Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa (AKA The Most Beautiful Shoes in the World)

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I’ve wanted a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa heels since the two brands first collaborated. The utter childishness of them – like jelly sandals but with heels, glitter and a bubblegum scent – and the fact that they’re entirely inappropriate for the majority of my everyday life only fuelled my passion. I’ve resisted them for many years because £100+ is a lot to spend on glorified plastic shoes (no matter how pretty they are). But when they popped up on Sarenza, just as I was deciding how to use my Sarenza blogger code, I decided it was fate. Or maybe the Sarenza buyer just has excellent taste.

So into my basket they went, and this morning they showed up on my doorstep. Like a kid at Christmas, I cannot contain myself when new things arrive, so they went straight on my feet (after much sniffing and aaaahing) and I’ve been stealing glances at them all day long.

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Trousers c/o Next, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa heels c/o Sarenza, Primark t-shirt, ASOS necklace, H&M ring, Topshop lipstick in Brighton Rock. The old fashioned phone is a car boot find and cost £3.

They are very special shoes and I can imagine wearing a pair for my wedding (maybe in blue?) but I adore the life they bring to this simple outfit. I don’t think I can bear to save them for best – such beauty deserves to be seen and admired!

What do you think – shoes to shout about or a bit too girly for your liking?

PS – It’s the last day of the Sarenza sale today – I picked up a pair of leather boots for £25 down from £80, so it’s definitely worth a look!



Definitely have shoe envy right now. I’ve never seen them in this colours, always the blue/red one. I much prefer the pair you’ve chosen, i would wear those everyday! x


They are so, so beautiful! I’ve never seen this metallic version before, I wouldn’t know what colour to choose! 🙂


I love VW Melissa shoes, I have been eyeing them up too but have had to settle for my Miss selfridge ones at £10. Still love seeing them! xx


Ooooh they’re so pretty! They are very girly, but the colours of them make it okay, I think if the colour was bright pink, it might be a bit too much though…
The lipstick is a gorgeous colour on you also! xx
Sirens and Bells


A friend of mine got married in a cream stiletto version of these a few weeks ago. They were fabulous, especially as she had a short dress. She’s a real life bride (Laura) on the Rock My Wedding blog if you want a spy (not sure if the wedding itself is up yet but it will be).

I didn’t realise they came in colours like yours. They are fab – definitely don’t save them for best.


I am SO EXCITED about my ones! They should be arriving soon! It’s so funny that you put yours next to a vintage phone. We have lots of new collection visuals like that. Thanks for another great post love.


oooh they are so pretty, I haven’t seen this colour before. I’m always tempted, was looking at a pair in Topshop Oxford Circus the other day and they smelt sooooo good. Had to put them down before I passed the limit of how long is socially acceptable to stand there sniffing a pair of shoes!!!


I have these in peach with a black heart but I love this colour way too. They’re definitely good wedding shoes!


Oh Jen, I am so jealous. They are beautiful. Soo pretty.
I’m asking very nicely for a pair for birthday, I love them in Red.



@bettybuttons – These are a size 7/8! I’m a size 8 too and they fit quite well, maybe a touch on the small side but the slingbacks mean they’re not uncomfortable. Big feet can be pretty too! 🙂

Miss Raj

DEFINITELY shoes to shout about. You wear them with such pazazz – your jeans are an incredible colour and work SO well with the top. This has to be my favourite outfit I’ve ever seen on you, you look incredible. the shoes just finish it off beautifully. x


I love the new collection sooo much – even more tasty Melissa goodness!

I got some of the black ones with skulls on for Christmas last year. I have to confess I haven’t worn them much but I do spend many a day gazing at them. 🙂


The new Vivienne Westwood shop recently opened in Glasgow so today I popped in and went STRAIGHT for the shoes! They are all amazing. There were some courts with a weird velvet type material all around them and in so many gorgeous colours. I really want the deep purple colour… Hmmm… In hindsight, it’s probably good she didn’t have them in my size! Anywho, these ones are also lovely!


They’re so girly, but the colour gives them edge. They go beautifully with that outfit. I SO want some – maybe I’ll start dropping hints for Christmas!


They are gorgeous!! But, ok, this isn’t the most pleasant question but I’ve been wondering for ages so I have to ask- aren’t they really sweaty? :s


I’ve been wanting a pair for ages but have struggled when thinking of outfits to pair them with! I do love this bronze pair, makes them more sophisticated in my opinion. Are they actually comfy?


These are beautiful shoes Jen! A real delight for the eyes and a Bubblegum, Princess treat for your feet! I have these same shoes but plain lilac with black hearts!
Smell amazing xx


I think these shoes are great, not even that hard to wear actually! Some Melissa’s are really out there but these are pretty “normal” for Melissa’s because of the colours 🙂

I used to own a pair of Melissa wedges, but I sold them as I found them to be the most uncomfortable buggers I had ever worn. No more plastic shoes for me, ever!


Yours are so beautiful– I love the color! I have the ones with the big metal ball on the toe. I love them, but found that (just like the jellies in the 80’s) I can only wear them for a few hours at a time or I get blisters.


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