The Spring Trench

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Primark trench, Topshop jeans, Next sweater and blouse, Primark brogues and belt, Zara bag, Miss Selfridge ring

Moving week is in full swing (and my sanity is already on the wane) so I’m keeping posts short and (hopefully) sweet for the next few days.

I’ve retired my beloved ASOS cape and dusted off my cream trench – a sign that spring is most definitely in the air. For a Saturday sloping around the shops I kept it simple with a striped sweater and denim, but I love the way Laura dressed hers up with a pleated skirt and heels. Rolling up the sleeves and tying it at the waist with a plaited leather belt gives this classic piece an instant update.

Which pieces are you pulling out of storage for the warmer weather?

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I *WAS* going to put my faux fur coat away & start wearing my woollen cape again but alas the saarf is now FREEZING! I actually wore my hair this morning! Burrr!! So I’m not packing anything away yet! I am really looking forward to some warmer weather now!!

Love the outfit. Very cool. Good luck with all the packing and moving. I remember how stressful it can be!

Miss Lucy

Faaaabulous, darling! I can’t rock the whole trench look so I will wear this vicariously through you, if that’s okay? Also, you keep making me want to buy brogues which is very out of character. xx


I love the trench with tge plaited belt. Looks amazing! Its too cold where I am to pack anything away yet. 🙁 Still in my winter warmers!


Oh wow, it was sunny in Edinburgh at the weekend but v frosty this morning and def still winter coat territory! Love the mac with the black belt though. I’m keen to try coats/jackets belted, but if the item doesn’t have belt loops what do you do with the belt when you take it off (stick it in the pocket for safe-keeping?)? xx


My chunky jumpers are making way for lighter tops and I’m starting to wear cropped jeans and trousers again. I do love the Spring!

Vintage Vixen

Good luck with the move, Jen! Gorgeously chic outfit, you must have better weather up North. It’s awful here, we’ve had a ground frost and a snow warning. I had to dig my woollen tights out. xxx


Hope the move goes well Jen, can’t wait to see the new place.
I love my trench, needs a dry clean though, definitely great for spring.


Pearl Westwood

Oh Jen you must have had a warm patch as it is still absolutely freezing up here, I am dreaming of putting away my winter coat but it wont be happening just yet!


Good luck moving. I white van man-ned it for the first this ever this weekend to help my sister move and it’s a tiresome process, isn’t it?! My arms ACHE now. I shall also be digging a Primark trench out for better weather – I’ve already had my red one out once or twice – gawd bless the sunny weekend we just had! x

Jane from Canada

Spring has definitely not sprung here yet Jen and looking outside today it may well not do for some time! Good luck with the move and have fun decorating your new pad with car boot and antique goodies.


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