The One Where I Flew a Plane…

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02 be more dog

No biggie.

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Last week I was asked to be part of o2’s latest advertising campaign, the quite oddly-titled ‘Be More Dog‘. The basic premise is we should all be a little ‘more dog’ – adventurous, excitable, willing to jump in and try new things. Makes a bit more sense now, right? You can find out more on their website.

A whole host of bloggers were challenged to be more dog and given the choice between a dog-like adventure into the unknown or a lazy, laidback weekend any cat would be proud of. After a little wobble (I’m not a huge fan of organised activity) I decided to do the dog thing and choose courage over scented candles. Which, after a long, hard week, was not easy.

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So on Sunday, off I popped to Leeds Bradford Airport to fly a plane. Totally chill.

My experience involved jumping into this little fella with an instructor and taking to the skies. My instructor talked me through all the controls (terrifying) before we headed up, and when we were at cruising altitude I took over…

… for about 3 minutes. Honestly, flying a plane is bloody scary. And very difficult. I was knocking it about all over the place, dipping the wings down, veering off course, generally being a pretty pathetic pilot. But I did it! I was totally dog!

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When I finally relinquished control back to the real pilot, I could just sit back and enjoy the views. It was spectacular to see the land sprawling out below me – we flew over my hometown, York and then back over Leeds and I spotted my high school, York Minster, Roundhay Park – all familiar places which made it all the more exciting.

My amazing instructor did some very scream-inducing stunts to ensure I got the best photos… at one point, all that separated me and the scenery was the perspex of the plane canopy. It was just fantastic and such an experience, although my stomach wasn’t quite so convinced!

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A spectacular experience. Thanks, o2!

What do you think – would you #BeMoreDog or is it a cat’s life for you?



What an amazing opportunity! I’ve been loving the new o2 adverts. I am forever a cat fan but i have to admit, i should be more dog! I get far too comfy in my laid back routine, always too scared to try new things x

Amy Elizabeth

Usually I would say I would try to be more dog, but this looks absolutely terrifying!! I hate flying – although the views are certainly spectacular! Bravo on your adventure! xx


Wow, such a wonderful experience. I chose Be More Dog and I’m going to drive a tank next week, so excited!

Alex in Leeds

I loved flying a plane when I did it but I love the fact you did stunts as well as just control the plane – sounds like an amazing experience!

Panty Buns

Congratulations on getting up the courage to get past any possible acrophobia and to go out and have an exhilarating experience like that one. The photos you took are fantastic. What beautiful views! I’ve never been up in a small plane myself but it looks wonderful. I’ve a;ways wondered what being at the controls would feel like whilst attempting to bank and turn. Well done you.


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