V.I.D (very important day)

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H&M skirt, H&M tee, Primark long sleeve, Accessorize tights, Primark pumps, vintage chain necklace, Steve Madden leather jacket, thrifted straw bag

I got this adorable rose-print skirt from the lovely Claire of The Fashion Teller. It looks so lovely in the sunshine, don’t you agree? Thanks Claire!

Did you clock my title? What’s so important today, I hear you ask? Well, I can’t really spill all right now. I’ll just say, it’s very exciting and all will be revealed as soon as… well, as soon as anything actually happens! Oooh, don’t you just hate cryptic messages? 😉

Anyway. You may be wondering why I seem to have a closet full of new clothes when I’m supposed to be dieting? Well, uhhh… I guess it’s confession time. Going cold turkey is really, really hard. Hey, I’m only human! So, I’m setting myself a new challenge. I’m being charitable!

For the month of March, I’m sticking to the second hand. Primark is pipped to the post by PDSA. H&M is hit from behind by St Gemma’s Hospice. You get the idea. Instead of my weekly shopping sprees in Leeds City Centre, I’ll be donning my wellies and making my way through muddy fields to hunt down car boot bargains. And I’ll be using my Lazy Girl’s Guide To Thrifting to help me.

Will any of you join me? I’d love to have some charity shop companions!


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥

Love this outfit, all works really well

Ive about 5 charity shops just 10mins from my house so will defo be checking them out

Good luck with the news too, cant wait to hear more about it 🙂 xox

Vintage Vixen

Curiouser and curiouser…what is our Jen up to, I wonder?
That skirt is just perfect with your thrifty bag and you wear it so well.
Great plan. April usually brings the boot salers out with the spring sunshine. I’d love to join you but I’m off to bum around India for a month instead.


good idea for a challenge, I found cold turkey realy hard too so set a budget for the month which is so low it can only be second hand. Get yourself down the carboot at the weekend 🙂 xx


If only i lived near you, i’d love to join you. I will do it from the other end of the country though 🙂 I love your outfit today, looks lovely in the sun, how wonderful the sun can make us feel when its out!

E is for Eleanor

I am so very intrigued! Could it have something to do with your fabulous achievement of hitting nearly 300 followers?!

Love that outfit, and I am of course your charity shop buddy for life! x


Love the rock chick ballerina vibe with the leather jacket combined with pinks and those tights.

I find going cold turkey with anything really hard (chocolate, drink, shopping) and reckon the 2nd hand pledge is a good compromise.

Laura Jaye

Ohhhh thas such a good idea… i don’t think i could only manage charity and thrifting though… and i’ve already spent a considerable amount this month… xx


Lovely outfit – & look at the sunshine & bright blue sky 🙂

I went back & looked at your pics again looking for the rose print scarf, but can only deduce that you meant to write ‘skirt’ & your fingers just took on a life of their own. Mine do that too quite often.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting tights that colour – I’ve got quite a few things that I thought they’d go really well with – but I was really unsure I could pull them off, being pale & interesting as I am.. But they look amazing on you! Gives me hope. Msybe I should try them…



@heartshapedbruise – You’re right! I edited it just before I spotted your comment. I was watching Gossip Girl while writing this – terribly distracting! 🙂

Thank you all for your lovely comments.


i think i must try to shop in charity shops more, i used to a lot. i always find that there aren’t many in the city though, but more in the smaller towns.


Oh Jen, this isn’t fair – you are holding us in suspension! Apart from all your untold stories I’m looking forward to you charity shop adventures.


now this is the only thing i will soon miss about spring – beautiful white tights! i absolutely love the tights and the skirt, i own a few pairs of white tights and this has made me fall in love with them all over again. i love your blog, can’t wait to read more xoxoxox


Oops, accidentally deleted my comment! Love the outfit – it all looks amazing together and really like the white tights – such a nice change from black opaques! Good luck with the thrifting challenge! x


The skirt is so pretty and lovely for these slightly nicer days we are getting.

Love your new challenge, seems much more achievable. Good luck can’t wait to see what you get.



Yeah, the title is pretty intriguing… what could be so special about today Jen? Can’t wait to hear from you again.

Your skirt is so lovely and looks like a great sunny day there now.

Enjoy the sun and have a wonderful day! xoxo


just found your blog and i love it!!!.
i love clothes and fashion.. but most of my stuff does come from charity shops..
will defo be back visting again soon!!

Amy Marie

I wish I could only shop in Charity Shops but the ones around where I live are actually awful! Before the charity shop craze hit I used to find beautiful things but now cause so many Geordie Scenesters shop in them there is never anything good. I miss shopping in Lincoln! It was the best place for thrifting!

The skirt is gorgeous on you.

Love, Amy Marie.


You look so darling in this outfit, especially with the cream tights! I love!

Hehe, it would have been too difficult for me to not shop at all also! Good luck with the thrifting:)


Cellardoor Magazine

Such a great idea, who doesn’t like finding a treasure even if it does mean rummaging through someone else’s tat – that’s what makes it even more of a find 🙂

joelle van dyne

well now i am dying of curiosity over your VID! can’t wait till you can reveal the details 🙂

i love the outfit! the skirt is gorgeous, and i really admire that new bag. i love the outdoor scenery too. ~joelle

Cafe Fashionista

Ah Jen this is all sorts of wonderful! I believe this is one of the first times I have seen you take outdoor shots and the sunlight just makes you – and your wardrobe – look even more radiant than ever before!

I’m adoring your new challenge. I shant be taking part myself as I am trying to completely curb my spending – charity or otherwise – but I truly cannot wait to see your success, my love!! 🙂


Oooh I cant wait to hear all about your VID when you can properly tell us 🙂 I need to give charity shop shopping more of a chance, and be a patient rummager! I last ten mins then get bored. Shame on me xx

un petit lapin

I love this outfit! Good luck on your challenge! It’s harder to find pretty pieces in charity shops than the high street (well, in my experience) but it feels good knowing your money is going to a good cause.


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