The Not-So-Bling Ring Collection

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I’m intensely particular about jewellery. I’m not bothered about carats or metals or clarity, and I rarely pay more than £10 for a piece. But I’m very sure of what I like, and what I like usually prompts gasps of horror or exclamations of ‘what on EARTH is that on your hand?!’ from my bejewelled grandmother. You see, where she wears delicate gold bands and sparkling emeralds, I wear stag heads and faux fossils.

Rings are my thing. I have far too many of them – they cover my dressing table, spilling out from vintage teacups. I love big statement pieces; things that look a bit weird or could cause serious injury when worn. My one bit of bling – my diamond engagement ring – often sits beside an owl or something with spikes. Just take a look at (a small portion of) my collection…


My only traditional piece is my engagement ring, which is a Platinum band with a sparkly diamond and a twist inset. It sits pride of place on its own heart-shaped plate, which I picked up at a car boot.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

My current favourites sit in this hand painted porcelain bowl (another car boot find). My favourite place to buy rings is Primark – they cost between £1-2 and if you hunt around you can find some real gems. The stag head, turquoise stone and gold embossed styles are all Primark.

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More rings are kept in an assortment of vintage teacups (all car boot and charity shop purchases). H&M’s jewellery collection is another favourite – the reflective gold square is my latest purchase. Topshop have some beautiful designs but I find they’re the quickest to lose their coating and turn my fingers green. Miss Selfridge are great for jewellery sales and last Christmas I stocked up on finger fancies for less than £20. Online, I love Me & Zena for their cute and quirky styles.

Slipping on an oversized, over-the-top ring gives an instant boost to the most boring of outfits – it’s my  sartorial saviour when I’m feeling lazy or uninspired. What about you – are rings your thing?

PS – The effect on my photos is called Pale and Bright, and is taken from this brilliant feature on Photoshop actions. Get ’em all!



I adore rings, they’re an easy way to accessorise any outfit – and so sweet and tiny! Got my eye on that turquoise one, watch out!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs


You have such a beautiful collection of rings! The one with the wings on it is gorgeous. I love big statement rings and my boyfriend knows when the time is right I much more likely to wear an unusual gemstone of some sort than a traditional engagement ring. Rings are fun and since we do so much with our hands everyday I think they make more of a statement than other accessories.


Fantastic collection, my grandma would love these, she also adores rings and just like you the more unique the better!


I’m the same as you, I love big statement rings. I think they are really fun to wear. Primark do the best ones too!


I love your stag head ring from Primark, I bought one similair fron Topshop in the sale but it was a bit too big. I like the idea of keeping your rings in teacups as well.


I love this post, Jen! I know what you mean when you get remarks from people who aren’t used to seeing “statement” rings. The last one I got was someone from last week.. “who. would. buy. THAT!” . Well, me, actually. I’d buy that. xxx

Miss Raj

You have a stunning collection of rings. You wear them so well too, always to complement, or contrast your outfit. Sometimes it’s a statement, sometimes an accent and sometimes it’s just an accessory. But rings do have the power to make or break an outfit and you always wears yours so they make your outfit. Love ’em ! x

Lizzy Lips

It was interesting to read that Primark was best for rings. I have tended to by fashion rings from topshop but very soon notice that lovely green brand it leaves behind on me and the metal smells funny. I’m giving Primani a go next time.


We have very similar taste in rings. I don’t really wear anything dainty or elegant! I’m all about the statement. I love Dotty Ps and Asos for rings. Topshop are overpriced and my fingers go green so quickly 🙁

Peacock's Hat

Its funny because I never used to wear rings at all, but then I decided I wanted to all of a sudden and now if I go out of the house without one my fingers feel wrong! I like quite big quirky ones as well. So much so that I have no idea what I’ll eventually get for an engagement ring because they all look so boring to me!


Love this post! I can see so many rings I own in your collection 🙂 I agree, Primark is brilliant for rings, and most other jewellery really!


Ooh I love a ring post!
As you know I love a big chunky jewelled and bizarre ring. Matalan are brilliant for jewellery.
Do you find you wear your engagement ring lonely on your hand? I don’t want to clutter it up with other rings on it. 🙂



Your ring collection is lovely!! Im with you on rings that are a little bit out there, they just give that bit of spark and personailty to an outfit!! Love your idea of storing them in the tea cup! 🙂

Mimi and Tilly

I am totally a ring person. The bigger the better. I buy a primark too abut also make my own honking great rings. The only traditional piece of jewellery I wear is the ring my partner bought me, white gold and a diamond. Em xx


If you want to stop your fingers from turning green paint the band with clear nail varnish. Works a treat! My fingers don’t turn green anymore 🙂
RIngs in teacups is such a good idea. I have a little glass mosaic plate to keep mine on xx

Pink Diamonds

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I LOVE rings but size L only fits on one finger then the size M only fits on my little finger – I don’t even have fat hands!! Well clearly I do but y’know…I love your engagement ring on the heart plate, such a cute idea 🙂


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