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Zara dress, Primark cardigan, tights and ring, boots, Wallpaper Rose Heli necklace

I bought this fierce frock from Zara at the weekend – I adore Zara basics. I can’t wait to dress this beastie up with heels and a dramatic coat for a classic evening look. The adorable harmonica necklace comes courtesy of Wallpaper Rose. And yes, it plays a tune!

Tonight I’m trotting off to Leeds Fashion Show with fabulous Lucy from Miss Lucy Loves. I had a plus one for the show and really wanted to invite a fellow blogger along, rather than one of my ‘real life’ friends.

Developing this blog has made me realise I have very few friends I can share my fashion fanatics with. Many of my buddies are straight males with little to no interest in fashion further than jeans and shirts. My female friends like clothes and shoes and bags, but that all-consuming passion is only present in me. I’m the enabler, the one who drags them shopping and pushes that highly frivolous but oh-so fabulous jumpsuit into their arms.

So, my real life friends may not be dedicated followers of fashion, but I know my blog massive are right there with me. So tell me folks – do you and your RL friends share a sartorial sisterhood or do you turn to fellow bloggers for your fix?



love the outfit! I have one or two friends who like fashion as much as I do, but I would only take the one to a fashion show lol xx


i only really have one ‘proper’ friend, and a few college friends, so it’s oh so lovely to have a network of people who understand me, my style and my personality, and who i can just generally talk to every day. i’ve met many bloggers since i started in march, but i can’t wait to meet more! beautiful necklace, by the way! have a wonderful time at the fashion show.


Victoria India

One of my favourite Jen outfits! Awh i would of loved to have gone to that event, i hope you have an amazing time! 🙂

I’ve made some great friends on my course, so i know we can discuss fashion.
But the whole blogging world is different.
Only 3 people know i blog.

I’d much rather shop on my own xo


I totally understand what you mean i feel like im fashion crazied when im among my friends they don’t seem to get it! Lol

Danni and Maria

I know exactly what you mean with RL friends. I am lucky that Danni, my blogging partner in crime shares the same interests but the majority of my friends are males who are more interested in music than fashion. I turn to you lovely ladies to share my woes/wins with, especially on Twitter 🙂

Maria xxxx


Love the dress. That bow is very prettily positioned. I’m not interested in real-world fashion. Too time-consuming and I’m too fat. But I like pretty pictures and pretending I’d look like that…..if I did actually look a bit like that in the first instance.


do you ever have an off day.. when it comes to clothes!.. i cant imagine that dress it looks lovely with the purple cardi!
im sat here in baggy pjs looking a right kip, i love clothes but im a bit lazy so its very rarely that i look anywere decent!!

E is for Eleanor

I feel exactly the same, I have one friend (Amy from WolfWhistle) who is a real life and blogger friend and we are equally obsessed, but every other RL friend isn’t really that into it as me!

That dress is gorgeous Jen, it’s so flattering! I must go and look for this! x


I’m with you – blogging is my outlet! When I met Pearl from Pearls of Wisdom and Kate from Make Do Style, it was fabulous to be able to discuss pleated skirts without feeling like a bore… 🙂

The dress is very flattering…and in my favourite leopard print.


We’re both rocking leopard print today, even though mine is present on a bag!!
I’m studying at London College of Fashion this year, so I’ve found quite a few people who share my love -obsession?- of fashion, however none of them know about my blog so I can only discuss blog related stuff with bloggers 😀

Enjoy the show!!

xx Iris


Woooo lady, this dress & your body are a perfect match!

I’m definitely in the same boat as you. Nobody I know in real life is as ‘obsessed’ (for lack of a better word) with fashion as I am, I’m always looking to online for inspiration.

Em x

Ohhhh i love that dress. I’m really going to be taking advantage of the leopard bits around at the moment as i’ve loved it forever x


That dress is perfect. It looks amazing on you. I’m tempted to head off to Zara to buy it. It’s so lovely.

And the necklace is beautiful.

Only 1 or 2 of my real life friends have a passion for fashion, so I spend my time discussing it with fellow bloggers instead.


I have one friend who’s fashion mad. We’ve known each other since we were 11 and talking fashion together is such a joy. My GBF was here at the weekend and that was fun. He pushed me to buy more interesting things than I might have picked myself (e.g. choosing the gold option instead of just going for black). Have fun at the event. xx


Gorgeous dress.
My real life friends are interested in fashion/make-up but not to the extent that I am so blogs are really essential to my life – I can’t believe that I only got involved in the blogging community a year ago…how did I survive without it for so long?! x


Wow, you look stunning! The colors and the fit are oh so flattering!
My friends sound like your friends–they like clothes, but they don’t have the same obsession that I do. That’s why I started a blog and ADORE the friends I’ve made in the blogging community.


I have one friend who is really fashion orientated and a great shopping partner. Usually though I turn to my twitter/blog friends to share discuss fashion.
My mum is really interesed in fashion though and always a good one to talk to in real life, so thats good!
evie x
One More Blog


Oh so very pretty! None of my friends are interested in fashion either, but I talk about it with my mum and my blog friends 🙂



Oh how I wish I had friends who cared about fashion. I definitely don’t, which is why I love the fashion blogging community.

Speaking of which…LOVE the dress. You look lovely in purple!


This outfit is lovely, Jen, and I hope that the fashion show was fab!
MY friends tire easily of shopping and clothes-talk, although they are interested to a point. That said, when we go shopping, I tend to realise how fashion-victim their tastes can be compared to my sense of style, which they tell me is more “out-there” :S


jen you AMAZING here!!!! love the dress on you and your hair sleeked to the side! FAB!!!! 🙂 my sis is a pretty big on shopping but she lives in edinburgh 🙁 and shes a fellow blogger too! but mainly i turn to bloggers for a fashion fix..i worry im shopping/fashion obsessed! lol x


You look fab! Now THAT is how to do animal print during the day!
Some of my friends love fashion too but mostly I turn to bloggers, I think I am obsessed – even more so now I have started my own blog, I’m feeding my obsession! lol


As you well know, I’m exactly the same. Nobody to talk to about handbags and necklaces! Thank you so much for inviting me hun, it was such good fun. I’m going through my shoddy photos tonight and trying to pick out any where you can see the actual clothing. Nightmare xx


I too turn to my fellow bloggers for fashion advice – my RL friends just don’t shop much! D:
This is my absolute favourite outfit I’ve seen you in! 😀

Louise Nowelle

Thank you so much for featuring Wallpaper Rose Jen – you look absolutely glorious as usual! Amazing dress! I hope you had a great time at the fashion show.

If your readers are thinking about making a Wallpaper Rose purchase, they can get a 10% discount using the code ‘ALITTLEBIRD’ at the checkout 🙂

Lou x


Gosh, that dress is fantastic! I love Zara basics because although they hit all the right buttons for basics – go with everything, easy to wear and wash etc etc they are never boring!

I have one or two friends who are as fantatical about fashion as me but not many are prepared to talk about it for as long as I can. I am so happy I found the fashion blog community so I have people who won’t get bored talking about all this with me!


That dress is GORGEOUS! Looks like a v flattering cut.

I have one or two friends who like fashion like I do, but not many who are into it the way I am. I always rely on blogs for finding some likeminded peeps! X


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