Tuesday 25/05 – a little thrift goes a long way

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H&M jeans, thrifted cardigan, camisole, bag and wedges, Primark necklace

I’m very impressed with the ratio of second hand to high street items in this outfit. When I started my blog I was a high street girl through and through, but it feels good to know that the money I paid for my clothes will go towards doing good in the world, whether it’s helping a charity or an individual. Much more satisfying than lining Philip Green’s already bulging pockets, no?

Anyway. There’s something so refreshingly summer about crisp white cotton and dark blue denim paired with tan accessories. What’s your favourite summer colour combination? Are you a navy stripes kinda gal? Or will you be rocking it in pastel florals?

PS – After its short break, Wardrobe Wonderings will be back this week. In a fashion flap and need a style solution? Let me know and you could be featured on the blog!



you look great in jeans, a nice and simple outfit. My mum has those shoes so if you can make them look good then you have something, having said that you are probably ages with my mum.(or maybe not)


I really like those jeans, Jen. I’ve never considered H&M for jeans (always been a Zara girl cos Topshop’s are a terrible fit on me) but will try them out. xx


oh my gosh, those jeans look amazing on you! i’ve never looked into H&M jeans before (topshop petite all the way for me and my stumpy legs) but now i’m definitely interested đŸ™‚ love those wedges too… can’t believe you thrifted them! where??!



@geisharock – I got the wedges on eBay a month or so ago. They’re originally from Office, and so comfy!

@Anonymous – My jeans are from H&M. Only £14.99!



Thanks for the advice. I hadn’t thought of a cropped jacket. Good idea. Must start looking on ebay.


The thing I love about your thrifting is that it looks so good. Dare I say better than a certain Philip Green.

You pull it off effortlessly.

&& thrifting is unique. When you decide whether to take that cardigan from it’s rack/shelve/floor there isn’t 12 identical ones left behind.


You look lovely! The colour of the cardigan is so beautiful!
I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for breton stripes, it seems to be all I wear at the moment apart from my horrible black work uniform!


I love this outfit, and I agree about wearing dark jeans with tan accessories..I love doing that! I also always love anything nautical in the summer! Those jeans look really good on you by the way!


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