The Outfit: Grey Skies

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Wearing: Zara dress and belt, Gap cardigan, Primark tights and brogues, Topshop ring, Stolen Thunder necklace
On: Tuesday 7th December
For: Adding more fairy lights to my Christmas tree

Knits feature heavily in my winter wardrobe. I love how a fine knitted cardigan can make the flimsiest summer dress cold weather-appropriate. Throw a chunky knitted jumper on with jeans and boots and you have the perfect winter-walk-in-the-park attire.

This Gap cardigan was a sale buy last year. I love the mix of brown and grey in the pattern so decided to pick out those colours in the rest of my outfit. I learned colour coordination from the queen – my grandmother, who won’t leave the house without matching her shoes to her handbag and can often be seen sporting a top-to-toe tartan affair. Love her.

What (or who) is keeping you warm today?

PS – It’s the Third Day of Christmas and there’s a special treat courtesy of Matalan right here.



Love the cardigan! I’m wearing a less-than-glamourous hoodie to keep warm today but I haven’t even ventured outside…I’ll need to get my act together tomorrow and find something warm and stylish…x

Arash Mazinani

I love that you learnt about colour co ordination from your grandmother that’s pretty cool. I learnt about colour co ordinating probably from my mum I think probably in my teens. But too many colours spoil the broth and you can just end up looking like a fairground clown. I bring out the grey of the cardigan with the belt and the shoes was a nice idea.

Whenever it’s cold I usually opt for big chunky knits I have to say I prefer my winter clothes to summer ones. But I could do with investing on one or two more winter knits. I like layering with them bringing in shots of colour underneath fine knits. If I’m just lounging round the house then I reach for hoodie, preferably a baggy one.


That cardi is lovely! I love the whole outfit, but I’d freeze my backside off wearing that. I wear loads of layers in the winter -style is thrown straight out the window! xx


I love it! I love mixing greys.

I bought a cardi from Boyes today for £6, and it has pockets at the front with bows on. The bows will keep me extra warm, obviously. I bought a pair of magic gloves too, to wear underneath my black leather gloves. That’s how cold I’ve been.


I agree, knitted cardi’s are perfect for winter. I recently bought a gorgeous one from H&M, which I can’t wait to wear…as soon as I can brave actually going outside.

Also, your necklace looks really amazing. I’ve just been checking out the Stolen Thunder online store.


I love this whole outfit, but I especially admire you for going outside in brogues! Mine are still drying after 3 days of sitting under the radiator lol xx


love the fair isle cardi.looks v smart with the dress but then would look v cosy and snug with jeans or leggings.. lovely!!


Grey tights are my fave in winter ♥ and whenever I can get away with them in the slightly warmer months too – ha! I like the little splash of brown with the brogues and the belt. Whenever I wear my brown Next boots, I always feel like I need my brown bag to even it up. But, a belt instead may be the way forward! Gap sales are always awesome, cant wait to go shopping in january! 😀 xx


Really like this outfit I like the way you put the belt around the cardi. I’m finding it reallt tricky to get nice tights, they all seem to be ‘one size’ and that doesn’t fit me 🙁


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