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Max C London dress, H&M shirt, Primark brogues and belt, Fossil bag, Elsie Belle necklace

I recently announced on Twitter that I’ve officially given up on summer and am welcoming autumn with open arms. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to months of grey skies, bitter winds and flat hair – no, dear followers. I’m not sadist. What I simply cannot wait for is the end to our constant quest for sunshine.

In autumn, I can wear tights and hats and scarves! All the pieces I want to wear now but can’t because it’s summer and wearing tights in summer is just plain ridiculous, even if your legs are turning blue because it’s only 18 degrees out there. Hmph.

So, until we’re hit with the cool air of autumn, I’ll be wearing this fabulous sheer shirt from H&M. It’s the perfect transitional piece – airy enough to wear with summer’s flippy sundresses but in that rich khaki shade I always associate with autumn. Sorry, chunky knit cardi – you’ll have to wait ’til September.

Are you ready for autumn or clinging on to summer? Have you started building your AW wardrobe yet? What will you be buying?



I’ve always been an A/W person, it’s the only way I really now how to dress. I wear tights all year round, no matter how hot it is and I just love cardigans and scarfs. I tend to wear black and greys, so I’m very excited for A/W! For the past few days I have been sorting out my wadrobe with my A/W pieces. There’s lots of plums, black, browns, greys, creams and a touch of khaki. I want to add a bit more like pink to my wardrobe, though 🙂

Love, Jazzabelle. x

Vintage Vixen

Nooooo!! I can’t stand winter. It depresses me no end. Endless coats, gloves, scarves, hats, no high heels when it’s frosty, no car boot sales, no festivals, no sitting in the beer garden or spending the night under canvas. I’m hanging on till the bitter end then I’m booking me a flight to India. xxx


I’m just getting very bored of the schizophrenic weather. I wouldn’t mind it raining all day if it did that but it never does – it’s always really sunny for part of the day and then chucking it down the rest of the time and I just don’t know how to dress for it! I’ve got a very wintery woolen pinafore dress on today and I’m still cold. Bah.

I’m not totally giving up on my summer frocks though. I’m just going to layer them and whack funky tights on.

Gorgeous autumnal tones in your outfit today Jen but it still manages to look nice and summery.


Lovely outfit I think its a bit warmer down in London though because it’s pretty easy to walk around with no tights on, well on some days anyway!! I’m looking forward to AW10 because I’ve decided that animals are going to be huge. I’ve already bought a woolly cardigan covered in horse print from H&M, have my eye on 2 animal hats in river island and on the look out for a fauw fur leopard print coat! I love putting all the layers on come the colder months but I’m definitely not giving up on summer yet, or at least until september!!


Love the shirt/dress combo. AW is the same as SS. Just add tights and a jacket. Heat isn’t good. I’m more of a cool-weather person.


Gorgeous – I love the layering here, it really makes the dress wearable for cooler weather. I’m still clinging onto summer – I don’t feel as if I’ve got enough wear out of my summer clothes yet and I’m crossing my fingers for a return of the sun 🙂 x


I’m getting ready for Autumn too – it’s my favourite season! I recently brought a shirt similar to the one you’re wearing here, and you’re right – it’s perfect for all seasons! I did wear tights today and a mac, I think I have given up on summer! x


Living in the North of England, Autumn/Winter seem the norm pretty much all year round! I’m looking forward to wearing all the great knitwear around, I’ve luckily got a few great freebies from my work placement which I cannot wait to wear 🙂

Great transitional outfit, you could really add more layers as the weather gets cooler 🙂

Grace x


Autumn/Winter are my months, I just feel so much more relaxed and able to dress if that makes sense. Summer scares me, I guess it’s the whole bare legs, bare arms thing. Winter I can dress up in as many layers as desired and look kind of fashionable.

I love scarves, boots, and big cardigans. I VERY much embrace this transition x


I love that dress! And not just because I won it from you! I’m definitely feeling that autumn mood, although admittedly I did go to a BBQ on a roof terrace yesterday, so maybe not quite yet…


I like A/W a lot more – I feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, and I can cover up if I want to. Much prefer jazzing up an outfit with thick socks, boots and a scarf. I’ll miss being able to go on picnics, go to festivals, stay out late in the sunshine, and want to go outside without feeling like I’ll die.

Lou x –


I love summer but since the end of the world cup it’s felt the summer has been over so I am ready to embrace autumn with arms wide open now! I can’t wait for the shops to get rid of bikinis and start getting lots more tights in haha.


My fall wardrobe started a couple of weeks back, its that cold already in Ireland! No joke.

The little belt at your waist made me love this outfit <3


I’m a bit more of an a/w girl myself. There’s just something so lovley about chunky cosy knitwear and cosy boots and scarfs. I’ve picked up a couple of knitted dresses already and I’m coveting shearling atm…I might invest in some nice boots with a trim I think 🙂

I love your shirt, definitely a good transitional piece! xxx


I totally agree with you on the Autumn thing. Here we are constantly looking out for the sun, and it never comes. Everytime I read your blog you make me want to go to primark, you always find such nice stuff there.


I’m still clinging onto summer! Even if that means I’m going out without tights and shivering when the breeze comes whistling past! Haha. I’m so bad at transition weather; I’m finding it hard to cope!



I think we’re lucky, being Brits, that the AW collections are so strong this year. With such a fabulous array of coats and knits on offer – not to mention the thigh-high socks! – is it any wonder we’re chomping at the bit?!

LadyBugSays ...

If the weather in Summer was summery and in Winter was wintery I would be fine! Its when you get scorching hot days followed by rain that my fashion sense gets confused! Though I will confess to having worn opaque tights a few times in the last couple of weeks! Its so cold! I am looking forward to layering and scarves and tights!


Brilliant! Fall is actually my favorite season but they go by far too quickly. Maybe I’ll just start my fall dressing now and drag it out.

Perfect transition outfit too. I love the belting action!


Great outfit, Jen!
I’m anxiously awaiting fall as well. This summer has been incredibly hot here! I’m just sick of it at this point. I’m ready for some cooler weather. But once winter hits, I know I’ll be wishing it was warm out! 😛


I love that shirt. Off to MK tomo so may have to pick one up. 🙂

I love winter and autumn, love layering, then love summer, love little clothes. Love all year round.



i have built my autumn wardrobe in my wishlist on asos..mustards, khakis, lovely greys.. i just have to find the money to be able to afford it all!!! 🙂 xo


Nonononononono… I’m not ready for autumn! (Something I say every summer) – though when I see your outfit, Jen, I do realise the charming twists of an autumnal outfit. As long as you can avoid the chunky cardi (fashion-wise they are great, but temperature-wise).


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