The Six Piece Wardrobe Style Challenge

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After last week’s Outfit Archive post, the fabulous Vix from Vintage Vixen set me a challenge that worked with my ‘style recycled’ theme – choose five things from your wardrobe (a dress, trousers, top, skirt and another of your choosing) and wear them (and only them) through the week, changing the pieces each time with a clever use of accessories.

Now, I’m not one to turn down a challenge, but only ONE top?! Rather than spend the week chained to the washing machine, I decided to cheat just a little bit and up the stakes from five to six – two tops, trousers, a dress, a skirt and my choice – a cardigan (naturally).


From L-R: Zara dress, Topshop jeans, H&M tee, eBay leather skirt, Zara cardigan, Zara blouse

I chose simple basics in neutral colours because they’re so easy to style. Throughout the week I’ll be using my vast collection of belts, scarves, necklaces, shoes and jackets to make a whole wardrobe from just six items.

So, here it goes – Monday’s look…


Zara dress and cardigan, Zara Taylor necklace, Primark tights, socks and brogues, John Rocha satchel via car boot sale

This dress has fast become a favourite of mine, and teamed with tights and cute ankle socks the whole look is very school girl. Which, unless the word ‘sexy’ is inserted in front, is always a good thing.

So how’d I do on the first day of my challenge? What did you think of my outfit? And will you be joining me on my Six Piece Wardrobe quest?


E is for Eleanor

LOVE this idea jen! What a challenge! And great pieces you’ve chosen, I bet this will be a doddle for you.

This outfit is so cute, love the socks and tights! x


I LOVE style challenges! I may have to steal it. I did something similar in August with my Wardrobe Diet challenge – 12 pieces over the whole month but I also like this one too…


What a challenge! I admit I would be stumped, especially if I could only choose one top!
I love this outfit, it is really cute….. especially the socks x


Cannot wait to see what you come up with the rest of the week – what a great challenge! I love every single one of your 6 pieces and this outfit is lovely. x


This is an amazing challenge, I’m excited to see all your outfits this week! You look gorgeous as usual, I’m pretty sure you could make anything look effortlessly stylish! xo


This is a great challenge. Not sure if you follow Kendi Everyday, but she has done a 30 days from 30 items remix challenge and it’s stacks of inspiration


Ooh I love a good challenge! Shall be watching out for the rest of this week’s posts.

You’ve picked really well with that Zara dress because it looks so much like separates anyway. Such a cute look on you.


Good challenge! Little question: is that Zara cardigan recent? I’m after a chunkier cardi in a camel colour and I like the look of that one!


Love it! I’d love to try and join in, but I fear I’d be a bit crap, cheat and cave at the first pretty thing I saw in the shops :s
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the week’s outfits though!

xxx Maddie


I love every single item you’ve chosen and each time you wear that Zara dress it makes me regret not buying it when it was in store – definately going to have to keep an eye out for it on ebay!
Looking forward to seeing how you style the other items 🙂


I will be seriously impressed if you manage to create a fabulous outfit every day (and I know you will do just that). Loving the little socks over the grey tights – very cute xx


Love this idea! I tried the bow top on in Zara a few weeks ago, I don’t know why I didn’t buy it, love the cardigan too.


how funny, i’ve been thinking of doing a challenge like this for a while. i am SO looking forward to see how you style these pieces! 🙂 i adore all of the pieces you chose, the colours are lovely! your first outfit is so beautiful, i literally love everything about it. xx


That sounds like a fantastic challenge. I’m not sure I could cope with just six items, though. Either that, or I’d cheat and have five dresses and a cardigan or something.

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your week of outfits.


This is definitely a fun challenge. I’d love to do it! It’s such a good idea and shows that you don’t need to buy more clothes to have new outfits.


jen i love this look!! (Love the challenge idea!) esp the socks over the tights, i wish i had the guts to try this! also love your zara top with the bow on the front i nearly bought it a few weeks ago in like a dusky navy 🙂 x


What a fabulous challenge- I am already looking forward to seeing the full weeks outfits. Particularly cannot wait to see the eBay leather skirt on show xx


Ohhhhh I love wardrobe challenges! Brave of you to go with just six pieces. I’ve given this a lot of thought and couldn’t possibly do it with any less than ten pieces!
Love today’s look x


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