting me.

Harriet Crook

Pink hair was making an entrance in 2009 – thats when it started hitting the runways, its just now filtered the mainstream! I had blue hair in 09 haha and the boys on my course repped snap backs & new balance even then… hipster jitsters haven’t changed their style for years, it just now appears that everyone wants to be a hipster which is cringey haha! xx


Love it! I’ve only lived in york for a year but I’m not convinced by York designer outlet… Maybe I’m too stingy for it but all I’ve ever managed to buy is some ck boxers for the other half, some Nike trainers and some bodyshop goodies!

Sophie Sierra

Love this gorgeous dress! Back in 2009 I went floral crazy and literally every item I wore had some kind of flower on it… very naff! Now I try to steer clear and find the phase has put me off them for life! xo

Sophie |soinspo

Lily Lipstick

This dress is lovely. My 2009 self had a penchant for shorts, tights and cardis – that was my “uniform” before I started working in an office. My style is definitely simpler now. x


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