Thrift Find of the Month – August

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Jasper Conran dress via car boot sale, Primark cardigan and belt, Schuh leather brogues, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace

This dress was a fantastic find from last weekend’s car boot. It’s a Jasper Conran tea dress, fits like a dream and cost just £1.50. Oh, how I love to thrift! Although after Alex’s post about bloggers’ use of ‘thrifted’ as a vague description of the origins of their outfits, I’m trying to be more specific about where I find my second hand pieces. I get asked all the time which car boot sale I go to – if you’re in Leeds, I recommend ‘The Big One’, held on Sunday mornings at Greenacres Farm need Leeds/Bradford airport. It’s where I find all my bargains! If you’re elsewhere, you can use Car Boot Junction to find one near you.

What has been your best buy this month? New or old, thrifty or pricey – tell us what you’ve found!



Gorgeous dress & I love those shoes! My favourite buy of this month is a dress that makes me feel like I’ve fallen out of the 1970’s when I wear it haha 😀 xx

Laura xo

Love this dress, what an amazing find! I loooove thrifting 🙂 My best buy this month was probably these plain black flats from Target that i got for only $13..i’ll get SO much use out of them! xo


Gorgeous dress! Your thrift finds are always amazing 🙂
I haven’t bought anything new clothing-wise for a while…am trying to abstain from the sales as want to treat myself to a few new autumnal pieces. x

Pea Green Kitty

What a fab find! I love it.
I too love that very Car Boot sale, I just dont get to go often enough.
Do you know by any chance when they stop doing them for winter??


what a bargain with the dress, it’s beautiful! also, i love the primark cardigan, it reminds me of a cashmere zara one i picked up at my fave charity shop ages ago. your brogues are so pretty, are they pink, or lilac? i can’t really tell.

i personally don’t like or use the term ‘thrifted’, but i honestly don’t have a specific reason why. i use the word ‘thrifty’ regularly, but ‘thrifted’ and ‘thrifting’ don’t really do it for me. i love to know where people have picked up their bargain finds, hence why i have always mentioned whether i get my pieces from car boot sales, charity shops, jumble sales…etc. i just think it lovely to give that sort of information 🙂

love, jazzabelle. xx


Hi there!! Your dress is a gorgeous find! I was on the East Coast last week and picked up some great bargains from the charity shop-thrifting is just so addictive!!


Cute dress! I still haven’t found a tea dress!
On Wednesday I found a gorgeous (faux) leather H&M jacket for £6 in one of my local charity shops!
Lou x –


I love that dress, such a lovely colour and print- £1.50 don’t know how you do it! Amazing.
I do love Jasper Conran, great brand, great quality xx


You look so pretty! I especially love that cardigan. It looks so cozy! I’m definitely looking forward to wearing lots of cardigans like that this fall. 🙂

My best buy of the month? Definitely this Leslie Danzis ring I bought in a sale on Gilt last week. It’s so pretty and definitely the perfect statement ring!


Always looking for car boots around me, could probably make it to ‘The Big One’ but i’m bookmarking the rec website for future!


Hello Jen,
Absolutely adore your blog. Sliiiiiiiiiiightly jealous of how much talent you have for writing and, evidently by this post, your fashion skills. 1.50 for a dress. It gives me hope as an unemployed student. 😉
Keep up the good work 😀
I’d be honoured if you’d take a cheeky peek at my blog too. 😀


Great find, Jen, and wonderfully combined with the big cardi. My best buy… Perhaps the olive jumpsuit I’m wearing, got it in the sale at Zara, a place I rarely go to.


Gorgeous dress, can’t believe is was only £1.50!
Thanks to you sharing that link, I’ve just discovered a car boot 5 minutes away from me that Ididn’t know existed, and have now planned to go this Sunday!



What a super find! I always get mildly more excited by finding more expensive labels at the car boot – I know it’s silly cos it should be the item that matters, not who designed it. I think it’s just the knowledge of how much you’ve saved by getting it that way rather than in the shops that cheers me up so.

It would be fab for you to take up the challenge! I don’t mind at all – just don’t put me to shame eh? 😉


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