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I often extol the virtues of TK Maxx. I bought my favourite Michael Kors leather jacket from there. I wrote a guide to shopping there. And just yesterday, I showed off my latest bargain buy. I love the place, and could (and often do) spend hours rifling through the rails.

Although I’m usually drawn to the clothing, I’ve recently discovered that TK Maxx does a blinding line in beauty products. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a terrible product snob, but unfortunately I don’t have the bank balance to back it up. So to find high end products at hugely reduced prices makes me squeal with actual glee.

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

After spending 15 minutes crouched down on the floor, rooting right at the back of a display shelf full of skincare, I emerged triumphant with this beauty. Elizabeth Arden released this special edition Eight Hour Cream to celebrate 100 years of the brand – I had my eye on it when it first came out because I’m a sucker for cute packaging, but at £22 it was a little pricey. In TK Maxx? Just £12.99.

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Laidbare ‘Pack Your Bags’ eye cream

After reading Caroline’s brilliant post on eye cream, I decided to invest in a good one. I’m always trying to nose out a bargain and this Laidbare cream was £4.99 with an RRP of £15. I also love the quirky name. Seriously – I’m a marketer’s dream.

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Parks Aromatherapy candle

I just cannot resist the lure of a luxury candle. TK Maxx cleverly place them alongside the queue for the tills, so of course I have to sniff them all while and waiting. And of course I have to buy one. Well, wouldn’t you if they were £7.99 from £27.99 and smelt like a dream? I know Lucy would.

Have you ever bought beauty products from TK Maxx? What’s been your best bargain?



The Elizabeth Arden pot is so cute! I love TK Maxx but I rarely find anything great in my nearest one, I’ll keep looking though! x


My mum is a sucker for TK Maxx and I think she honestly does keep the company going! She always comes out with armfusl of things! I can never find anything though, brought some heated rollers and nails inc varnishes once thyough. I just don’t think I go often enough!


TK Maxx is my favourite shop in the world!
Spent over an hour in there once and came out with so much!
You got some great bargains xxx


I’ve never had a wander into the beauty section of TK Maxx, always too distracted by the clothes 😛 With bargains like these, I think it’s definitely worth investigating!
R xx


I have never looked in TK Maxx for anything, I think i need to get in there more and look for some beauty bargains X


Haha, after commenting that I almost bought the same bag as you, guess what – I too was tempted into picking up one of those Parks candles yesterday! They are gorgeous and they had literally what felt like a million different fragrances, my Mum was getting so impatient waiting for me to smell them all!

I proper love TK Maxx although it is very rare that I venture into the clothing section. I tend to find it all a bit overwhelming so will have a look at your guide. Clothes aside, however, I am seemingly incapable of going into the place without buying something, usually beauty products. Recently I’ve picked up Pixi, Stila & New CID cosmetics for a fraction of the normal price. They have TIGI hair products in all the time & I always get my shampoo & conditioner there because they tend to do those massive salon sized bottles of really nice brands. The shoes & homeware are great too – my best recent buy has to be Le Creuset ovenware for £7.99!


You clearly have excellent taste, Marie! 😉

Agree that the clothing can be a bit overwhelming, I tend to stick to the jackets and shoes section. Love your Le Creuset bargain!


At the stores near me, they never seem to have a brilliant beauty stock (someone once told me they had OPI in at their branch!) but I always get big shampoos and conditioners there for a smidgen of the price.

Piper Alexander

I assume TK Maxx is the same as TJ Maxx in the states… they have Rusk hair products for a steal here. My best buy though was a flatware set for about $20. I never found a better deal on flatware again.


This stuff is my favourite thing about TX Maxx! I need to get in there and pick up some more candles on payday.

Pearl Westwood

Nice finds Jen, you know Im always harking on and on about TK Maxx but it is just sooooo awesome! You will never guess what I got in there today – Balenciaga boots!!I will blog them tomorrow, I spent two hours in there it is so much fun rummaging around, trying things on. I just love it! x


Pearl, I am DYING at your latest purchase! Balenciaga boots, unbelievable. You’re definitely the TK Maxx queen! 🙂 x


Love your purchases…reminds me I need to invest in a good eye cream! :)x


Got to love TK Maxx for big brand bargains, i love to have a nosey round the beauty products but my local store isnt the greatest. Scarlett x


I adore the elisabeth arden packaging!!! amazing 🙂

it is always so tempting to buy stuff just because of nice packaging, I am really a sucker for this kind of things….

xxx from stockholm


I love TK Maxx however I did notice yesterday whilst nosing through the beauty products that you have to be a little wary – I love Elizabeth Arden visible difference moisturiser and after reading this post thought I would have a look out for it in TK Maxx. They had it in stock, £24.99 reduced from rrp of about £65, sounds like a bargin except that Boots have it on sale at £20.50!


Great point, Becca_Lou – you do have to be careful. It’s definitely worth shopping around, no matter what you’re purchasing. Thanks for the tip! 🙂


I love TK Maxx! Never fail to find fab bargains! I always buy candles from there- I used to work near this lovely spa called Calmia on Marylebone high street from which someone bought me an expensive, gorgeous smelling candle. I’ve found just one or two of them everytime I’ve been to TK Maxx for MUCH cheaper and one or two that had further reductions! Brilliant! Also very good for confectionary bargains like Charbonnel and Walker!


Thanks for the tips, Kezzie – will definitely look out for Calmia candles! The confectionery at the tills ALWAYS gets me.


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