The Outfit(s): Dressed for Christmas

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Wearing: H&M knitted jumper, Topshop jeans, boots, Primark ring and lace collar (outfit 1). Urban Outfitters floral blouse, Primark long sleeved tee and cardigan, Zara leather belt, Topshop jeans, Steve Madden boots (outfit 2).
On: Saturday 18th and Monday 20th December
For: Keeping warm. Everyone’s main priority right now!

I try not to let the weather dictate my wardrobe – I want to wear long johns, wellies and a puffa jacket about as much as you want to see me wearing long johns, wellies and a puffa jacket. But when it’s -10 outside (MINUS TEN, folks), the thought of wearing a floral dress, sheer tights and ballet pumps finished off with a fine knit cardigan provokes hysterical laughter and involuntary shivers.

My trusty jeans-chunky knit-boots combo is serving me well, but it can get a little repetitive. So I’ve been thinking of ways to ‘brighten up’ (as the magazines would say) my snug outfits.

I added a black lace collar (Primark, £3) to my cosy H&M knitted jumper – I think it looks great with the brogue-style boots and I was super warm. In the second outfit, I went for a mix of bright colours and patterns topped off with festive nails, inspired by the wonderful Kim.

What are you doing to add a little festivity to your outfits in the run up to Christmas? Wearing bauble earrings and/or a halo made of tinsel does not count and should be restricted to the Office Christmas Party after two glasses of sparkling wine.

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Em x

I love that lace collar, its gorgeous. I’m not looking very festive at the minute, more slumy mummy but i will be adding some sequins to my outfits later this week x


Gorgeous boots (2nd outfit) and nails. But jeans are the WORST thing in cold weather. Yeah, your legs look super-long but you must be freezing.

I wore shorts and tights to walk the dogs and I was warm. Jeans are the work of the – sh,you-know-who.

E is for Eleanor

Oh jen this is lovely and cosy! I love that lace collar because it just totally makes that lovely cable knit look so classy.

Also the nails are fab! Off to see how to do that now 🙂 x


Gosh, minus ten?! That’s ridiculous! Glad you’re staying warm, I really love the addition of that collar – it’s so pretty!


I’ve given up dressing nicely in this weather. Need to start looking nice again for Christmas parties!
I love the jumper in your first outfit. It’s so cosy looking.


i tend to wear brighter colours around christmas, my bright red scarf being one of the main things. short short hair, really suits. yeah minus 10 here!

corsets, crafts and cupcakes

I really really LOVE that jumper!

Is it recent H&M?

Im on a constant lookout for a ( hopefully cheap, or charity shop find) Aran or fairisle knit Jumper, (probably along with half of the female population), but maybe that jumper could keep me warm in the meantime….. 🙂


Love the cable knit grey jumper. Sorry haven’t been commenting as much as usual – things have been super hectic, but have been taking a sneaky peak at your blog during working hours every day, don’t tell! xx


Lovely ideas. Isn’t it amazing what a little extra can add to an outfit? I’ve discovered that a nice cape can add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to an outfit 🙂


Gorgeous nails.
And good work with staying stylish but not freezing to death in this ridiculous weather. I’ve either been walking around with blue lips or wearing so many layers that I can barely move my arms…summer defintely agrees with me much more than winter does!

northwest is best

You’re definitely pulling off the difficult combination of looking stylish while keeping warm! I love cable knit jumpers. In fact, I’m knitting one for myself right now. I thought it would be impossibly difficult, but concentrating on the pattern is not too much of a head-masher.


I really like theat jumper and the idea of adding the collar to it, very nice! My festive touches are a lovely red cardi, and also some velvet bow hairslides : )


Loving your grey jumper and nails!

I’m afraid I’m more than happy to let the weather dictate my outfits – the moment its remotely cold I drag out my mahoosive jumpers and scarves; and summery dresses for when it’s warm… Except here it’s mostly freezing – so jumpers it is!

I’ve become obsessed with ribbons lately so am making little corsages for my clothes/hair/shoes/bags in christmassy colours 🙂



I love the jeans! I have the same ones in indigo denim but quite fancy a pair in that shade! Great post, you’ve really nailed a relaxed, stylish and WARM Christmas look!

Naomi x


Love both these outfits, you look gorge! I’m wearing lots of velvet and lots of fur to bring the festive joy. I got told I looked like Mrs Claus three times the other day and I was overjoyed. Truly.


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