Twinkle, twinkle…

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Primark dress, thrifted waistcoat, H&M tights, Primark pumps, vintage scarf, thrifted ring

And the details…

I have a Christmas mission to share with you. As I’m working right up to Christmas Eve (which I’m sure lots of you guys are, too), I’m finding it really hard to get into the Christmas spirit. So, to cheer myself and my colleagues up, I plan to wear something sparkly for the next few working days before we all toddle off home to drink ourselves into a Christmas stupor.

Today I wore my fab little sequined waistcoat over a cosy wool dress and thick black tights. I’ve got something very exciting to break out for tomorrow – Merry Christmas!



Great choice on the sequins… it will surely perk you up and give you the holiday mood. Can’t wait to see your other sparkly outfits.


Very great idea to wear a little bit of sequins everyday! It’ll definitely cheer you up while you’re at work!!

I love the huge ring, so lovely:)

Have a great Christmas week!!



I love this dress everytime you wear it I’m always jealous.

And sequins are great! Drag them kicking and screaming into the festive spirit!

X x


love this idea 🙂
I have red glitter babby m nail polish that i think ill put on today to get me in the festive spirit 🙂 xo

Second Skin

Sparkles always seem to help a little, but ya, this season is tough to feel for some reason! I LOVE your outfit here though and all of your pretty elements. I hope it worked to spark the spirit!

Cafe Fashionista

The waistcoat, the ring…all your glitz and sparkle is making me giddy, Jen!! I can’t wait to see what you have planned next – the suspense is killing me!! 🙂


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