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H&M jeans, Urban Outfitters blouse, Primark tee, thrifted cardigan, Converse boots, earrings from my jewellery box

Hooray for days off work! Today I’m chilling out at home, waiting for the Mr to return. And when he does, we’re packing a bag, jumping in the car and going to stay at a luxury apartment in the beautiful city of York. No matter that it’s only 45 mins away from our actual house, or that we grew up in York so know the place like the backs of our respective hands – it’s a freebie early Valentine’s Day weekend away! Rob built a website for the lady who owns the apartment and she very nicely offered it to us for free whenever we wanted.

Today’s outfit favours function over fashion, but that suited my dash around the local charity shops just fine.

Okay, I’d admit. I haven’t just been chilling out at home, waiting for the Mr to return. I’ve been… shopping. Eeeep! But thrift shopping, so does that count? I think not!
Topshop tuxedo blazer, £5


Ornate standing mirror, £1.49

Gold bird brooch, £2.99

Polaroid Joycam, 99p

I’m so pleased with my mini haul! I never have much luck at charity shops and although the prices aren’t exactly amazing, I think I got some real bargains. The Topshop tux blazer is brand new and fits like a dream. The mirror is a little dirty – any ideas how to clean it up a bit? I was thinking a dab of white spirit and some gentle rubbing. The brooch is so cute and will look perfect pinned to a lapel. And the camera! I’ve wanted a proper Polaroid camera for YEARS. I’m not really sure where to get the film from – eBay? Ah, even if I can’t get any film or it doesn’t work, it was worth it for 99p.

What are your favourite thrifted finds?



oooOOOoo the brooch and mirror are gorgeous. The jacket was a real find too. Well done you 🙂

cleaning up the mirror: I’d try a little water on a cottonwool pad first to see if that gets some of the loose dirt off, then maybe nail varnish remover, white spirit might damage it?

Enjoy your trip away x


Great find with that jacket! The mirror is very pretty too!

I’ve never actually been shopping in a thrift store, but maybe I should one day.

Enjoy your weekend away

Smiley Shazza

That brooch is gorgeous :o) That was definitely a good find.

Love the mirror – to get some of the dirt out of the edging maybe try an old toothbrush dampened with a little bit of mild shampoo or washing up liquid on it? The bristles should really get into the nooks and crannies and then you can polish it up afterwards.

Hope you have a great weekend away.

Am subscribing now – not sure why I didn’t have you on my blog list before.

Fairy Shazza


I love the brooch it’s really pretty.
Have you got a microfibre cloth you can try a little hot water with one, but the toothbrush is a good idea with a little bicarb would be worth a try.
You found some fab bargains!

The Fashion Teller

LOVE your shoes hun and top! Soooo cute! 🙂
Love the mirror you found as well! How vintage and prettie is that?! Is it sad that I am 24 in 2 weeks and enjoy thrift markets and antiques?! he he! I love finding things which have a histroy to them you know?
Have an amazing time in York darling!


Hey lovely,

LOVE that mirror, it’s gorgeous!

Checked with my hubby and that Polaroid takes 500 film. I think it’s out of production (always the same) but you might be able to get expired stock on eBay. Have a look and see when you can find. If it’s about 5 years OOD then you won’t really notice a difference, maybe some of the colours will be washed out or yellow. Older than that it probably won’t develop but it’s worth a try if you can get cheap film.

Have a great weekend away, I love York!


I LOVE that brooch! I wish we had decent charity shops here, I get so jealous of your finds! I shall be in another town tomorrow that has more choice than where I live, so fingers crossed for a bargain or two!


have a lovely weekend and well done on the charity shop bargains! our local ones are a bit hit and miss, so i try to leave going too often, and pop in once a month or so for a trawl..


What a great buy on the jacket!! nice one!

The mirror and brooch are lovely aswell, and the polaroid, good going!!

With the mirror a little warm water and a few drops of vinegar will help bring up not only the frame but the actually mirror also.

x x


Oh, sounds like just the perfect getaway to me! Hope you both have the most romantic time!

And wow, I really love each item from your thrifting today! Especially the mirror and broch:) Love them!!


🙂 It’s amazing what is lurking in Charity shops! I love the thrill of finding something you really wouldn’t expect to. Theres just something about thrifting that is enchanting…ha!
Great finds, especially the brooch

Amy Marie

I love that Urban Outfitters blouse, it’s a gorgeous pattern. I also love the mirror and the hummingbird brooch is a beaut!

My best ever thrift find was a dress like Carrie’s naked dress in SatC. The charity and thrift stores are rubbish in Newcastle! It makes me sad 🙁

I love York, the boy and I stayed in the Hilton there last Valentines weekend, it was so romantic. York is one of the few places I’d really like to move to in the England.

Amy Marie xxx


Amazing finds! Well done you! I’m very impressed. Have you had your haircut? It looks different. And loving this outfit – very feminine – pinks and florals, lovely! xx

joelle van dyne

you had some great finds today! the polaroid camera will be a lot of fun- i think ebay is the best place for film. i really like your pink shoes here, and the cardi- it’s a good color on you! ~joelle

Cafe Fashionista

First, I just have to say…lately, you’ve been reminding me so much of Twiggy. The oversized earrings framing your face are doing it this time – what a stunning accessory!

To be quite truthful, I have never before gone thrifting. All of my purchases have been made new at shops like Forever 21. Though your finds are making me want to give it a whirl!! 🙂

Em x

Such a perfect casual outfit. You are so naughty going shopping!!!!!(but i don’t blame you!) I love the mirror, its so pretty x

Dolly Daydream

I love the Topshop blazer too stylish my best find was a vintage denim Burberry jacket which is so amazing, I am going back to the same one next week Saturday.
I also went to beyond Retro a vintage shop with so many amazing 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s clothing it is like a parade of petticoats in there (no, seriously.

Drop by my blog at:

From Dolly

Pink Flower

I just love that mirror! Is so very pretty! Have a lovely weekend in York, I just keep seeing it as a place to work these days but it is a gorgeous city.


The topshop blazer is a real find (and well done on the other things, too!). Hope you have a lovely pre Valentine weekend!

Audrey Allure

i love how you matched with your converse – very cute!

& remember when i asked your opinion/definition of love was? it has been selected to be part of Fringe Indie Magazine – check out my new post for more info 🙂

The Owl Diary

Fantastic finds! & I just love your shoes btw. As for my favorite thrifted finds there are too many to count, but I suppose I’d have to say my pink antique couch that was $10 & a pink baby scale I purchased in Tennessee that I use as a magazine holder. xx


Lovely thrift store finds! 🙂 And lucky you, getting to get away for the weekend, I hope you have a lot of fun!
As for my favourite thrift store find; it must be this really pretty vase that my mom and I found and we still have it!

Anna Jane

Oh wow, you must be so good at thrifting cos I never seem to find anything half as decent as this lot. I guess you’ve really got to have the eye for it!
I hope you enjoy the poloroid camera, I’m totally inspired to try and find a bargainous one somewhere now!
Lovely outfit as always, loving the touches of pink. 🙂 Don’t feel bad about breaking the shopping ban – at least you weren’t tearing round the overly-priced high street!

Have a lovely weekend <3

– Anna Jane xxx


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