The Leather Trousers

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Topshop trousers, Topshop scalloped vest, Next blouse, Primark pumps, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace, Miss Selfridge ring

I’m moving in T minus three days and I’m surrounded by boxes… only one of them packed. So here’s another mini post for you *half-heartedly wraps teacup in newspaper*

A few words I never thought I’d say – I love leather trousers. Who knew! These skinnies are more Kate Moss than Sandy-from-Grease, and teaming them with the romantic blouse and scalloped-edge vest keeps them on the right side of Hells Angels territory. A little Hells Angels is good but when you hit leather fringing, you know you’ve gone too far.

Do you have any leather staples in your wardrobe?

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Ooh good luck with the move! I love that blouse, I just bought the Daisy print version. Such a great shape.
My wardroble lacks leather. Me and it do not go well togther.


I have a leather skirt and i think it adds just the right amount of rock chick to my wardrobe 🙂 Love those pants on you! You’ve styled them up fab x


I adore those. I have one leather motorcycle style jacket that I wear all summer, but not much else… maybe I should start looking.


I think the only leather things I own are handbags or shoes! Don’t think I’m ‘tough’ enough haha. You look fab in these though. Good luck with the move, hope it isn’t too stressful! Did you manage to find somewhere perfect then? Can’t wait to see photos!


I am also surprised to find that I love them (on other people at the moment as I have yet to purchase a pair). Can I ask – do you find them a bit ‘warm’?! Cheers. x


The leather trousers look really good. I have a huge fear of leather trousers, but you’re pulling them off so well. Love the peachy top you paired it with.


I love how your blog is looking, it’s very pretty! I’m a bit frightened of leather clothing if I’m honest…I have a leather jacket but I just don’t think trousers would look right on me..they look fab on you though! 🙂


You look fabulous! I’ve never been brave enough to wear leather trousers/skirts/shorts.
I love my classic black leather jacket, but it has seen better days and I’ve yet to find a worthy relacement. My daily dose of leather comes more in the form of bag or shoe.

Good luck with the move, they are stressfests!



You look amazing, I love love love the way you have styled them!
I have some leather shorts which are the love of my life! They are just so verstitle!


Oh I like them a lot Jen! The vest over the sheer shirt looks really lovely too.

My leather is only in bag or shoe form – I’m always a bit scared of leather clothing.


You look amazing in the leather trousers, I have leather leggings but really fancy some trousers now. Also have a leather mini skirt and a jacket. When I say leather I mean faux though, haha not enough pennies for the real deal =)

Bow Dream Nation xx


You can definitely rock these trousers- I’d love to be able to pull them off!
Atm my wardrobe has one rubbish fake leather jacket. I now hate it…it’s shameful! xxx


Ooooft looking good missus! 🙂 I tried on a pair of leather trousers/legging thinghys from next a couple of weeks back, but my legs are so short they didnt fit in all of the right places 🙁 which was gutting, cause I did really like them. Loving your new blog layout miss, and hooray for your move! Hope it all goes smoothly 🙂 excited for you xx


Hope the move goes well.
I only have one leather item in my wardrobe which is a very recent addition… a jacket by Superdry. I love it but haven’t considered anything else in leather… but I should never day never… right?

claire eloise

I love leather, well actually I love pleather as I don’t wear real leather. But I am addicted to my high-waisted leather skirt, it’s my go-to outfit. I love the new layout btw xx

Lizzy Lips

Loving the look, I’ve not actually braved an outing my leather pants yet and I bought them months ago. You may indeed have inspired me to give them an outing this week.


I absolutely love those trousers! I like that they’re thicker and definitely leather rather than rubber-y.


Those trousers are perfect, embrace the leather I say! Good luck with the move, all the boxes (and stress) will be worthwhile in a weeks time when you are all settled in your new home xx


The trousers look great on you!
I’ve got a leather and suede mini from h&m which never fails me. X


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