Thrift Finds of The Month – February

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It may only be the 5th of February, but it’s already shaping up to be an excellent month for thrifting. Before snow engulfed the country and I went into hibernation with udon noodles and a bottle of Rioja, I nipped out for a quick look round my favourite charity shops. Here are some of the things I came back with…

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Carved dressing table mirror, £14.99 

Even second hand shoppers are not immune to the impulse buy. This beauty was sitting next to the counter as I paid for my other goodies and even thought it was a bit overpriced, I couldn’t resist. It’s over the top, ridiculously girly and highly impractical with a kitten who likes to knock things over, but I love it.

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Vintage pleated skirt, £3.99

My limited photography skills can’t capture the true colour of this pretty pleated skirt – it’s more of a bright plum purple. I plan to wear it at waist level with a leather belt, a neon tee and killer heels.

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Betty Boop holdall, £4.99

I’m in LOVE with this amazing vintage holdall – anything featuring Betty Boop is a winner in my book. The outside is fabulously kitsch while inside is roomy enough for all those weekend away essentials. I’ve bookmarked this as my carry-on when we fly to Chicago later this year.

So that’s what I found – have you been second hand shopping this weekend? Pick up any brilliant bargains?



Gorgeous mirror – I can’t resist a touch of shabby chic and unashamedly girly! Great finds, especially the holdall 🙂



I’m in love with the vintage suitcases… I really want a vintage trunk but can’t seem to find one that’s just enough ‘battered’ they’re always too battered or too new looking lol! That mirror is gorgeous!

The Deer Head



The top two suitcases are from car boot sales – that’s the best place to find them! They go for crazy money in charity shops and on eBay.


woow! i am in love with that mirror, ive been looking in high street shops and there around £100+
so cute.

ps; sweet blog


I love that holdall A LOT! Great find.
I came close to buying one of those mirrors at a carboot last year but when I went back to the stall it was gone. They are very lovely indeed xxx


All three things are lovely and so cheap too! I’d love to do more thrift shopping but there aren’t any good places for it near me. I’m hoping to venture further afield and have a hunt around because I love vintage things 🙂 x


I think i love the suitcases more then the bag youre actually photographing! The holdall is lush though 🙂

Unfortunately i cant seem to find any decent thrift shops near me, im planning a day out to oxford soon though for that sole purpouse!



I love that dressing table mirror. I’ve been wanting one like it for so long but have yet to find one that I really love. Yours is beautiful and such a good price compared with brand new furniture. x


As you might have guessed, I’m drawn to the pleated skirt and can’t wait to see it styled with the neon tee, sounds exciting! That mirror is amazing too, can’t wait to escape the family home and fill up a room with pretty 2nd hand finds!

Cheap Kicks

That mirrors fab…..I got a French Connection dress for £3.95 in my local charity shop yesterday, unfortunetly it’s a size 8 so no chance of fitting me ever but it’s perfect for my little sister. I got a few other things, which reminds me I need to go photograph them to show this week xxx


That dressing table mirror looks gorgeous 🙂 What a great find! I need to bargain hunting!

Caroline x


I think the key is a good mix – I could never give up my high street faves but adding a few charity shop pieces gives an outfit that unique edge. Glad to hear you’re a convert, Kim! 🙂


Those are some fantastic find! I’m loving pleated skirts at the moment so I’m secretly a little green with envy at yours!


Hi Dan, it was from Age UK in Roundhay. If you’re in the Leeds area Roundhay has some great charity shops – Age UK, St Gemma’s and RSPCA are my favourites.


i absolutely love your dressing table mirror! it’s so pretty. i’d love something similar myself, though perhaps in a gold/bronze or complete wood.

i can’t wait to see how you style the maxi skirt, it’s beautiful! x


I love the mirror Jen, on the hunt for something like that for my dressing table. Changed the handles on it with some pretty crystal one’s I picked up in Portobello Market at the weekend.
The bag is perfect! I love it, what a find, that’ll be great as a carry on. And can’t wait to see how you work the skirt.


Reaaly must get to my local charity shops and rummage…..I do ok when looking in the sales (when money allows!!) but never quite seem to nail the charity shop gems….. Love the Betty Boo holdall & looking forward to seeing the maxi skirt with killer heels.



Aah I adore the Betty Boop bag! My Gran had a nightie with her on many years ago, and I had to wear it whenever I stayed there! 🙂


I am a big fan of second hand shopping, I LOVE the mirror you found on your treasure hunting. Can’t wait to see how you wear the skirt 🙂
R xx


I don’t think £14.99 is that bad for the mirror? I think its lovely – I love that style of furniture, its abit like my dressing table style wise.


wow! you’re a hotshot thrifer! tips i should know? the bag is wicked, i want!

xo katrina


I love all of this so much! The mirror especially. I cannot wait until I have my own place and can fill it with second-hand mirrors and such things.

I haven’t bought anything from charity shops recently except books. One day when I have some spare money I might go on a second-hand expedition 🙂

Dotty Dolly

You are so amazing at charity shopping!! I have the exact same mirror, however, unlike you, payed an absolute fortune for it!

The betty boop holdall is such a great find too! xxx

Ms Wanda

Damn! I’ve got a mirror like that and you paid a lot less than me for it. And mine is broken. I was so had!! *goes off and sulks*


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