Through the Gloom

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Wearing: Primark blouse, Topshop jeans, Mango blazer via car boot sale, Zara leather sandals, Matalan bag, Mango ring
On: Friday 7th January
For: More snow. Yes, I wore open toes in the snow. So sue me.

Zara’s January sale was the only one I was really bothered about. I adore Zara clothing – the designs are a perfect mix of Urban Outfitters cool and Gap casual. My wardrobe is steadily becoming a shrine to their sweet tea dresses and chunky knit cardigans.

When I nipped in I had the Mr in tow, so was very single minded. I picked up a black leather belt, the spotty dress seen here (the cardigan is also Zara, but sadly belongs to my sister) and made my way to the till, looking dead ahead and ignoring the rails either side of me. The queue was long and winding so as I waited patiently I allowed my eyes to roam, just a little, to the table of shoes next to me. And there they were, sitting in all their leather glory, my size, and only £14.99. A sign, I think you’ll agree? I snatched them up straightaway.

Mornings have been grim up north since work started again. Exceptionally dark, wet and dreary, they don’t allow for outdoor photography so I’ve resorted to my living room and some fairy lights. Hurry up spring!



Cool outfit. I wish I could wear heels!!! I like the idea of pictures inside with use of fairy lights and standing lamp – I may try it! At present I have to resort to recreating outfits over the weekend to take.

vint junky

They’re lovely and too good not to wear just because of the pesky snow. Anyhow couldn’t rob throw down his coat in an act of chivalry if it gets too slushy 😉


I absolutely love this Jen! Especially the shoes – and I love the fact that you are wearing them with socks, I’d never think about doing that but it looks really cool. I’m really liking your indoor shots too.

Also, totally random, off-topic question, but where did you get your sofa/chair from? It is just what I’m looking for!


I’m pretty impressed with Zara this season as well. THey have some really good stuff.
I absolutely love your outfit, Jen. It’s so well put together. The blouse is so pretty.


Love the Primark blouse, seen so many people wearing it yet I still want it!!! Down south the gloom factor isn’t much better.

Hannah xx


Definitely a sign. The Gods of Fashion were smiling upon you.

Your blouse is so sweet! I never seem to be able to find nice things like that in Primark, but that is genuinely lovely.


I really like this whole outfit, it all goes together really well!
I have never been that into Zara, it’s a shop I never make an effort to go in, as i don’t seem to find much. That said, I saw a dress on a blog recently I do wish to track down, so I will make an effort to visit one soon.


I have that blouse, always gets comments when I wear it.
Love the sandals with socks going on, I never really go in Zara, the shop sometimes has the ability to make me feel rather large (I’m a size 12/14)



jen you look simply fabulous!! the weather here sucks too i can only take outfits on the weekend when im free during the day and even then i have to hope it doesnt rain which in ireland is likely 99% of the time! 🙂 xo


I love Zara too, fave shop at the moment. I adore that blouse with the horse shoe print! Can’t believe it’s primark.


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