Torn to Shreds

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Wearing: Leather skirt via eBay, American Apparel t-shirt, Primark lace necklace and brogues, Miss Selfridge ring, Pretty Polly tights
On: Friday 21st January
For: A house-shaped disappointment

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my excited tweets about a house we saw on Thursday… and then the dejected ones that followed a call from the estate agents. We’d been battling it out with another couple to win those original fireplaces and exposed beams, and unfortunately, we lost. The reason? We earned less. Ain’t that a kick in the teeth with still a week ’til payday.

The rental market has become fiercely competitive over the past year. More people are looking to rent because the cost of buying is so astronomical. The average needed for a deposit is £37,500 – a figure that gets a snort of derision from me. There’s just no way. So, more people are renting, and estate agents and landlords know it. They whip people into a frenzy with their ‘limited availability’ apartment blocks and ‘only one on this street’ houses. They push up prices, require seemingly limitless ‘admin fees’ and even ask for sealed bids on really hot properties, choosing the highest of the bunch. And they wonder why people jeer when they drive around in their branded Mini Coopers…

We’ve been looking for a place since September last year and we’re starting to get impatient. There’s only so many times a girl can check RightMove before she goes crazy and starts muttering about ‘tasteful, neutral decor’ and ‘5 minute walk from local bars’. So cross your fingers for us, dear readers – I think we need a miracle.

I shall end on an altogether more fashionable note. My wicked-awesome shredded fashion tights were another gift from the folks at Tightsplease, who have been veritably lovely to me recently. You can find the tights here… or how about some hold ups or stockings? Isn’t it Valentine’s Day soon? 😉



Sorry to hear about the house troubles, you will find the perfect house in time I am more than sure and when you do you will look back on this and know that it was worth all the wait/trouble.

The necklace looks amazing teamed with the tee xx


Another beautiful outfit! Can I come and raid your wardrobe, please? Hehe.

I’m so sorry about the house disappointment. I honestly had no idea (so naive!) that the rental market was so competitive! I’m sure your dream house is just around the corner, I shall keep my fingers crossed for you!


Danni and Maria

Ugh, I’m dreading the day when I have to jump on the housing market ladder. Or should that be scramble for a step and grip on for dear life?!
So gutted you lost the house – but don’t lose faith! These things happen for a reason – your perfect house will pop up soon!



Oh Jen, that sucks some major ass about the house. You deserve to be in a place with open fire places, exposed beams and general loveliness. I’m keeping them crossed for a house of your dreams for you two.
It’s such a stupid situation with the deposit for a house now. I was so so lucky getting mine before it all kicked off. I practically kiss my four walls and think how lucky I am at times.

In other news, you look pretty lush! love the colours on your, and your hair looks great (is it freshly done?! can’t see this mop you were referring to on twitter!!)



That’s so annoying about the house but maybe it’s a sign that the perfect house it out there waiting for you… Lovely outfit, very sultry! I bought a leather skirt today but it’s a short one. Not sure I seen the point in buying shredding tights though when you can just rip up an old pair!!

Hannah xx


Great way to wear a leather pencil skirt. Inspiring. Sorry about the house problems. Its an all too common scenario these days. Wish you luck at finding somewhere special soon.

Penny Dreadful

I’m so sorry Jen, it is horrible house-hunting isn’t it. We had such a loathsome time finding our current place as well. Fingers and toes are crossed that something good (and pain-free) comes up for you x

Miss Lucy

So sad for you about the house hun, but I guess if it isn’t meant to be… your perfect house is out there, it might just take a bit of finding. Love the tights, love the whole outfit in fact. You look fab X


Oh no. So sorry to hear about the house drama. I’m sure you’ll find your dream house soon.
Love the leather skirt on you as well. You’re really pulling it off. And the tights look really cool.

Cherry Pullinger

That’s awful about the houses, my boyfriend and I are going to be looking to rent quite soon and it sounds very difficult. Good luck with your house hunting!

B. E. B.

completley empathize re house hunting, Im in the same boat! Hope u find your perfect place soon. In the mean time, keep inspiring me with your lovely outfit posts


I’m so sorry about the house – it’s such a shame. I hate how competitive it all is, and how estate agents prey on it. Surely there must be enough nice houses to go around?!

E is for Eleanor

Oh Jen, I’m so sorry. I don’t think I’ll ever move for fear of never finding anywhere else.

On a slightly happier note, you look amazing here! Edgy and so many great textures, I love it! x


Your hair is amazing. You are looking FIERCE! My fingers are firmly crossed for you with regards to the new home hunting xx

She Draws

I totally agree with this and having just moved to London from the Midlands it was a massive price shock. You just kind of have to ignore it and make sure you’re doing the right thing.

One thing I noticed down here is that my budget is often small than that of students here and I am by no means on the lower wage for these areas.

Me and the bf nearly, very recently got pushed into a stupid place because it was considered so limited and the letting agent was pretty misleading too. It was a pretty rubbish place but fortunately we managed to find just where just right, even if it is a one bedroom studio flat :/

Vintage Vixen

I’m a firm believer in fate, Jen. Your perfect abode is awaiting and this run of luck is simply to stop you jumping the gun when the best is yet to come.
I lived in some rancid rental fleapits for years but the cheapness enabled me to save a substantial deposit.
On the bright side you’re looking hot! xxx


Don’t get me started on landlords and estate agents. They are crooks pure and simple. Ours tried to rinse us for every penny last year when we moved out. Luckily we managed to grow a backbone and got the Tenancy Deposit scheme on their arses (we won).

Giving the place to someone else because they earn more? A bigger cash cow to milk I guess.

Anyway, rant over. Good luck with the house hunting! x


I will be jumping into the housing market in a few years time, and even the thought of it is terrifying me. I hope things work out well for you. I can offer no advice or empathy, but I can wish you good luck.

In other news, you look gorgeous.

Arash Mazinani

I’ve lived in the same flat for about a year and a half now. But I did look at a nice place at Roberts Wharf that had exposed brick work and a bit more character. I was told there was someone else who had expressed an interest in he property and would have to place a ‘bid’ which was a bit crap. I ended up placing one then the landlord took ages deciding if he wanted to rent or sell the property so in the end I just pulled out.

It can be a bit of a pain the ass finding some where new.


that necklace is from primark?! it’s awesome! Wish i lived near one!
the tights are ace too (:

I hope your house hunting takes a turn for the better…the perfect place is out there!!

annah xx


I have just given up the will to find a good place to rent (and having two cats drastically cut down your options!) and I couldn’t agree more that the deposit needed to buy is ridiculous – so I feel your pain! I hope you find something soon.
On another note, love the outfit x

Em x

I’m waiting for a phone call right at this moment from an estate agent to find out if we got the flat we want, its so hard to find somewhere nice at the moment. Hope you get somewhere soon x


Don’t feel blue 🙁 I don’t know personally, but I’ve got a gang of people/couples around me all struggling to find properties. A few have though, after some struggles, but they are proof that they got there in the end. You will find your perfect place!


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