Thrift Finds of the Month – April

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I went to my first car boot sales of the year today – one on Swillington Sports Field just off Wakefield Road in Leeds and the other on Wetherby Race Course (here’s a partial list of car boot sales in Leeds. There are more – look out for signs when you’re out and about!).

I hauled ass out of bed at 7.15am to be first in line for the best bargains – it really does pay to go to car boot sales as early as you can bear. All of today’s treasures were found at Swillington (my first stop) before 8.30am, and after that only Primark cast-offs and ill-advised kitchen purchases (quick thaw plate, anyone?) remained. 6-8 are the golden hours… you can always nap in the afternoon!

I really love old advertising and packaging, so was pleased to pick up this vintage tin for £1.

I’ve been looking for a bag for my MacBook for ages and this black leather satchel is the perfect fit, especially for just £1.

This is why it pays to hang on to seemingly unfashionable items – these sleeveless denim jackets are back in Topshop and selling for £35, but the old (and identical) version can be picked up for 50p.

Not much, but I’ve been bitten by the booting bug once again, so these pages will soon be filled with thrifty finds once more (hopefully, and weather permitting). How did you spend the Bank Holiday Weekend? Did you visit any car boots or charity shops? Tell your tales in the comments below.

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Ooh I used to live round the corner from the Swillington car boot!

That cocoa tin is a real find – such a nice design and it looks in really good condition.


Ooo, such lovely finds. I haven’t been thrifting in so long. I feel rather bad about that fact. I can’t wait for my local car boots to start up again!


wants to know what cheap places you’re going to. GADZ. car boots over charity shops seems the way to go. the satchel is perfection. swoon x


Those were great finds! I bagged some great bangles and belts from the chazza on Saturday. I blog about them on Saturday.

They also had a fab cord blazer that I didn’t get so I’m going back for that tomorrow – keep your fingers crossed it’s still there.



Ah, moto! I remember moto! Love your haul – the car boot bug has bitten me yet again too. My favourite one is HUGE and doesn’t start until midday on a Sunday, another reason why I love it!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

Wow, great finds. I can’t believe the satchel was £1. Or that waistcoat for 50p for that matter. I haven’t been to a charity shop for a little while but I will be going this week (I have the 3 days between bank holidays off).

Michelle at Chellbellz

I love your finds! I really love the tin! I would use it for pens or something. that jacket is so nice too. I had a great denim jacket and my mom ripped it and bleached it.


Not a bad few buys, love that tin.

I always hang on to somethings that I may have paid a bit of money for (Topshop velvet blazer being one!) as they say, fashion moves in circles. And I still love wearing it in winter.



I’ve never really been to a car boot sale – well, unless you count going to one with my grandma in my very early childhood. It seems like the perfect spot for bargains though!

Vintage Vixen

Great finds, Jen! Here’s to a glorious summer packed full of boot sale bargains.
I went to three yesterday, at first I thoughtI may have left my shopping mojo in India but eventually found a handful of choice goodies which will tide me over till Thursday’s jumble. xxx


what lovely finds! i adore the briefcase, what a bargain! the denim waistcoat is lovely too, can’t wait to see how you style it 🙂

i love the vintage tin, my mum and i have a few about the house and they really do add something extra 🙂



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